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Camping Kit: Double Airbed

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Camping, Product Reviews | Posted on 08-08-2013

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I’m not really a traditional camper. I was chatting to someone recently about holidaying and mentioned that we’d been Yurting earlier this year and that in September we’d were off to The Quiet Site in Cumbria to stay in a Camping Pod. “What’s a Camping Pod?” They asked. “Well its like a wooden tent. It looks like a really posh shed to be honest!” Was my reply. “Oh so you’re into Glamping then.” Came his response, and you know what? He’s right. I don’t camp, I most certainly “glamp”. I like my home comforts. I like beds and walls and warmth. The Camping Pods have a solid floor and walls. What it doesn’t have though are any beds. The yurt came with four single beds. Real comfortable beds. The Camping Pod does not, so we went off in search of suitable beds for all three of us, the first of which was sent to us by Coleman to review.

The Coleman Comfort Double Airbed may look like any other standard airbed, but this flocked topped airbed is much cleverer than that. Instead of there being one valve for inflating the bed there are two, and each if fitted with a simple to use Double Lock (TM). How often have you settled down to sleep on a fully inflated airbed at night only to wake in the morning led on the floor as the air has invariably leaked out? Well this airbeds valve prevent that from happening as there are two stoppers on each valve which lock in the air and prolong the life of the airbed. Once we’d inflated the airbed even Little Man rolling around on it didn’t make any air escape!

If that’s not enough the two valves inflate different sections of the bed. The first inflates one half and the edges, and the second inflates the other half. This means that each person sleeping on the airbed can have their side inflated as much or as little as they wish. Not only does this feature allow personal comfort, it also means that should one person get off the bed the other occupant wont roll off or get catapulted into the air. I’ve shared an airbed with my husband on many occasions and as soon as he gets off it I invariably get disturbed. With this airbed I barely notice him move!

The bed is easy enough to inflate with a foot pump (not included) and comes with a puncture repair kit in case of accidents. As with all airbeds you will never be able to get it back into the packaging once its been taken out, but that’s nothing new. This airbed is perfect for Daddy and I to use on our impending camping trip. Little Man will be getting a special bed of his own which I’ll be featuring shortly. The Coleman Comfort Double Airbed retails at £44.99 which is a little pricey for an airbed, but with the features this one has I think its well worth it. I have seen it recently on sale at a couple of locations so do shop around if you are keen to buy one.


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[…] Quiet Site. You’ll remember that comfort is important to me and how impressed I was with the double airbed that I’d got for Daddy and me. Well Little Man now has his very own airbed thanks to the team […]

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