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Countdown To Christmas

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas | Posted on 14-11-2017

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It’s 41 days until Christmas – how did that even happen? This year has just gone by so fast, and now the kids are back at school and we’ve had Halloween and Bonfire Night, its now just a blink until Christmas. I must confess that I have started my shopping already, with a couple of bits for the boys hidden away already. This Christmas is going to be a bit of an usual one for them though, as its the first since I separated from their Dad, so I’m looking at it as an opportunity to start some new traditions with them.

We have a new Advent Calendar which I will be filling with sweets and treats for them to enjoy throughout December. We will be sending Father Christmas their letters in a special envelope bag I picked up at the local garden centre soon. The Christmas Eve box has been ordered and its contents are being planned and gathered. And we have an Elf Door all ready to put out for those magical elves to use to deliver the box. I also have a couple of trips planned for the days leading up to Christmas, my favourite of which is a return to Drusillas.

We are long time fans of Drusillas and we had a lovely visit there in the run up to Christmas last year, so it made a lot of sense for us to return this year. The already amazing zoo is transformed into a Winter Wonderland, with a large display set out in the event area, as well as the opportunity to meet some huskies and have a chat with Father Christmas himself.

The Winter Wonderland Light Show is being switched on this Saturday 18th November at 4.30pm, and from this weekend you’ll have the chance to meet Father Christmas, his reindeer and his huskies every weekend through until 14th December when they’ll be there everyday. The boys and I will be heading over in the days before Christmas, once school has broken up and excitement levels have no doubt reached fever pitch. It was a magical experience for them last year, and I’m sure they’ll love it again. If you are heading to Drusillas this festive season my main advice to you is to get to Father Christmas early. Queues last year were huge, and I recall standing there for about an hour and a half which the children looked around with their Dad. Something I’m going to try and avoid this year.


#Christmas at Drusillas

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas | Posted on 17-12-2016

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With just over a week to the big day, and school finally out for a couple of weeks, you are all no doubt thinking of ways to keep the children entertained and distracted before Christmas. Last weekend we took a trip to Drusillas to check out their Winter Wonderland and we had a wonderful time.

If you head down there in the run up to Christmas you’ll get the chance to meet Santa’s reindeer, meet and hug some of his huskies, and then meet the big man himself. And if you go before January 2nd you’ll get to watch the Winter Wonderland Illuminations too.

Yes that is Thomas The Tank Engine wearing earmuffs and a scarf – the cutest most festive train I’ve ever seen.

Now a logical word of warning here: when you arrive and buy your tickets to get in and your tickets to see Santa which are an extra £11 per child, you’ll be advised to visit him early because he’s going to get busy. Do this. We walked around the zoo first and ended up with me queuing for over an hour whilst Daddy amused the children. By the time we’d reached the front of the queue, it was a little over double the length it had been when I joined it.

The reindeer are really cute, but the huskies are a definite highlight. Such beautiful friendly dogs who are well worth a visit. Handily they are right next door to Santa so they’re a good place to go with the kids whilst someone else joins the queue. I must admit to thinking £11 per child to meet Santa was a little steep, but he was probably the best Santa I’ve ever seen, and the grotto was lovely. He takes time to talk to the children and you don’t feel like you’re on a conveyor belt. The gifts are also perfect, but I won’t spoil the surprise there.

Sadly we couldn’t stay for the light show as it starts at 4.30 and the children were starting to droop. We left about 2pm and it was definitely getting busier, with a lot of people obviously coming specifically for that part of the day. But we did see the area where the show was going to be, and the illuminated wonderland creatures. I’m sure the display was amazing once it went dark.

We love Drusillas and we love having the opportunity to visit again and again. It’s truly a fantastic day out for the family all year round, but it certainly gave us a lovely start to the festive period.

#Competition: Latch Newborn Starter Kit

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas | Posted on 24-12-2014

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Breastfeeding is a tricky business. In theory – and in the mountains of leaflets and information you receive whilst you’re pregnant – it sounds easy enough, but when it comes to doing it it’s never quite as simple as you’re led to believe. It’s also rather painful. As someone who failed to breastfeed either of my boys – for genuine medical reasons before the mafia get me – I only ever experienced the tougher side of feeding. I know plenty of people who take to it with ease, whose babies are pro’s from day one, and who feed with minimal effort for months and months.

One of the decisions we made when I was pregnant with both my boys is that it was important for us for Daddy to feed too, both for the bonding experience and to allow him to do occasional night feeds to give me a chance to get any sleep. Now sadly on both occasions the decision was taken away from us – appendicitis is never advised, and my second labour experience is best not talked about near anyone planning to have any babies – so we bottle fed pretty much from the start. Little Man was combination fed from day 4, moving on to purely bottle fed from week two, and Little Dude managed about 24 hours of me feeding him before everything went a little bit wrong.

Had we had the opportunity to purely breast feed, and had we had the option to provide expressed breast milk in a bottle, we would certainly have been keen to try out the new Latch bottles from Munchkin. Unlike other leading brand bottles which are designed to look like breasts, Latch bottles are designed to mimic the movement of the breast during feeding. The teat on a Latch bottle is designed to move in the same manner your nipple would, extending as your baby latches on and replicating the feeding process s if it were your breast he was feeding from. This is the ideal bottle if you want to combine bottle and breast feeding as there’ll be no confusion from your baby and no difference in the feeding experience from their point of view. Also, due to the “accordion style” way the teat flexes, your baby is able to stay correctly latched on, so there chance of air being taken in is decreased, therefore reducing the danger of colic. Colic is definitely something to avoid where possible. Trust me.

The team at Munchkin have got one of the super Latch Newborn Starter Kits to giveaway. The kit contains four bottles, teats, a bottle cleaning brush and a brush to clean the valve too. Its everything you need to get your Latch experience off and running. To enter, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.

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#Christmas: Hipp Organic Festive Treats

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas, Competition | Posted on 23-12-2014

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We’re on the home straight now, with just a few more sleeps before Christmas. I for one will be glad when its Christmas Eve and I can stop work for the festive period and focus on having fun as a family, and not what blog post I should be writing! Tomorrow my online food shop will be arriving and I’ll be playing “Christmas Tetris” as I try and find spaces in the fridge, freezer and cupboards for all the food. We’re a traditional “Turkey and all the trimmings” family, though with two small children I like to make things as easy as possible and I’m not ashamed to admit that there’s a drawer in my freezer with bags of Asda’s Chosen By You pre-prepared frozen vegetables in!

range shot 3As for Little Dude? Well he’s got a lovely selection of Christmas foods to choose from this week, thanks to a gorgeous stocking he was sent by Hipp Organic. From a breakfast of seasonal Apple & Cranberry through to his Christmas lunch of Parsnip, Potato and Turkey Casserole he’ll be celebrating with the rest of us. We’re big fans of Hipp Organic over here anyway, and its one of the brands of baby food you’ll always find tucked in a cupboard. As well as being organic the food always smells and tastes like its meant to, even if it doesn’t always look it. But then again, not much baby food does! I for one will be happy knowing he’s eating a similar meal to us, without much effort from me, and at Christmas that’s ideal. From 4 months upwards you’ll find something in the Hipp Organic range to satisfy your little one this Christmas, whether it be a pouch of Parsnip, Sweet Squash and Chicken Dinner, or a more textured Chunky Vegetable & Beef Casserole.

To celebrate Christmas Hipp are offering a “Hipp Hungry Hamper” to one of my readers. It’ll contain a great selection of Hipp’s products, ideal if you’re just starting out weaning. To be in with a chance of winning just follow the instructions on the below Rafflecopter.

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Last minute Christmas Ideas for the boys!

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas, Christmas Gift Guide | Posted on 17-12-2014

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This time next week it’ll be over. All the shopping will have been done and you’ll either be buried in wrapping paper tackling the pile of presents, or smugly sitting back relaxing, pleased you spread your wrapping out throughout the month. If you’re me, you’ll be smugly pleased you got your Mum to do most of the wrapping for you one morning because your children were poorly and you couldn’t find the time to do it yourself. So with one week to go, do you have all your presents yet? Or are you still struggling to find that one extra present for a little boy in your life? May be you’re after a main present for a slightly bigger boy? Do not fear. Read on, and hopefully I can help point you in the right direction.

Lets start with a smallest boy in your life. Now I know I recently provided you with a great array of First Christmas items for your babies, but this one is very much aimed at baby boys. My 1st Years is a great store providing truly beautiful products for babies, and I am a big fan of this cute Car Comforter and Knitted Teddy set. The car – which you can have personalised if you wish – features those loops of ribbon that all babies seem to be instantly drawn to for fiddling and chewing. The teddy is a lovely blue shade and has a traditional knitted appearance which will no doubt provide a long term friend for your little boy.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m a bit of a wooden toys fan, so it’ll come as no surprise that I’m going to direct you to my ultimate favourite wooden toys company. I am so proud to represent Bigjigs as one of their Play Patrol team and for the little boys in your life you won’t find many toys as fabulous as their Heritage Fire Station set. The station comes with four fire fighters, a sleeping area for when they aren’t out at work, a tower for training, and a nice big area to park their fire engine. The included engine features a fire hose that you can unroll and an extendible ladder for tackling even the biggest fires. This is a gorgeous set with lots of great features, and plenty detail. This is sure to keep your little boys busy on Christmas morning, and beyond.

Gioteck RC 3

If you have gaming fans in your house – and despite only being four years old Little Dude is rather partial to some Xbox action himself – then giving them somewhere comfortable to sit whilst they enjoy the latest platform or racing game, as well as somewhere to store the seemingly endless array of controllers, boxes, cables and other associated paraphernalia might just be the thing you’re looking for. The RC-3 Gaming Chair is the ultimate in gaming accessory, providing not only enviable comfort and compact storage, but is compatible with a wide range of consoles and game play devices. Now whilst I think this may be a bit on the extreme side for Little Man – he’s more of a Just Dance fan anyway – I think the older boys – and their dads – will find this a much appreciated addition to their gaming zones.

#Christmas: Babies First Christmas

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas, Information | Posted on 03-12-2014

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Christmas is a pretty special time of year when you have a new baby in the house. Its one of many lovely ‘Firsts’ to look forward to, and look back on. Its safe to say most babies won’t remember their first Christmas but as parents I think we’ll all remember those special moments. Picking gifts for a First Christmas are, for me, harder than subsequent ones. You want something they can treasure, something to mark the occasion perhaps, but generally something they’ll just enjoy.

This Christmas will be Little Dude’s very first Christmas, and he’s going to be seven months old. That makes him a bit easier to buy for because he actually DOES something, unlike brand new babies who, and lets be honest here, aren’t that interested in anything apart from milk and sleep. Here are my picks of some of the best First Christmas gifts out there, for babies of all ages up to one year. What would you add?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (TM) Play Time Toy

A classic book and probably one of the first we bought for Little Man, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is known and loved worldwide. There’s lots of related products you can buy – books, jigsaws, cup and plate sets – but for a First Christmas I think this sensory toy fits the bill nicely. Suitable from birth its a bright and appealing caterpillar which includes some of the highlights from the book. There’s a sun on one section of his body and an apple on another which, when pressed, plays “You Are My Sunshine”. Each section of the caterpillar is a different texture, makes a different sound, has a different interactive part. There are soft knotted legs along its length, and the tail features two chew rings for those babies that are teething. His head is bright and round, an exact copy of the images from the book. His antenna are sparkly and bright, and there is a bell hidden inside which rattles nicely. This would be great for tummy time, or even in the pram.


Its a great sensory toy in its own right, but it would make a lovely gift for your baby this Christmas, perhaps along with a copy of the book for you to read to them.

Sophie The Giraffe Gift Bag

Sophie-The-Giraffe-SussexMummySophie is a much recognised classic too. Probably the most famous teething toy ever, you rarely see a baby without one of these. The Gift Bag features one of the iconic Sophie’s – a squeaky sensory toy designed to alleviate all areas of teething, an easy grip flower shaped rattle featuring a spinning clear ball centre housing a mini Sophie, and a mini teether which is also Sophie shaped but has a delicious vanilla scent to it. This all comes in a handy clear fronted fabric bag. This gift is a multi-sensory experience, with the visually stimulating spots on Sophie, the noise from the squeaker and the rattle, and the scent from the mini teether.

I think it would make a great first stocking for any baby, and it is, as you’d expect, suitable from birth. If you head down the page, you can win one of these for your own baby this Christmas!

Lamaze Flutterby Photo Album

This is one of my favourites – its one of those really clever products which would also make a lovely gift. Lamaze have created a butterfly that is suitable from 6 months. Your baby can hold it or it can stand up, and each of the four wing sections can be lifted up with ease. Beneath them your baby will find a photo of your choosing and, what is even more exciting for your little one, they will also hear a message which you can record. This is brilliant fun, and really easy to do. Photos and greetings from parents, siblings, grandparents, favourite characters, whatever you think your baby will love. I can also see this being indispensible to mothers that need to return to work, or that have babies with separation anxiety. Okay its not as good as the real thing, but to see your face and hear your voice is bound to bring a little happiness.

I love that it stands up by itself so you can have it one display in the nursery or playroom, and I love the simple yet brightly coloured design, The frame of the butterfly wings are textured too so your baby will love gripping on. A great Christmas gift.

Ella’s Kitchen Christmas Dinner

Ellas-Kitchen-SussexMummyIf you have a slightly older baby enjoying their first Christmas as I do you may well be weaning them. Another fun little stocking filler for them then would be their very own special Christmas dinner, which as well as being organic and delicious, is also raising money for a fantastic cause. Ella’s Kitchen’s Jingle Belly Christmas Dinner contains everything you could possibly wish for in a Christmas dinner – turkey, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, cabbage, cranberries and even sprouts. Suitable from ages 7 months plus it the perfect first Christmas dinner. And whats more 30p from the sale of each and every pouch will go to Kids Company – a charity helping vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families across the UK. By buying one of these pouches you are helping a child get their very own Christmas dinner this year.

The pouches are available from Tesco’s and there are also some available direct from the Ella’s Kitchen website.

Discoveroo Peg Smackeroo

Yes okay so I chose this for the funny name. Peg and hammer sets are nothing new, and whilst this one claims to be appropriate from 18 months plus I see no reason why it can’t be bought for a babies first Christmas. The bright colours make it visually attractive so it could be placed on display in a nursery, to be played with when parents see fit. I probably wouldn’t give this to Little Dude just yet – he’s firmly in that everything I pick up must be eaten and or dropped phase – but I’d happily let him play with it with supervision in the next few months. Eight coloured pegs fit in a sturdy wooden bench, to be bashed in with the included hammer. Its a classic toy with a fun name. A great buy.

My First Christmas Cheeky Face Tree Bauble

A first Christmas generally calls for some kind of commemorative keepsake, and I am a big fan of this personalised bauble from Born Gifted. A cheeky faced baby surrounded by pink or blue snowflakes shines out from this ceramic bauble beneath the words “My First Christmas”. You can include their name and the year on the front as well, and then on the reverse you can include four lines of text which is enough for a short message as to who the bauble is from. Whilst this is clearly not a gift specifically for your baby its a great item which you can bring out year after year and hang with pride on the tree and remember that very first year. When your child is old enough you can explain to them what it is and what it represents.

I love the cheeky cartoon style of the face on this bauble, because if there’s one thing we all have its a cheeky baby.

Baby Scrapbook

We finish with another item which isn’t really for baby but can again be shown to them in later years. This bespoke Baby Scrapbook by the incredibly talented Scrapbookerry is the perfect way to record all your babies firsts, so would be ideal for a very new baby this Christmas. It can be custom made to your needs, and can include ways to mark first moments, first baths, first smile, first steps, right through to their first birthday. The detailing on this book is breathtaking and it would certainly make a much loved and long treasured addition to any celebrations this festive period. If you want one of these though do get ordering it as soon as possible to ensure delivery before the big day!

So are you feeling a bit spoilt for choice now? Well I have a Sophie The Giraffe Gift Bag to give away to one lucky reader, just by following the really simple steps on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!!

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Christmas 2013: Last Minute Gifts & Treats from Asda

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Can you believe its just a week until Christmas? Where did December go? Whilst physically I’m feeling a lot better with my pregnancy I seem to be tired most of the time and some days I’m just exhausted and don’t achieve anything helpful. One thing I did manage to organise though was my food shopping delivery for the end of this week. We’re off to my parents for Christmas Day and we’ll be spending the New Year at my in laws so I don’t need to panic buy lots of food as nobody will be here to eat it. I am going to need a few bits and pieces and by getting my delivery from Asda, it gives me a chance to make sure I have a few treats in and finish up any last minute stocking fillers too. If you’ve got a delivery to finalise before Christmas why not pop a few of these bits and pieces in your virtual basket.

Christmas is a great time to treat the children – big and small. Gingerbread is very popular with Little Man and his Daddy so I’m sure a box or two of these Gingerbread Santa’s & Snowmen will find their way onto my food order this week. At just £1 a box they are super cheap and adorable designs are bound to make Little Man smile.

Beauty gift sets are always popular at Christmas, and are great for buying for friends. I usually shop on the high street for this type of product but Asda have a great range available and at a fraction of the cost. This Simple Travel Gift Set is just £5 and is part of the 2 for £8 offer making it great value. Wipes, Facial Wash, Facial Toner and Moisturiser are included in this neat set which would be an ideal purchase for anyone jetting off over the festive season as they are all hand luggage compliant.

Mugs are another classic gift, and especially ones that come with a sweet treat inside. Love Hearts are a classic retro sweet. This bright and colourful mug comes with some fruity fizzy sweets to enjoy, and is a useful gift when all the sweets are gone. At £5 its a great little stocking filler.

And of course Asda has a full complement of Christmas foods and drinks on offer too. Having been lucky enough to attend their Christmas In July event earlier in the year and sample some rather delicious meats, snacks, sweets and party food there’s no danger of anyone going hungry. Whilst I can no longer eat some of the bits I tried earlier in the year I will certainly be hunting out their jars of sweets and their dessert range which were all delicious. I’m just going to have to wait till next year for the Extra Special Prosecco and stick to the soft drinks for the time being!

Get online fast to book a delivery slot before Christmas, or better still head down to your local store and pick up some delicious treats and some last minute gifts before the big day.

Christmas 2013: Sheepskin Slippers

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As parents we spend all day on our feet, running around at home after our children or taking them here there and everywhere to keep them entertained. At the end of a long busy day there’s nothing I enjoy more than relaxing on the sofa and putting my feet up. My feet are more tired and achy at the end of each day at the moment as I’m pregnant so I often slip off my shoes and wish I had something comfy and cosy to pop my feet into. Thanks to the team at the Soak & Sleep I do now! When they contacted me and asked if I’d like to choose something to review from their website I was instantly drawn to their Sheepskin Slippers. My feet are without a doubt the coldest part of my body – just ask my husband who I poke with them in bed… – so keeping them cosy was really important. I was very excited when these gorgeous slippers landed behind my door.
Slippers Sussex MummyJust looking at them makes my feet feel cosy. They are sheepskin lined throughout, as well as the decorative band on the top. They are VERY cosy and my feet are nice and warm when I’m wearing them. I was a little worried at the fact they had no backs to them though. Other backless slippers and shoes I’ve tried tend to flap about and are something of a hazard on stairs. These fit snugly and comfortably and can be worn without worry all day if I’m at home. They have a sturdy sole which, whilst not suitable for continued outdoor use, can safely make trips to the bin or on down the path in the garden.
The slippers come in three sizes – small which is a size 3.5, medium which is a 5.5 and large which is a 7.5. I have size 5 feet but sometimes wear a 6 so the mediums were an ideal fit for me. At £30 they are not the cheapest slippers you’ll ever buy, but the snuggly New Zealand fleece will probably make these the last slippers you’ll ever buy. I’m sure there are plenty parents who’d enjoy finding these under the tree on Christmas morning. Best make sure you write your letters to Santa in time too!

Review: Tiffany Rose Colour Block Maternity Dress

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Finding clothes to wear when pregnant can be something of a nightmare. At the moment I can still fit in my regular jeans as my bump is high up. I did have to wear maternity jeans for a week but seemingly overnight my bump rose and now if I wear maternity jeans I spend the day pulling them up. Lots of long knitted jumpers are being worn too and comfort is becoming a thing of the past. Finding clothes to wear day to day is proving very tricky, but finding something to wear for a special occasion is almost impossible. On Friday night I went out for dinner with my lovely friend Lucinda (@ljbarton). We were having a Christmas meal out without the children and looked forward to being able to talk to each other without interruption. I wanted to wear something a bit fancier than jeans so I was VERY excited when the team at Tiffany Rose got in touch and asked me if I’d like to review one of their dresses.
Tiffany Rose Dress Sussex MummyTiffany Rose sell a huge range of beautiful maternity dresses. Whether you’re looking for something to wear day to day, to a special occasion, or even if you’re planning on getting married you’re bound to find something to suit your style. I spent AGES trawling the website to find a dress. I found so many that I liked but I wanted to be realistic and review something which I would actually get repeated use out of. I finally chose their Colour Block Maternity Dress in Purple, which has been worn by Myleene Klass. Whilst I’m certain she looks much better in it than I do, I was really pleased with how it fit and showed off my baby bump. Little Man couldn’t help getting in on the photo action though he doesn’t seem to enjoy looking at the camera anymore!
The Colour Block Dress comes to just above my knee and has three-quarter length sleeves. The bright purple band above my bump is a separate piece which you can tie to fit you so the dress really will grow with you. The dress is made from a stretchy jersey material which makes it super comfortable and fit nicely over growing curves and bumps. By accessorising it in different ways you could easily wear this glammed up for a fancy night out, or for a simple meal out with the girls. I don’t think it would look entirely out of place at the office either! This dress is a great fit and because of the stretchy fabric I know it will continue to fit right the way through my pregnancy. Its such a great style too that I’m hoping to wear it even after I’m pregnant.
The Colour Block Dress is available in other colours too but I chose this as they are colours I’d ordinarily wear and uncommonly for me I already had a pair of shoes that would match! This dress retails at £99 which I think is very reasonable for a dress of this quality. Its similar to what you’d probably end up paying for a non-maternity party dress this Christmas, and it will no doubt last much longer too. Tiffany Rose is definitely the place to head if you’re pregnant this festive season.

Review: blinkbox

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As with most children, Despicable Me was an instant hit with our Little Man when Daddy bought him the DVD earlier this year. The mad cap story of Gru, a super villain who adopts three girls to help in his evil plan to steal the moon, thus beating his arch rival Vector. Gru also has the help of his large band of Minions – bizarre yellow creatures who provide some of the comedy highlights of the movie. Following the success of this first movie the sequel was inevitable, and it is currently available to rent exclusively from blinkbox. blinkbox is one of many movie rental companies that operate nowadays online, but it is the only one to have Despicable Me 2. I was sent some blinkbox credit to test out the service and enjoy a family movie night watching the Minions in action once again.
The blinkbox service is simple enough. You sign up for an account and add credit to it – if you sign up at the moment and credit your account with just £1 you get £5 credit for free. Once you’re all signed up you can choose from a huge selection of movies and TV shows, with rental prices starting from just 99p. You can then stream your selection on your tablet, your computer, your games console or your smart TV. Once you’ve rented your movie or show you have 30 days in which to watch it, or you can buy it and its yours to keep forever.
Despicable Me 2 is £3.49 to rent – or £4.49 in HD – and just £9.00 to buy – £13.99 in HD. I think this is pretty reasonable for a new release like this, especially one that is only available via this rental service. The whole rental process is really easy and needless the say the movies itself was a BIG hit with Little Man. A lovely opportunity for us all to sit down together and watch something other than Peppa Pig for an hour or so!
I expect the blinkbox service will get a lot of use in our house this Christmas, because to be fair, there’s not much else on is there! Head over to blinkbox now to sign up and you can even start collecting Tesco Clubcard points whilst you’re there. What movie would you watch first?