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Product Review: Riverford Medium Vegetable Box

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 16-12-2011

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If you follow me on Twitter (@SussexMummy) then you may recall a couple of weeks ago I was asking about the organic vegetable boxes you can get delivered by a variety of companies. Abel & Cole and Riverford are the main ones I’ve heard of so I was trying to gauge opinion on them both. I must admit that people are pretty much divided on who is the best! The person behind Riverford’s Twitter feed contacted me and offered to send me one of there’s to sample and review – now who would say no to that?

Riverford was born in Devon after Guy Watson began delivering vegetable boxes to around 30 of his local friends. Nowadays Riverford – with the help of its delivery team and its regional farmers – delivers approximately 40,000 boxes per week.  As well as providing delicious organic vegetable boxes, Riverford also offers fruit, meat, salad, milk, eggs, bread and all manner of food items direct to you front door.

Here’s the medium sized vegetable box we received:

A medium vegetable box is designed to feed 3-4 people and comes with 10 varieties of vegetable, generally always having potatoes, carrots and onions. The contents change with the seasons and the availability, and so the week we got a box we received potatoes, carrots, onions, vine tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, Jerusalem artichokes and leeks. Now there are two adults, one 1 year old, and two fat guinea pigs in our house and the box has lasted us two full weeks. Obviously how long it lasts will depend on your cooking style and the appetite of the people in your house.

The difference in taste and flavour of the vegetables from what I usually buy in my weekly supermarket shop was phenomenal. Something as simple and basic as a carrot tasted totally different. When I’m preparing vegetables for cooking I’m always snacking on it as I peel and chop. That one taste of a slice of raw carrot had me converted instantly. Whilst I still buy supermarket vegetables for my guinea pigs – they need a constant supply of green beans – I won’t buy it for the family any more. A fortnightly medium box will be getting delivered to me from now on. In fact only yesterday I placed my order for a box for next week – Christmas is going to be very tasty and healthy… kind of! The contents are already listed on the Riverford website and we’re getting parsnips, cabbage, sprouts and more.

With Riverford I know its organic and I know its fresh. With each delivery I get a leaflet telling me how to store my vegetables and some handy recipes using the contents of my box. What I loved about the recipes was that they don’t just include one vegetable, they include multiple to ensure you use up the contents of your box. The Riverford website is also bursting with more recipes. If you get anything you don’t recognise or know what to do with – I did get a bit stuck with my Jerusalem artichokes but thankfully Grandma was on hand to cook them for me – you can give them a ring and they’ll help you out.

Go to the Riverford website now to order your Christmas Vegetable Box – they come in a variety of sizes so you’re bound to find one that suits you and your families needs – or any other of their delicious produce.

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