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Review + Competition: Stamptastic

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Competition | Posted on 10-05-2013

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One of my clearest memories from childhood are those white labels with my name on in blue text which my Mum would spend ages sewing in to all my school clothes, shoes and bags. From the age of about 4 they seemed to be a permanent fixture in my clothes through school. Whilst she was good at sewing it must have been a tedious chore to label everything like that, and its not something I look forward to doing for Little Man when he starts primary school in a couple of years.

Whilst Little Man isn’t at school yet he does start pre-school this September, and for the past few weeks we’ve been going to taster sessions once a week. Just for an hour every Friday afternoon we go along so he can meet his new classmates and get used to the teachers and the environment. Its a big step, and the start of his education, and whilst I’m sure I’ll be sobbing at the gate come September, one I’m looking forward to for him. He’ll only be going for a morning at a time so won’t be needing a packed lunch, but no doubt there’ll be a list of things he will need to take. A bag is an obvious one, but there’ll be coats, hats and scarves during the winter months, and sun hats during summer. There’s no official uniform, but you can get tshirts and jumpers for them to wear as well, plus he’ll probably have one of his drinks bottles with him too. All these things will need to be labelled with his name. And so it begins…

I can’t sew. My Mum sews, and my Mother In Law is VERY clever and can make all kinds of things with a needle, thread and a pile of fabric – and believe me, she has immense amounts of fabric. Me however? Not too good with a needle and thread. In fact I’m more likely to stab myself with a needle a few times then pass the job on to someone else. Imagine my relief therefore when I discovered Stamptastic. My prayers had been answered.

Stamptastic create personalised stamping kits. A clear block with your name on one end – clear so you can position it more accurately – and an ink pad. The stamp works on fabric, metal, plastic and wood and survives wash after wash after wash. I was sent a stamp with Little Man’s name on to review and I am thrilled with the results. I’ve gone a little stamping crazy – its weirdly addictive – and stamped his name on his drinks bottle, his sun hat, his Trunki and his coat amongst other things. I even stamped his name on the bottom of a tin I found just to try it out on metal! I’m thinking I’ll probably also do his wellington boots, his trainers and his sandals, and in future his pencil case and things within that.

The ink dries pretty much instantly – take care on metal as it takes a few seconds and can smudge if you are impatient like me – and lasts really well. The font is easy to read and not too big so it doesn’t look out of place on the item you’re stamping. Its ideal for school use, but also for sports kits and holidays. I stamped Little Man’s Trunki just to test it out, but if you’ve ever gone through an airport every child seems to have a Trunki. Putting a stamp on yours will make sure you don’t take the wrong one on holiday!

Fancy testing a Stamptastic Kit out yourself? I have one to give away. All you need to do is follow me on Twitter (@SussexMummy) and tweet the following:

“I want to get organised and go stamping crazy with @StamptasticLtd & @SussexMummy and WIN: http://ht.ly/kMxCG”

The competition will end at midnight on Friday May 17th and the winner will be notified on Monday May 20th, when I get back from my holiday! Good luck!

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