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Review: The Anti Snoring Ring

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 22-11-2013

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My Dad has always snored. Not particularly delicate snores either – sorry Dad – more of the walls shaking type. I grew used to the noise even down the hall when I lived at home, though I often wondered how my Mum got any sleep. Now when we visit and my Dad goes to bed early because he has to be up usually at 3am to go to work you can hear him snoring through the ceiling. I’m not sure he’s ever tried anything to stop it, and my Mum has clearly managed to tune it out in the 44 years they’ve been married as I’m assuming she has had any sleep in that time. When I was contacted by Good Night Snoring and asked if I was interested in trying out one of their Anti Snoring Rings I could think of no better guinea pig than my Dad. The ring works on the basis of acupressure and is worn on the little finger of the snorer.
There are two lumps on the inside of the ring itself which, when worn in the correct position, apply gentle pressure to the finger and stop the wearer from snoring. Now we did try this out on my Husband for a while but he didn’t get on with the ring and kept complaining that his finger was getting pins and needles. We handed it over to my Dad and awaited his feedback. Its suggested that you wear the ring every night for up to a week before you may notice any difference.
On his first night of wearing it my Mum actually went to check on him as she was concerned that he’d died. He was SILENT. For the first time in 44 years my Dad did not snore AT ALL. And ever since – when he remembers to wear it – he doesn’t snore. I was sceptical myself but having stayed over a few nights myself, and gone on holiday with them for a week I can confirm that I didn’t hear a sound. Well I did. I heard my Mum snoring, which apparently is generally drowned out by my Dad… Not very popular when I pointed THAT out.
The Anti Snore Ring is available online or from Boots and retails at £30. Its not the cheapest snoring remedy on the market, but it does come with a FULL money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you. I am thoroughly impressed with this – as I’m sure my Mum is – and I know its worked really well for a lot of people. I also know of a few who it didn’t work for – my husband included – but with the money back guarantee offer its well worth testing one out.

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Do you have any insight as to why it worked for your father, but not your husband? Any big differences in diet and/or lifestyle? Thanks!

My husband has a broken nose and I think that means his snoring is much harder to deal with. When he has a cold its even worse!!

We haven’t tried this snore ring, but I can highly recommend anti snoring guard. We bought one from Stella White and it is very quiet at night now 🙂

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