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#Review: Santa Maria Pulled Pork Dinner Kit

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie | Posted on 25-03-2016

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I’m a bit of a fan of pulled pork. It’s one of those things that always seems to taste delicious when I eat it out somewhere but that I’d never try at home because it takes hours, and I doubt I’d be able to replicate the flavour anyway. When it comes to cooking at home I tend to get quick and easy food. The boys eat together, and then I eat with my husband in the evening when the children are in bed. I don’t have time to do any major cooking, so I like things that are fast to prepare, and tasty.

Santa Maria contacted me recently to see if I wanted to review one of their brand new meals kits. I’ve used meal kits in the past to make an array of Mexican dishes, so the concept was familiar. What interested me was that it was a kit to create Pulled Pork, and that it was going to take just 90 minutes to cook. I was intrigued.


All I needed to buy was some pork and some red onions. Now, we didn’t get any red onions – inexplicably the local supermarket was out when I popped in to get some – but we did everything else that the recipe required.


So the box contained everything else we needed – seasoning for the pork, a bag to cook it in, seasoning for the red onions had we had any, chipotle BBQ sauce, and small tortillas.


I put the pork into the special bag and added the seasoning mix and some water. Bit of a shake and it looked like this… not entirely appetising but it was hardly going to look delicious at this stage! I put the bag in a dish in the oven for 90 minutes and that was it – job done. The smells coming from the kitchen we very enticing.

When it was finished cooking you simply pulled the pork apart and served it on the tortillas with some marinading red onions if you had them and the chipotle sauce.


Now the tortillas were indeed mini, so we shared the eight included between the two of us and served it with sweet potato fries. The box suggests that these would make good canapes or that you could put the meat on rolls for a bigger meal.

The meal was delicious. It was an authentic pulled pork, and the only thing that let it down was the piece of pork I bought, but that was nothing to do with the meal kit. A better less fatty piece of meat would have created far more delicious pulled pork. Next time I’ll also make sure I get some onions!

Santa MariaPulled Pork Dinner Kit and Santa Maria Pulled Chicken Dinner Kit will be available in Morrisons from late November, RRP. £3.99.

#Review: Table Table’s Spring Menu

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Days Out, Foodie, Information | Posted on 15-06-2015

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Last weekend we were invited down to Treacle Mine just outside Eastbourne, a Table Table restaurant, to review their new spring menu. Never one to turn down a free meal, we were happy to oblige and drove over for a family lunch. The restaurant itself is in a great location on the A27 near Polegate. Its at a services with a Premier Inn next door along with a petrol station and a McDonalds. There’s a good sized car park and the restaurant has tables both indoors and in their garden.


We decided to jump straight in at the main courses so I ordered one of the new Gammon Chicken and Pea Pie’s. It came with green beans, mustard mash and gravy.


As you can see the food was beautifully presented on a long white plate. I was very excited when it arrived as it all looked and smelled delicious. The pie itself was nice, but I wasn’t blown away by it. It was good pub grub, but it wasn’t as flavoursome as I’d hoped and the jug of gravy was essential as it was a little dry. The mustard mash was incredibly smooth, but sadly lacking mustard as it didn’t taste of anything at all. It was all perfectly edible but a little disappointing.

Daddy ordered the Streaky Bacon and Cheese Topped Chicken Breast.


Much less creativity with the presentation here, but to be honest I’m not really looking for decorative arrangements when I eat my lunch. The chicken breast came with chips – or the option of a jacket potato, peas and barbecue sauce. Daddy enjoyed his meal and thought it all tasted really nice. It was, once again, good quality pub food. Nothing out of the ordinary or particularly exciting, but thoroughly enjoyable.

For the boys we chose two meals from the children’s menu. I was very impressed with the children’s menu as they could practically build their own meal. They had a choice of mains, and then could choose two side dishes. Little Man went for the Penne Tomato Pasta – always a winner with him – and his sides were garlic bread and tortilla chips. He ate absolutely everything and kept telling me how lovely it was. Little Dude had the new Cod Cubes – effectively fish fingers but in cube form – with chips and vegetable sticks. There was no fish left by the end of the meal, and he’d made an impressive dent in the chips too. Vegetables are always a bit tricky with him but Daddy and I nibbled our way through his side and it was all lovely and fresh.

For dessert I had the new After Eight Sundae which was vanilla and chocolate ice cream mixed with pieces of After Eight mint, topped with cream and drizzled in After Eight mint sauce, with another whole After Eight stuck in the top for good measure. It was delicious! Effectively a mint chocolate chip ice cream sundae, but considerably more interesting. I’m never one to resist After Eights. Daddy had his favourite dessert of Banoffee Pie which he finished off in no time at all. There were fresh bananas sliced on the top which were really nice, and it meant we could try and slip a bit of fruit into the children! Little Man had the Mini Chocolate Challenge for his dessert. This was a pot of chocolate dipping sauce, some vanilla ice cream and a pile of marshmallows. In all honesty I think he was pretty full from his main so ate a couple of marshmallows and declared he’d had enough.

Good quality basic pub food – precisely what you’d expect from this style of chain restaurant. Nothing massively overwhelming, but good all the same. Definitely a good place to visit with children as their menu was well thought out. Would I go again? Possibly not to this one as its a bit far away. If we were ever visiting something nearby we might pop in though. If I ever see another Table Table restaurant, yes I’d probably give it a go as I’d be able to rely on decent food and menus we could all pick from.

Find YOUR nearest Table Table here.

World Baking Day

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie | Posted on 17-05-2015

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Today is World Baking Day… and also my birthday. So what better way to mark these two events than with cake. Lots and lots of cake. My plans for today generally involve eating cake, and the following sounds just up my street. The “World’s Happiest Cake” features ingredients to lift your mood such as coconut, lime and mango. To me it sounds rather tropical and reminds me of my honeymoon in Maui. Definitely a mood booster. In fact just looking at it makes me smile.

Whilst I go and find someone to bake this for me, and adorn it with a few candles… *ahem*… why don’t you take a look at the recipe.


Servings: 16

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hour 10 minutes

225g Stork block
325g caster sugar
4 eggs, medium
250g self-raising flour
100g plain flour
Zest of 2 limes
50g dried mango, finely chopped
50g flaked almonds
50g desiccated coconut

Juice of 2 limes
60g caster sugar

55g (2 oz) Stork tub
175g icing sugar
1-2 teaspoons milk
100g mango puree (fresh or tinned)

100g icing sugar, sieved
25g each of shredded or desiccated coconut and dried mango
15g each sunflower and pumpkin seeds
15g flaked almonds, toasted

1.    To make cake, place Stork block and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs, one at a time and fold in remaining ingredients

2.    Place the mixture in a greased and bottom lined 23cm deep cake tin

3.    Bake on the middle shelf of a preheated moderate oven 170° C, 160° C fan oven, Gas mark 4 for 1 hour 10 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean

4.    Turn out and cool on a wire tray

5.    For the syrup place sugar and lime juice in a pan over moderate heat and stir until sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil and then pour over warm cake

6.    Filling: place Stork tub, sugar and milk together in a bowl and beat together until smooth. Split cake into 3 and sandwich together with icing and mango puree

7.    To finish the cake, make a glace icing by adding either lime juice or water to the icing sugar until a thick pouring consistency and spread over the cake. Top with a mix of seeds, mango, coconut and almonds

8.   Adorn with candles and serve to Sussex Mummy… well I can hope can’t I?

Happy World Baking Day!

#Review: Riverford Recipe Box

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Reviews | Posted on 13-04-2015

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Riverford are well known for their vegetable box delivery service – we’ve had a few of them ourselves in our time – but they have recently started doing “Recipe Boxes” as well. Each box contains all the ingredients – save for the salt and pepper – that you need to create three meals for two or four people. You get all the vegetables, the meat where appropriate, the herbs, and anything else, all measured out and individually wrapped. There’s a choice of three box options – Original, Quick, and Vegetarian – and all promise tasty seasonal meals. We were sent the Quick box to try – the one I thought would be most appropriate for us. Three meals all ready in around 30 to 40 minutes with virtually no preparation apart from chopping a few vegetables. Sounded ideal to me.

The box we received contained the ingredients to make Baked Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Herb Ricotta, Lamb Steaks with Saute Potatoes, and Pork & Apple Sausages with Braised Vegetables. All sounded delicious to me and the box itself looked brilliant when it came. The packaging and organisation that went in to it was first class.


There was a complete list of what you’d received in case anything had gone missing or you were unsure as to what something was, and details were included as to where to store things. All the meat and anything that needed to be chilled – in this case butter and some cheese – were stored in a reusable cool bag which, along with the box, can be returned to your driver upon his next delivery. Everything which arrived was in first class condition and looked as if it had been packed mere moments ago.

Conveniently for us this box arrived a few days before our seventh wedding anniversary. We had planned a takeaway to celebrate, but instead took the opportunity to make one of the meals. We have in fact made all three meals, but the one we had for our anniversary was the one I actually remembered to photograph – I will never make a very good food blogger… – and as luck would have it, our overall favourite.

Here are all the ingredients needed to make the Sausages with Braised Vegetables.


As you can see everything comes fully weighed out for you, including the pots of butter and caraway seeds, and you even get sent a stock cube. I’m sure you’re all thinking those carrots look far too clean to come from a vegetable box but yes, I did wash them before taking their photograph. Everything looks beautifully fresh and is indeed seasonal.

Along with the ingredients are simple to follow recipe cards. There’s notes and information on the recipe, a list of equipment and utensils you may need – nothing too fancy, serving number and preparation times, and then step by step instructions. This recipe was completed with just eight steps, and to be fair they were incredibly simple and nothing more strenuous than occasionally stirring a pan. After about half an hour we served up the meal.


Super easy to make, much healthier than the planned takeout, and, most importantly, delicious. Everything was beautifully cooked and seasoned, I used items which typically I would never have picked up in my weekly food shop, and it was, as described, quick.

Now these boxes start at £33 and that gets you three meals for two people. If you want to feed a family of four it goes up to £58. Its not a cheap way to eat, but as an occasional treat or even as a quirky gift for someone, I think its ideal. Its clearly not something that I’m going to be buying every week, but its something I would certainly consider once in a while, particularly for special occasions when we’d perhaps typically go out for a meal. The quality is incredibly high and the attention to detail is such that it makes your cooking experience easy, which is precisely what you’re looking for when buying a box like this. A definite success.

You can find more details on the Recipe Boxes as well as all the other box delivery options available via the Riverford website.

My New Office

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Information | Posted on 16-02-2015

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I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who spends most of their time working on their laptop on the sofa in the lounge. Whilst it may be the comfiest place for me to blog from – except perhaps led on the bed – its not the most convenient. Having no proper location for working makes the process that bit harder, with paperwork and notes often getting lost and misplaced, and reminders and deadlines being frequently missed. Living in a three bedroom house with no available spare rooms makes an office out of the question, but my husband made a suggestion for somewhere in the house which could be my work space, and whilst I thought he was slightly crazy when he initially made the suggestion, it is working really well.

Our kitchen has bench tops all the way around with cupboards fitted beneath most but not all of them. Under the section that doesn’t have cupboards you’ll find our kitchen bin, our Little Helper, and the vacuum cleaner. That stretch of bench is something of a dumping zone, with post, bags, shopping and letters from preschool generally get lost in the muddle. You’re probably thinking I’m not the tidiest of house wives and you’d be correct! “Stick your laptop on there and create a mini office. Obviously you’d have to tidy it first.” I suspected it was just a ploy to get me to tidy up but I went with in and decluttered before popping my laptop on the new clear bench and moving the kitchen phone next to it. Since then I’ve added a fab bar stool which I got for Christmas – blogging stood up is not comfy at all – and there is always a vase – okay giant jam jar – of flowers to brighten the place up a bit. Yes there’s still piles of paperwork but the rule is that if its on the desk its important so I keep track of what’s there and I’m yet to lose anything in the carnage. I think.

The great thing about my new office is that my laptop is permanently turned on so I can dip in and out of blogging when I get chance, and I can look things up or reply to emails whilst I make dinner or cups of tea. I can’t blog to any kind of schedule anymore as Little Dude doesn’t understand the concept of a routine, but this setup means that when I do get time to myself, whether it be 5 minutes or one of the rare two hour naps he takes, I’m ready to go.

The bad thing about this setup however is that I’m in the kitchen. Now whilst that’s handy for cups of tea, its also a little too handy for food and I’ve been finding myself grazing as I blog. The biscuit tin is a little to handy and this isn’t helping my vague resolution to watch what I eat and start exercising ever. I decided that what I needed was an office snack box. Something I could pop on my desk – somewhere around the clutter – and fill it with healthy things to eat whilst I sit here. So I went on the hunt for healthy snacks that didn’t taste like cardboard, but aren’t too strict. I’m after a balanced healthy diet. I’m not necessarily looking to count calories and all that – I just don’t have the time to worry about everything I eat and double check whether I’ve enough points left in the day to enjoy it guilt free. Luckily for me the new Good & Counted range of snacks from Asda was on hand to provide me with tasty treats.

The Good & Counted range include a selection of tasty lentil crisps in some really interesting flavours. I was sent a multipack of their Flavours of the Mediterranean and Flavours of Asia to test out, along with some Savoury Popcorn to try out. My favourites have to be the Mediterranean lentil crisps. They’re nice and crunchy which I like in my crisps, but the flavours are also delicious. I think the Seasalt & Summer Herb were the nicest. The Flavours of Asia sounded a bit odd to me, but they were also reasonably tasty. The popcorn was a bit of a disappointment. I found them to be a bit small and hard and the flavours weren’t all that nice. The snack range also includes more traditional crisps, rice cakes, cereal bars and crispbreads which I think I’ll be popping on to my next online shop and adding to my snack box.


So with my box – okay pile, but I will get a box – of healthy snacks and my new found love of hula hooping my New Years resolutions aren’t off to a bad start. Of course there’s still chocolate biscuits lurking in nearby cupboards and sneaky cakes in a tin of the shelf next to me, but I guess that’s just a hazard of having your laptop set up next to your KitchenAid.

Where do you blog?

Halloween Treats…

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie | Posted on 31-10-2014

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Hopefully today my Twitter feed – and later tonight this blog post – will be full of photos of my baking exploits with Little Man. I’m not overly optimistic – its been that kind of week and he’s being 4 with impeccable skill – but we’ll see what mood he woken up in. I hope to be making an array of Halloween goodies – biscuits, cupcakes and a traybake if things go really well. We were sent a hamper of Nestle bits and pieces last week to help us create something ghoulish as well as a few recipes for inspiration. If things go well, we’ll be making this later today.

Squeamish Squares:Halloween2014
150g Shredded Wheat
6 x Yorkie Bars
50g White Marshmallows
200g Golden Syrup
1 pack of Strawberry Laces
1 pack of Jelly Tots
1 bag of Milky Bar Buttons

Grease & line a 20cm square tin. Melt the Yorkie bars and Golden Syrup in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. In another bowl mix the Shredded Wheat, 1/2 the Jelly Tots and the Strawberry Laces together. Stir in the chocolate syrup mixture. Pour into the tin and chill for at least an hour in the fridge. Once set remove from the tin and cut into bite sized pieces. Drizzle over some melted buttons and scatter over the remaining Jelly Tots before it sets.

So its not going to be the healthiest thing ever, but it certainly sounds like it’ll meet the creepy quota with all the worms and bugs lurking. I also like the sound of this as there’s no real cooking involved apart from the early melting, so its pretty child friendly. Definitely my best hope with the feral four year old I seem to have in my midst this week. Half term is nearly over with yes?

Foodie: Soreen

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Reviews | Posted on 24-04-2014

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I must confess I’m not much of a fan of malt loaf, so when I was contacted by Soreen asking if I’d like to try out a box of their goodies I was a little apprehensive. They assured me that there’d be a range of flavours – not just plain malt loaf – and also a book of recipes to try with things to make using Soreen. I was looking for healthy snacks for during my pregnancy and I was intrigued as to what else I could do with a Soreen loaf other than butter a slice so I said yes and waited for my big yellow box to arrive.

I was hugely surprised by the massive range of Soreen products available. My goodie box was bursting at the seams with a variety of flavoured loaves, snack packs and lunchbox loaves. There was a delicious Toastie Loaf which is great as a mid morning snack and toasts perfectly straight from the freezer. The Apple and Sultana Loaf is also really tasty, and unsurprisingly the Chocolate Loaf proved very popular. The Banana Lunchbox Loaves have become so popular in our house in fact that they are now a staple part of our weekly food shop with both Little Man and Daddy popping them into their lunches when they go to preschool and work. The only one that we didn’t really enjoy was the Pre-buttered Snack Pack, but I think that was down to the pre-buttering and not the loaf itself.

Soreen Malt Loaf Sussex Mummy

There was also an Original Malt Loaf in the box and none of us were particularly keen to eat that plain. The included recipe book however saved us from having too. Ever thought about using malt loaf to make Chocolate Flapjack? Nope, neither had I but we tested out this recipe – which was super easy to make – and it was really tasty. I also suspect I’ll be buying more full sized Banana Loaves so we can try out both the Strawberry & Banana Trifle and the Chocolate Brownies recipes. If you head over to the Soreen website you’ll find lots of delicious recipes for things to make using your Soreen loaves, as well as the chance to submit your own recipes and ideas.

So am I a malt loaf convert? Well not in the sense that I’ll sit munching my way through a plain loaf, but yes, I am pleasantly surprised with the range and versatility of Soreen products. We will continue buying the lunchbox loaves without a doubt and I’m pretty sure I’ll be testing out a few more recipes soon. Trifle anyone?

Review: Giovanni Rana Pasta

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Reviews | Posted on 06-12-2013

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My motivation to cook has been pretty much none existent this pregnancy. Mostly because for about four weeks the concept of eating any food made me nauseous, and I survived on Doritos and Lemonade which was hardly a nutritious diet. Things have improved a lot recently thankfully but there’s still some foods which I would ordinarily really enjoy that I just can’t face, like potatoes and chicken. When I do cook I want something that I can cook quickly and easily, mainly because at the moment I’m cooking one meal for Little Man and Daddy, and quite often something separate for myself. When I was contacted by the team at Giovanni Rana to ask if I’d like to test out their new range of fresh filled pasta it seemed like the ideal solution. giovanni rana pasta sussex mummyFresh pasta which cooks within four minutes makes it super fast and ideal for a last minute meal.
I was sent the Giant Ravioli with Tomato, Mozzarella and Olive to test out. On the back the serving suggestion was to eat it the “traditional Italian way” with just a drizzle of olive oil on. Whenever I’ve eaten fresh filled pasta like this before I’ve always had it with an accompanying sauce so I was a little apprehensive but decided to go with it. Now the filled ravioli itself was delicious – well filled and the flavours were superb. The salty whole olives were just what I was after and I liked that the ravioli was giant and not tiny little parcels which tend to be more pasta than filling. Sadly I’m not a traditional Italian kind of girl and I didn’t really enjoy the plainness of just an olive oil topping. I think a simple tomato sauce would have worked well with this and complimented the flavours of the ravioli perfectly. A range of sauces is also available so maybe I’ll try it again another time and buy myself a complimenting sauce to go with it. The Giovanni Rana range of pasta and sauces is available now from Asda and Sainsburys.



Christmas 2013: Breville Blend Active

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Christmas is a time for indulgence. I’m sure we’re all guilty of overdoing things a little during the festive period with too much food or drink. Huge Christmas lunches, boxes of chocolates and biscuits, and just one more slice of cake. January dawns and everyone starts panicking about how much weight they’ve put on, as well as how much they’ve spent. If you or a loved one is planning on embarking on a new diet and fitness regime come 2014 then a Blend Active by Breville may well be the best present you get this Christmas.
“Not another blender/smoothie maker!!” I hear you cry. Well this one is a little bit different. This compact blender comes with two 600ml drinks bottles which you use to mix your drink in, and then take out with you to the gym or on the school run or for a healthy drink later in the day thanks to the none spill lids. The one-touch blending system is super easy to use, and the blades and bottles are all dishwasher friendly. The Eastman Tritan Copolyester bottles are also durable, shatterproof, and odour, taste and stain resistant.
Now I don’t do exercise – apart from running around after a three year old all day – and my school run is particularly lame as I take the car because my stamina is pathetic due to me being pregnant, so I gave this nifty little blender to my Dad to review – also known as Pops. He works four days a week for a taxi company in Chichester and generally tends to leave for work at 4am – don’t ask me how he does it, I have no idea! Leaving that early means his meals are generally at random times and he tends to grab things on the go. Not the healthiest way to live. He’s a fan of smoothies but has never had the facilities to take them with him. He is the PERFECT guinea pig for this little review then.
I must confess I expected the novelty of this to wear off pretty quickly, but I can report that Pops has been using this machine daily – even when he’s at home –  since I took it over several weeks ago. He’s having a huge range of fruit smoothies with yogurt in and fruit juice, and the machine is so easy to use.
He is a huge fan. The convenience of the pieces being dishwasher proof is a huge plus point as he can make his smoothie at 4am before he leaves and pop the blades in the dishwasher. Having two bottles is brilliant as there is always one in use and one getting washed.
Its the ideal healthy drink for someone who spends the day in a car driving, and its much more cost effective than stopping and buying food and drinks when you’re out on the road.  You can currently get this Blend Active for just £20.00 on Amazon which is great value for this nifty bit of equipment.

I was sent a Breville Blend Active to review by Amazon.

Review: Actimel Smoothies

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I’ve always liked the idea of Actimel. Little pots of drink which contain all this good stuff to keep your digestive system in order. Like most people I tend to only drink the one flavour when I do buy them – Strawberry – but when I finish the bottle I often think “Is that it?”. I always wished they were a bit bigger. It was a bit like having one mouthful of a really delicious milkshake and then not getting to have anymore. It never dawned on me that you could actually do other stuff with them.
Actimel launched a brand new flavour – Blackcurrant – recently and a while ago they sent me some to test out, as well as some recipe cards for smoothies, and a rather nice smoothie maker to make my creations in. The Actimel alone was pretty tasty – still think I’m a Strawberry girl at heart though – but I was keen to try a smoothie. Using one of the recipe cards I made a Blackcurrant, Banana and Apple Smoothie. Simple enough – a pot of Blackcurrant Actimel, 120g Blackcurrants, 1 ripe banana and 1 cored and chopped apple. This was all popped into the smoothie maker and whizzed up till it was all nicely combined. This recipe makes one delicious serving – a perfect breakfast accompaniment or morning snack. It was quite zingy – as you’d expect with fresh blackcurrants – but it was REALLY nice and a brilliant way of using Actimel instead of just that usual single mouthful.

I am really impressed with the idea of making smoothies from my Actimel. I think it will certainly encourage me to buy them more in the future and whizz them up with fruits of my choice. You don’t really need recipes to make smoothies, you can just throw in whatever you fancy. I can see me trying a lot of the other Actimel flavours too – who knew there were so many of them – and making tasty smoothies for all the family.

If you head on over to the Actimel website you’ll even find a small number of recipes for other things to do with your Actimel, from cheesecakes and salad dressings, to soups and even curry. A more versatile little pot than I gave it credit for it seems.