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#Review: Donna from Hotter

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Fashion | Posted on 07-06-2016

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There’s a reasonable chance that I’m becoming obsessed with Hotter shoes.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a party at my local Hotter store. Not my first, and hopefully not my last, but an event I can never turn down. Hotter throw the best parties – the team are always incredibly lovely, they always bring prosecco, and then there’s shoes. What more could a girl want?


You’ll remember that at my last event I left with the fabulous – yet very practical – Ribble Boot, which I wore relentlessly throughout the autumn and winter, and which I adore. This time around I decided to go for something altogether less practical, but just as gorgeous. These sparkly silver heels are the Donna Shoe, and I love them.

I’d gone with other shoes in mind, had planned on getting the Antoinette Heels that I’d managed to resist last time. But I spied the Donna sparkly on the shelves and it was pretty much game over. Incredibly comfortable as you’d expect from Hotter, totally impractical – hardly school run appropriate, but just gorgeous.

Now sadly I haven’t had occasion to wear them yet – apart from sat in front of the TV…! – but I’m thinking I’m hugely well prepared for the work Christmas party this year. They look great with jeans so I might risk wearing them next time I go out to the pub, but I suspect that the festive season will be the best time to debut these.

Grab your own Donna Heels now in this soft silver, or one of the many other shades available.

Right As Rain…

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Fashion | Posted on 12-02-2016

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Is it me or is it always raining at the moment? Particularly when its time for the school run? The showers seem to always kick off just as I step out of my car, and it generally results in a wet mummy and two wet boys. I’m beginning to think I need to start leaving emergency rain gear in the car at all times. I mean I tend to have coats lying around in the car anyway, I just never seem to have the right coat for the right conditions. Clearly I need to be more organised.

The lovely Joules have a new “Right As Rain” range out at the moment, perfect for the inclement British weather, with designs sure to brighten up our school run. I am severely tempted to get my boys matching coats for the first time and purchase two of these Showerproof Jackets.
Joules-SharkI think my boys would look super cute in these, though Little Dude might have to wait till he’s a bit bigger first. Joules, you need to make this in a size 2 years please! I think the Shark print is really cool and no doubt my boys would look gorgeous in this coat. There are of course beautiful patterns for the girls too but I don’t think my boys would be particularly keen to wear this, do you?


Maybe a bit too floral for their liking. Now of course if the boys are getting cute coats then surely Mummy deserves one too… best go take a look hadn’t I?

#Review: Bobux Shoes

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Fashion | Posted on 25-09-2015

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Little Dude is walking… mostly. Yes he still has that great drunk wobble to him, and if he wants to get anywhere quickly he’ll revert to the far speedier tactic of crawling, but he can walk and I’m it won’t be long till he’s running. And with walking, comes the inevitable need for shoes.

With Little Man we took him off to the high street and got his feet measured. He wore crawling shoes, cruising shoes and then walking shoes. It was hugely expensive and looking back, massively unnecessary. Being born in May meant that Little Dude hasn’t really needed shoes this summer and has been crawling and cruising in socks or more often than not bare feet. We did want to get him some shoes though, and I was keen to avoid the typically bulky shoes found on the high street.

I was really lucky to discover Bobux, a New Zealand based company who have a gorgeous range of footwear. We were even luckier to be sent a pair of Freestyle Xplorer shoes to review, and I couldn’t be happier.

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of children learning to walk the Xplorer is a shoe like no other. A micro-armour toe cap provides incredible abrasion resistance and an elastic closure makes them easy to get on squirming feet. The innovative EVA sole is strong yet flexible enough to encourage healthy foot development. The Xplorer is a triumph of form and function.

The shoes are brilliant. They protect his tiny feet when he’s outside, and yet they aren’t bulky so they don’t slow him down when he’s crawling. They are super easy to open with a velcro strap and an elasticated opening, and they fit really well. They’ve been worn to wander around the house, stomp around the garden, and rampage through the sandpit at the local farm.


Price wise they are cheaper than any first walker shoes I’ve spotted in our usual shoe shop, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more shoes from Bobux in future as his feet grow. Even Daddy is impressed, so they must be good!

Guest Post: Female Hair Loss

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Fashion, Guest Post | Posted on 28-05-2014

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Hair loss in women is extremely common and can affect most women at some point in their lives.

Shuna Hammocks, a consultant Trichologist at Sussex Trichology explains that genetic thinning in women is pattern thinning affecting the top of the head, which can cause a lot of distress and the patient to feel very self-conscious about their hair. Patients feel that it is difficult to style the hair and that it has a real impact on the quality of their life.

Androgen Dependant Alopecia causes female hair loss and can affect women from any age, from puberty up to the menopause. At Sussex Trichology this is the most common condition that Shuna treats. It is a condition that causes the top area of the head and the crown to thin and make the scalp more transparent. It comes about when the circulating androgens topically on the top of the head cause the hairs to appear finer than the sides and the rear of the scalp. It is quite progressive and really quite slow. This condition can be treated very well at Sussex Trichology.

Other women consult us with hair shedding, perhaps following child birth, a nutritional deficiency, a medicine side effect or stress related hair loss and many more.

Telogen effluvium, thyroid hair loss, post-partum hair loss, scarring hair loss and even where people pull out their own hair (Trichotillomania) are all conditions that we regularly diagnose and treat at Sussex Trichology.

Female hair loss can have a devastating effect. Women often question “Why is my hair falling out?” and it is at this point that they should seek advice from a good Trichologist such as Shuna Hammocks at Sussex Trichology. Shuna understands how important hair is to women.


www.sussextrichology.co.uk info@sussextrichology.co.uk





Preparing For Baby: Mummy Style

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Fashion, Preparing For Baby, Product Reviews | Posted on 13-03-2014

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I am 30 weeks pregnant today – can someone explain where the time has gone? Little Dude could be here in as little as seven weeks if I end up getting an early induction – which is still up for debate! – so we’ve spent this week making sure we have everything we need for the hospital bag, or at least have everything we still need written down. Its all about lists at the moment, especially now my brain has turned into some form of mush.

This week I finally had to dig out my maternity jeans – I’m sorry! – but I’ve been wearing maternity tops for a while now. I’m so pleased the weather is improving and I can stop wearing big baggy jumpers and can now wear t-shirts and more spring like tops. A while ago I was lucky enough to get sent some of Mothercare’s brand new Spring/Summer range to review, and I’m so excited that I can finally get it out and start wearing it without freezing. I was especially lucky to be given a pretty free reign to choose five tops to review, so I went for four that I could breastfeed in after Little Dude arrives if all goes to plan, and one top that isn’t feeding friendly. All the tops I chose will be fine to wear both before and after Little Dude’s arrival so I hopefully have my wardrobe sorted for the next few months at least!

mothercare spring summer sussex mummy review

First up is a Navy Wrap Top. It has 3/4 length sleeves and a hidden discreet layer that allows for “access” for feeding. I love this top – which you’ll notice I also have in red – as its smart and can be used for dates or events. It can easily be dressed up or down depending on whether I’m wearing it to go shopping, or to go out with Daddy or friends. I also really like the easy access panel which means I can feed Little Dude whilst wearing it without any trouble. The Red Wrap Top is basically the same, but I would mention that its more an orange colour than being red. Think more tomato soup red than post box red.

I also got a two pack of Grey and Black Nursing Tops. These are both incredibly comfy and ideal for everyday wear and for casual wear. I have been practically living in these two tops since the weather improved. Both again have 3/4 length sleeves and the hidden layer for feeding access, so they are both practical as well as comfortable. A must when you’re pregnant. The simple design makes them really versatile too, and they can be worn with jeans or skirts, and hopefully with shorts if it gets much warmer!

Another great smart top I received was the Green Bow Print Nursing Top. Again this is ideal for events, and would make a great back to work top. The length of it means I can’t wear it whilst I’m pregnant as my cute bowling ball bump does still out a little, but the short sleeves mean that I can wear it comfortably this summer whilst feeding my new baby boy. Again it has a discreet hidden layer for feeding, but as with all the other tops that have this feature I don’t think they are obviously maternity wear and could be worn even if you aren’t breastfeeding.

The final top I chose was a simple Blue & Cream Stripe Jumper. Its only a thin jumper and with the 3/4 length sleeves its perfect in the current weather. In fact I’ve worn this a few times without a coat on, though I’m not sure if that’s the weather or my own body temperature! This is the perfect partner for a pair of jeans and some comfy shoes for a relaxing walk round the park with Little Man or a trip to the shops with Nana.

I love all the items that Mothercare sent me. They are all really comfortable and show off my growing bump well. Its nice to be wearing clothes that flatter my shape instead of clothes that swamp it. All these tops are available in store and online now, and the jumper is in fact currently reduced in the Mothercare sale. The ideal time to buy!

Mothercare also sent me some of their “Its Your Body” toiletries to test out. Some of those bits are now packed and ready in my hospital bag and I’ll be reviewing them all once Little Dude makes his grand entrance in May.

Review: Joules Tweed Jacket

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Fashion, Product Reviews | Posted on 11-03-2014

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A tweed jacket isn’t something I’d ever consider buying for Little Man, but the offer to review one was all too tempting. I’ve seen children of Little Man’s age wearing them in the local supermarket and it looks a bit odd to be honest, but then again at 3 they are hardly likely to go striding through the fields with a shot gun over their shoulder and a pack of dogs. Bit too stereotypical? Apologies.

We were sent a Joules’ boys Tweed Jacket and whilst their clothing is renowned for its quality and I knew that it would be a decent jacket, it far exceeded even my expectations. The detailing on it is exquisite and you can tell its going to be a long lasting jacket. It feels nice and warm, and I am thankful that I ordered it in a size up so he’ll be able to wear it in the Autumn and next Winter.

The design of the jacket is a very classic style for a tweed, complete with elbow patches and cord detailing on the shoulders. It has four front pockets – two with popper fastenings and two with none – and it has a full length zip and poppers to fasten it. I love the tiny details – the word “Joules” on each metal button, the Joules rabbit embroidered on one of the pockets, and the checkered lining. I also adore the name “Mr Toad Jnr Fieldcoat” – very Wind In The Willows! It has a light wadding to it which makes it cosy without being a bulking thick coat, and its sure to keep Little Man warm on chilly Autumn days and even those cooler Spring ones we’re experiencing at the moment.

Joules Tweed Sussex Mummy

At £79.95 it is far more than I would ever spend on a jacket for Little Man, but it truly feels worth the price tag. Its a classic piece of clothing and one that will never go out of style, so hoping Little Dude will get chance to wear it too when he’s old enough. A gloriously British jacket and certainly one that could be defined as an investment.


Review: Tiffany Rose Colour Block Maternity Dress

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas, Fashion, Pregnancy, Product Reviews | Posted on 09-12-2013

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Finding clothes to wear when pregnant can be something of a nightmare. At the moment I can still fit in my regular jeans as my bump is high up. I did have to wear maternity jeans for a week but seemingly overnight my bump rose and now if I wear maternity jeans I spend the day pulling them up. Lots of long knitted jumpers are being worn too and comfort is becoming a thing of the past. Finding clothes to wear day to day is proving very tricky, but finding something to wear for a special occasion is almost impossible. On Friday night I went out for dinner with my lovely friend Lucinda (@ljbarton). We were having a Christmas meal out without the children and looked forward to being able to talk to each other without interruption. I wanted to wear something a bit fancier than jeans so I was VERY excited when the team at Tiffany Rose got in touch and asked me if I’d like to review one of their dresses.
Tiffany Rose Dress Sussex MummyTiffany Rose sell a huge range of beautiful maternity dresses. Whether you’re looking for something to wear day to day, to a special occasion, or even if you’re planning on getting married you’re bound to find something to suit your style. I spent AGES trawling the website to find a dress. I found so many that I liked but I wanted to be realistic and review something which I would actually get repeated use out of. I finally chose their Colour Block Maternity Dress in Purple, which has been worn by Myleene Klass. Whilst I’m certain she looks much better in it than I do, I was really pleased with how it fit and showed off my baby bump. Little Man couldn’t help getting in on the photo action though he doesn’t seem to enjoy looking at the camera anymore!
The Colour Block Dress comes to just above my knee and has three-quarter length sleeves. The bright purple band above my bump is a separate piece which you can tie to fit you so the dress really will grow with you. The dress is made from a stretchy jersey material which makes it super comfortable and fit nicely over growing curves and bumps. By accessorising it in different ways you could easily wear this glammed up for a fancy night out, or for a simple meal out with the girls. I don’t think it would look entirely out of place at the office either! This dress is a great fit and because of the stretchy fabric I know it will continue to fit right the way through my pregnancy. Its such a great style too that I’m hoping to wear it even after I’m pregnant.
The Colour Block Dress is available in other colours too but I chose this as they are colours I’d ordinarily wear and uncommonly for me I already had a pair of shoes that would match! This dress retails at £99 which I think is very reasonable for a dress of this quality. Its similar to what you’d probably end up paying for a non-maternity party dress this Christmas, and it will no doubt last much longer too. Tiffany Rose is definitely the place to head if you’re pregnant this festive season.

Christmas 2013: Winter Fashions from Fat Face

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas, Christmas Gift Guide, Fashion, Product Reviews | Posted on 13-11-2013

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I LOVE Fat Face. It is without a doubt my favourite high street store when it comes to buying clothes for myself. Whilst it may not be the cheapest place to buy clothes, you know you are always going to end up with a high quality item which will last for ages. Truly worth the investment. I actually went into the Chichester branch yesterday to take advantage of their new sale. Finding clothes to fit when pregnant is never particularly easy, and despite being only 13 weeks I already have a not-so-subtle bump to work around. The determined part of me however managed to pick up a couple of bargains which show off my lovely little bump brilliantly, and I’m content in the knowledge that I’ll be able to wear them again afterwards.

A while ago the lovely team at Fat Face sent me an early Christmas present from their new Autumn Winter range. They’d been in touch a few days before to ask about my clothes size so I was very excited when a parcel landed on my doorstep. I wasn’t worried about being sent a mysterious item of clothing as I’d happily wear anything from the store, but I was particularly thrilled with the contents. They sent me the Amy Gilet in Navy to test out.

I tried it on the instant it was out of the packaging – I do love a good coat. At that stage I could still fasten it up – sadly my 13 week bump is now a little too big for me to fasten it comfortably – and pulled the hood over my head. I felt SO snuggly and warm. In fact to say I was only wearing a gilet I felt the cosier than I did in most coats! I headed over to Fat Face website to read more about my lovely Christmas present.

“In a shower resistant outer with super warm duck down and feather filling, plus a cosy deep pile fleece lining; this gorgeous gilet is perfect for beating the chill this season.”

That’ll explain the warmth then!

I adore this gilet. The length is brilliant – a previous gilet I’ve owned was irritatingly too short – and makes sure no drafts are getting in. It can be worn over layers or thick jumpers – if you’re not pregnant… – and whilst I wouldn’t wear it in a downpour it copes admirably in brief showers. I love the fleece lining which feels nice and soft and whilst I ordinarily wouldn’t choose a fur trimmed hood it does add to that feeling of cosiness.

The Amy Gilet is available in a choice of six colours – the Cobalt Blue is an online exclusive – and retails at £65. If I went into store and tried this on I don’t think there’d be any doubt in me buying it. I think this is a very reasonable price for a gilet of this quality which looks and feels great on. A lovely item to add to your Christmas Wish List or to drop subtle hints to family about wanting. If anyone asks me what I want this Christmas, I think I’ll just point them at the Fat Face Gift Guide! What would you choose from Fat Face this Christmas?


Review: Due Patent Diving Blue Fitflops

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas, Fashion, Product Reviews | Posted on 24-10-2013

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When I think about Fitflops I automatically think of those chunky flip flops that were all the rage several years ago. Not my idea of nice footwear – I don’t do flip flops unless I’m honeymooning in Hawaii. When I was contacted by the team at Fitflop to take a look at their website and choose a pair to review I wasn’t particularly hopeful. How wrong was I. After a bit of surfing I’d found several pairs that looked amazing – like “real” shoes, not just flip flops. After much deliberation I settled on a pair of Due Patent in Diving Blue.
Fitflop Due Patent Diving Blue Shoes

How pretty are they!

Here’s what the website says about them:
“Built on a super-cushioned, height-enhancing midsole – our ultra-versatile DUÉ looks like a ballerina and feels like a sneaker. Scoop cut with a rounded toe cap, it’s flirty, feminine, can go formal or fun, works equally well with skinny jeans or a skirt, and feels amazing underfoot. Ladies, it’s that shoe you’ve been looking for your whole life.” 

The idea of Fitflops is simple enough. Ultra comfortable shoes that make you look and feel amazing. I was very keen to try them so put them on immediately. The curved sole does make them a little “bouncy” and going back to “normal” flat soled shoes afterwards was a bit odd. The Fitflops were really very comfortable and this style is both practical and fun. Flat shoes are all I wear so this pair is perfect for me, and I’ll no doubt end up wearing them with my jeans, but also with skirts and dresses, and in the summer months may be even with a pair of shorts. They can genuinely be worn with anything. And if the colour is a bit much for you, you can also get them in nude.

Now I own a lot of shoes – just ask my husband – and a lot of them are this style of ballerina flat. Finding shoes in this style to fit can be a bit of a mission though. Whilst I have fairly average size 5 feet my toes are quite long – yes, I have freaky feet – so I often struggle with standard size 5’s. With the Fitflops I was thrilled to find they did half sizes, so ordered these shoes in a 5.5. Perfect fit. It not only means I can wear them despite my weird toes, but also means I can wear them over socks if needs be or over thick tights in the winter, making them a truly versatile and year round shoe.

Overall I am really pleased with my new shoes. Yes, they take a bit of getting used to with their bouncy soles, but they are comfortable and stylish, and to be honest that’s all I’m really looking for in a pair of shoes. The pair I nearly chose was “The Cuddler” – and I think I’ll be popping a pair on my Christmas Wish List!!

Review: Naomi & Nicole Shapewear

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Fashion, Product Reviews | Posted on 02-10-2013

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Mums are very proud of their bodies – and rightly so – for the amazing things they do, and many wear their mummy tummies and stretch marks with pride. Little Man is nearly three and I do still have a little mummy tummy, and whilst my body weight hasn’t changed much since before I was pregnant, my body shape has. Day to day I don’t mind this little reminder of pregnancy, but I does make wearing some clothes a bit more difficult. Now I am under no illusions that I am fat, but tighter fitting clothes do tend to make my mummy tummy stand out more and on some occasions this isn’t what you want.

I was sent some Naomi & Nicole Shapewear to review, to tackle my mummy tummy. As you can see here its a high waisted item which helps to flatten my stomach, but also works at slimming your thighs. Its a multi-tasker, like all us mums really. Now this is not something I would wear every day, but for special occasions where you want to look your absolute best, I see no harm. After the whole post baby body shape debate that reared its head after Kate gave birth this summer I was a little nervous about posting this review, which is why its a bit late going live. I am not about to tell anyone what shape they should or should not be after having a baby. I am just letting you know that if YOU choose that you want to look a little slimmer that this is available.

I wore this on a couple of occasions, and was really pleased with the result. It meant I could wear figure hugging clothes without worrying about my mummy tummy, and I still looked like me. It was comfortable, it didn’t leave marks all over the place, and most importantly it stayed put! My figure was smooth and my body shape was slim and flat. No wobbly bits. Available in black or nude it can easily and discreetly be worn with trousers, skirt, shorts and dresses. There are no seam marks – nobody but you knows you are wearing it.

You can find this item, and other shapewear products, on the Shapewear website.