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#PlayPatrol : Mission Two : Carpenters Belt and Bruno Soft Plush Toy

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Bigjigs Play Patrol | Posted on 04-09-2014

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Our back garden has been looking pretty chaotic for most of this year. The storms over last Christmas and New Year brought down five of our fence panels – we only have eight in total! – and the national shortage that followed meant it took many months for them to be replaced. For a long time they were laid flat in the garden, covering plants and grass alike. When they eventually got replaced in May of this year – don’t get me started on how long it took… – it wont come as much surprise to find that most plants were dead and the grass was pretty none existent. Shortly after the fence repairs were completed we had a conservatory built on the back of the house – oh and I gave birth in the midst of this too! – so the garden looks hugely different to this time last year. A redesign was undertaken by Nana and Pops and its all looking amazing to be honest. Living plants, a stumpery in one corner, and a nice new decked area. The grass is going to take a little longer to replace, but its getting there.

When Pops came round a couple of weekends ago to fit my decking who better to help him than Little Man, armed with his new Carpenters Belt from Bigjigs. His latest Play Patrol mission needed him to test out the toy with the help of another person – Pops rose to the challenge admirably. Lots of sawing and hammering and measuring and screwing went on in our garden as the decking was built and Little Man had all the right tools to lend a hand.
 The Carpenters Belt comes with a spanner, a hammer, a ruler, a screwdriver, some nuts and bolts, a saw and the all important belt to carry everything around in. All the tools are made from wood as you’d expect, and some of them feature brightly coloured details and branding on them. The belt has a clip to fasten it around your child’s waist, and is adjustable.

Little Man was swift to get to work, being a particular fan of the hammer that got a lot of use banging on the decking. There was also a lot of measuring with the ruler and some valiant attempts to saw the wood with his new saw. He wasn’t overly keen on wearing the belt – “Too heavy!” – but instead chose to lie it on the decking whilst he got down to business.

Overall I’m fairly impressed with this toy. I like the range of tools involved – your little one shouldn’t struggle to find the right one for whatever job they’re doing – and they are all well built. I am a little disappointed that the spanner and hammer feature no colour or detailing at all though – the rest of the set do so I can’t think why these would be left out. The tools are well sized for small hands – this set is designed for children aged 2 years and up – and the adjustable feature on the belt itself is very useful.
Whilst Little Man was bashing around outside Little Dude was getting to know his new friend Bruno in another guise. The Bruno Soft Plush Toy is the perfect size for cuddling, especially when its time for a nap.
Good doggy.

This Bruno features a rattle inside, and has the same textured body and colourings that Bruno Comforter did. In fact the first thing Little Man said was “Two Brunos?!”. Little Dude is big admirer of Bruno and enjoys stroking and grabbing the textured body. The rattling makes it fun for him to interact with too. If I was to change it just a little I’d make the arms slightly longer, but otherwise another great Bruno buddy.

Lots of fun with our latest mission – we look forward to #PlayPatrol Mission 3!


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