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National Baking Week

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 16-10-2012

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National Baking Week is upon us once more and all over the country people are getting baking to raise money for the wonderful Great Ormond Street Hospital. When it comes to baking the ingredients you use are crucial, but having the perfect equipment can help transform a baking disaster into something to be truly proud of.

This weekend was Little Man’s 2nd Birthday. Unfortunately he’s smothered in a cold and has a rather impressive cough, but on Sunday we managed to have a lovely afternoon party with all his grandparents and rather a lot of cakes and biscuits which I’d spent most of Saturday creating. Two great pieces of equipment helped me on my way – as well as Little Man of course – and I’d like to tell you more about them.

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin
When I make biscuits more often than not I use recipes from Miranda Gore Browne’s book and she suggests using a small ice cream scoop to ensure all your biscuits are the same size. It is also a super fast way of churning out lots of biscuits which I highly recommend. For Little Man’s birthday however I was making Gingerbread Teddies. Now I’m not hugely fussy when it comes to the appearance of biscuits for Little Man – as long as he gets to eat them he doesn’t mind what they look like – but with it being his birthday I wanted to make a bit of an effort. I used Miranda’s recipe to make Gingerbread Men but when it came to rolling it out – after about an hours chilling in the fridge – I used the new Joseph Joseph rolling pin.

I am a big fan of Joseph Joseph products and have always wanted to try out this rolling pin. It comes with four sets of discs which you fit to either end of the pin. The sets are different sizes which means your biscuit dough or pastry or homemade pasta dough is rolled out to a certain thickness, and no more. You can basically roll away whilst perhaps watching a toddler run around your feet, or keeping an eye on the timer for the cakes you are also baking – both of which I was doing – and the dough will only go to the thickness you want. You will end up with perfectly rolled even dough, which is precisely what I got. I used the 6mm discs for the gingerbread dough and ended up with 18 identical little bears. Obviously my son wasn’t particularly interested in this, but I was rather proud to be honest!
You get 10mm, 8mm, 6mm and 4mm discs with the pin so its ideal for biscuits, or pastry, making your own lasagne or tagliatelle. The pin also has width measurements in the wood so you can make sure anything you’re rolling out if the perfect size too.
This rolling pin is a must have addition to any bakers kitchen where precision and consistency is key! You can buy them online direct from the Joseph Joseph online store.

Lekue Kids Muffin Set
Baking with my Little Man is very important to me. He really enjoys himself, I get to do something I love, and its a great skill for him to learn. Admittedly at the moment he’s mainly interested in scattering flour around the kitchen, but I’m sure this will pass. For his birthday baking he didn’t join in but usually I get him involved. He has his own mixing bowl and apron set, as well as a small wooden spoon and rolling pin. Lekue sent us one of their Kids Muffin Set’s to test out, and this is now a great addition to his baking equipment.

The set includes a spatula, six silicone muffin cases, a set of recipes and a Decopen. I own lots of silicone bakeware – it is so easy to use and clean – so Little Man is used to seeing these in the kitchen. The Decopen was an interesting a new addition to our baking. When used in baking the Decopen and its four included nozzles allows you to add decoration to your baked goods. In the case of muffins its great for drizzling icing or melted chocolate on the top of cooled cakes to give them that personal touch. It could also be used to create chocolate shapes to stick into the top of  icing or buttercream. The Decopen is easy to fill, use and clean which is very important in any kitchen. Its a good size for little ones to hold as well. Little Man hasn’t used it yet – I admit to being a little nervous! – but I had a go and it was great fun. I’m sure Little Man will love using it when I let him try it out.
The Lekue Kids Muffin Set is available from the Lekue online store.


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