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Product Review: gNappies

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 05-02-2012

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You will all remember my Bambino Mio real nappy challenge from a few weeks ago. Well as well as trying those real nappies I have also been testing out gNappies.

gNappies are eco-friendly hybrid nappies that pride themselves on providing parents with a range of choices right from the start. First of all you choose your colourful outer – the gPant – which comes with a snap-in waterproof liner. There are currently 12 brightly coloured pants to choose from, so you’re bound to find something to suit. You then have a choice of inner – a washable gCloth insert made from microfleece and hemp, or a biodegradable gRefill insert which you can even put in the compost bin (minus any poos of course!). So you can use gNappies as 100% washables, or you can enjoy the convenience of disposables whilst not damaging the planet.

The gNappies team sent me a Galley Blue gPant, a packet of gRefills and some gCloths to test out. Now the Galley Blue gPant is no longer available from the online store, but there are plenty colours in their current Autumn collection.

I liked the idea of just replacing the inner and not the whole nappy at each change. With a good stock of gPants and gCloths you could very easily operate as purely washable. The gCloths need pre-washing before usage to ensure they are at their most absorbent, but that isn’t much of a hardship at all. The biodegradable nature of the gRefills made me feel less environmentally conscious about using them than fully disposable nappies. I didn’t put any in my compost bin, but I know they will have a much smaller environmental impact than my usual nappies.

Whilst testing gNappies out Little Man managed to last the entire day – from 8am wake-up change to bath time at 7pm – with just one gPant and a combination of gRefills and gCloths. The gNappies fit snugly and neatly, meaning his bottom didn’t look bulky in his clothes. The only strange feature from my point of view was the velcro fastened around the back, as opposed to at the front. I did put the gPant on “backwards” one day just for curiosity and it worked fine! With the gNappies were no big leaks and Little Man seemed oblivious to the fact there was anything different on his bottom!

The “Real Nappy” experiments have been fun. Whilst I won’t be making the change totally to washables I will continue to use gNappies on occasion during the day. They are just as easy to use as a disposable and if I can throw a few less nappies away all the better really.

gNappies can be bought from their online store now. Autumn colours are currently in stock, but the Spring Collection will be launching soon.

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As far as the velcro closing round the back is concerned, you find out pretty quickly when they get to a certain age that velcro at the front is a very quick route to your baby thinking, ‘Oh, velco, how fun! I think I’ll pull these and see if my nappy falls off!’

I have generally been very happy with g-nappies, but I’ve found the newer ones I bought in 2011 weren’t quite as good quality as the ones I got in New York in 2007 as regards stitching coming undone and the popper tabs fraying. I’m hoping this is being remedied 🙂

Very good point!! Thankfully my little boy hasn’t discovered those yet, but I’ll keep alert for when he does 🙂

Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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