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#Review: Aubeterre Blue Cookie Cutter Lights

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 18-12-2015

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We finally got around to putting our Christmas lights up this weekend. There’s no tree going up this year – the idea of spending weeks telling our youngest to not pull it down just strikes me as making the whole season more stressful than necessary. To compensate we’ve gone a bit overboard with the lights. We’ve got them up in the playroom, around the lounge and in the kitchen windows. The ones that would typically be adorning our tree are instead illuminating our house and when they’re all turned on it looks very festive and cheerful.

I particularly like have twinkly lights in my kitchen. If you ever watched the older series’ of Nigella Lawson’s cooking shows you’ll know they were set in her own home, her own kitchen. As well as wanting that immense walk in pantry she had which is about the size of my own kitchen, I wanted the lights. String lights in a variety of colours seemed to cover every surface and I thought the whole room looked gorgeous. I’ve often looked for similar lights for my own kitchen but never quite managed to find any that I thought suited that picture in my mind that I have of how I’d like to replicate her incredible kitchen in my vastly smaller space. That was until I was contacted by Aubeterre Blue.

“Aubeterre Blue – Bringing the Magic into Entertaining.

Believing that every moment you spend around a table should be special and giving you the tools to make it so.

Named after Aubeterre-sur-Dronne, one of the top ten most beautiful French towns where both sets of founding partners were married, Aubeterre Blue has a clear vision; to make the world a more joyful place by Bringing the Magic into Entertaining, this means enabling friends and family to share magical Aubeterre Blue moments wherever they may be.

Believing that every moment should be magical, from a cosy quiet night in, to hosting a party for family and friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lazy Sunday brunch or Christmas Day, we want to empower and inspire you to make special moments magical, by creating gorgeous and exciting spaces both in the home and out.

Aubeterre Blue’s ambition is to provide you with the inspiration to entertain in ways that you may never have thought, with unique and beautiful home-wares that have a story to tell and are show stopping centrepieces, generating conversation and perhaps a little envy.

Any moment can be an Aubeterre Blue moment with friends, family and a little magic…”

aubeterre-blue-cookie-lightsAubeterre Blue stock a gorgeous range of products for the home, specialising in entertaining. I was very excited to find a beautiful section dedicated to string lights, and to find ones which were precisely what I was looking for. Copper Cookie Cutter String Lights are the perfect choice for year round decoration in my kitchen. They are battery operated which I love, as it means I can literally hang them anywhere without having to hunt around for a none-existent free plug socket. At present they are draped over our meal planning chalkboard on the kitchen door, the white battery pack practically invisible on our white wooden doors. What I love is that I can, and invariably will, move them around the kitchen and possibly even the house in the New Year once our Christmas decorations come down.

If you head over to the Aubeterre Blue website right now you’ll find these gorgeous sparkly copper lights with 20% off, as well as the all the other string lights. A beautiful addition to your home, for Christmas and beyond.