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Pregnancy: The First Trimester

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Pregnancy, Product Reviews | Posted on 28-11-2013

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As of today I am 15 weeks pregnant, and according to the app on my phone my baby is the size of an apple. I can confirm that my bump is definitely bigger than an apple, in fact its more the size of a bag of apples. I’ve had an obvious bump since about week 8 which meant there was a lot of baggy jumpers being worn before we announced at 12 weeks. Now these baggy jumpers are all a bit tighter than they were. I was aware that people showed a lot sooner in a second pregnancy, but I wasn’t quite expecting it to be this obvious this soon.
I’ve been fairly lucky so far. All day nausea, yes. Actual sickness, thankfully not. Insomnia, yep. Discomfort, oh yes. Appetite, vague and intermittent, and rather limited. For the first few weeks I barely ate anything. Everything made me feel sick. I lived on Doritos. Nowadays I’m eating Pringles by the tube and drinking gallons of milk. Yes, I am enjoying these at the same time much to the alarm of friends. I’ve regained my taste for cups of tea which went for a long time. I can manage fruit again. But I can’t eat potatoes in any form, chicken when its still hot or pasta. I’m hoping these oddities will end soon and I’ll be ready to eat anything and everything come Christmas or my plate is going to look a little forlorn.
As you’d expect there have been a few products that have helped me get through the first dubious trimester, though sadly none of them are food based!
Bump Support Bands: Despite my bump making an appearance so soon maternity jeans were out of the question. I wore them for about a week when it got to the point that my regular jeans were digging in and by 6pm each night it was easier and comfier to sit there with them undone – not handy if you have to get the front door in a hurry! A week later and my bump seemed to rise up overnight and now my regular jeans fit again. Unfortunately my bump was missing out on the support from the stretchy band on my maternity jeans and my back was beginning to ache so I looked into support bands. The first one I found and tested out was from JoJo Maman Bebe and was their Multi-Use Bump Bandeau. The idea of this is to wear is either wear it over your regular jeans as a support for your bump in the early months, or use the clever buttons to fasten it to your regular jeans in later months so you don’t need to by maternity jeans. When fastened in to your jeans it makes them comfortable and you still get the support you need, without buying what are often expensive maternity jeans. Now I haven’t been able to test the button feature out – I’m not quite that big yet – but I did use it as a regular bump support. Despite getting a small I did find that this was still a little too large for me and wasn’t really providing support. It did keep my bump warm though! After this I tested out the Bump Band. This is simply a bump support which can also be worn beneath tops which may usually be too short to be worn when pregnant, providing you with a bit of modesty. I found the Bump Band was a much better fit at my current bump size, and with its claims to have 120% stretch it should last a long time yet. I think I’ll be using the Bump Band for now, but hopefully I can grow into the Bump Bandeau and try out its button fastens soon.
Bravado Bras: When I was pregnant with Little Man my breasts didn’t get any bigger. My first clue in hindsight that breast feeding wasn’t going to be particularly successful. We managed two difficult weeks of insufficient supply combined with formula top ups before he went on to just formula after my appendix decided to burst. When I found out I was pregnant again I decided that I’d certainly give breast feeding another go, but won’t worry if it all goes wrong and formula is a perfectly acceptable alternative, despite what the breast feeding mafia will have you believe. My breasts became tender and uncomfortable very quickly and by 10 weeks I was getting them measured, finding to my shock that they’d gone up 3 cup sizes already. I bought a couple of new bras and was told I’d probably need them measuring again in January. Two weeks later I’d outgrown the new bras. This was going to become expensive if I carried on at this rate! Bravado came to my rescue when they sent me a Bra and a Support Tank to review. My breasts have NEVER been so comfortable. The bra and tank I was sent can be used when pregnant or for feeding as they both feature drop away cups for access and skin to skin contact. They are both lightweight, seamless and insanely comfortable. I can’t tell I’m wearing them which is a vast improvement, even on the ones I bought in the correct size after being measured. Luckily for me, and my bank balance, the insane growth seems to have calmed down a little and I’ve been wearing the Bravado bras for three weeks now. Fingers crossed they last me a while longer – otherwise I’ll have to get online and order a few replacements.
Simple Skincare: I’ve always used Simple products on my sensitive skin. Their face wipes are brilliant and are my must have item, but I’ve used their exfoliater and their moisturiser creams too. I think we’ll all agree that in those first months of pregnancy we don’t exactly look our best. White faced and a little queasy is not a great combination, especially if you’re struggling to sleep and running around after a 3 year old all day. Simple sent me over some of their new Kind To Skin + range to test out and luckily for me it came just as I was looking a little worse for wear. Firstly I was sent some Moisture Boost Hydro Mist. This is a handy spray which you can use on your face when it needs a little boost and a refresh. It can be used over make up and is great for combating dehydration and tired looking skin. I loved this product. Handy to keep in your bag when you’re out and about and a great way to wake up in the morning. Very refreshing and it left my skin feeling instantly moisturised. They also sent me some Perfecting BB Cream. I’ve seen a lot about BB Creams in the media but never spotted one I’d risk using. Simple’s is perfect for sensitive skin so seemed the obvious choice. The cream is very light and blends in quickly. I love that it has SPF 15 protection and after applying it my skin looked much brighter and healthier. I don’t wear make up every day, in fact I rarely wear it at all, as I don’t like the feeling of foundation on my skin. This product gave me healthy glow without the heavy feeling of  make up. A pack of their Radiance Brightening Cleansing Wipes were also included. Like I said I love their wipes and typically use the “original” ones or occasionally the exfoliating ones. I’d never tried these before, but they cleaned my skin well and combined with the other products I managed to look healthy during my first trimester, as opposed to as dubious as I felt!
Astral Cream: Its not just the skin on your face that takes some battering when you’re pregnant. I was lucky enough to escape the stretch marks with Little Man but I’m not taking any chances so I want to keep my bump nice and moisturised too. I’ve been using a nice moisturising shower gel but I’ve also been using Astral Cream. This is a great little all over moisturiser that works really well on dry elbows and knees as well as hard working feet. It has been great to rub into my bump each night and has kept it sort and supple, well moisturised and protected. Astral Cream comes in three sizes – a 50ml handbag sized pot for when you’re on the go, a 200ml pot for travel and at home, and a mega 500ml pot for those addicts out there. I received the mega pot to review and its brilliant. I’ve been using on my bump but also on other dry skin areas, and I’ve even spotted my husband using it too. A great value product that really works.
What products couldn’t you live without in those early weeks of pregnancy?

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[…] Treat your skin kindly and it will look great. In addition to moisturizing, make sure you use a gentle cleanser to get the day’s grit and grime off your face. Ensure that you take off all makeup before heading to sleep with a liquid cleanser or a makeup removing wipe. When blemishes arise, swiftly treat them with a product to reduce redness and swelling. Additionally, try a night cream to maximize your moisturizing during the overnight hours. […]

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