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Cuddles With Ben Cohen Some days I have a really difficult job. Days like this for example. *Ahem* That rather nice young man is former rugby player Ben Cohen. Ben is a bit of an expert when it comes to cuddles. He has...

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#Christmas: Hipp Organic Festive Treats

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas, Competition | Posted on 23-12-2014

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We’re on the home straight now, with just a few more sleeps before Christmas. I for one will be glad when its Christmas Eve and I can stop work for the festive period and focus on having fun as a family, and not what blog post I should be writing! Tomorrow my online food shop will be arriving and I’ll be playing “Christmas Tetris” as I try and find spaces in the fridge, freezer and cupboards for all the food. We’re a traditional “Turkey and all the trimmings” family, though with two small children I like to make things as easy as possible and I’m not ashamed to admit that there’s a drawer in my freezer with bags of Asda’s Chosen By You pre-prepared frozen vegetables in!

range shot 3As for Little Dude? Well he’s got a lovely selection of Christmas foods to choose from this week, thanks to a gorgeous stocking he was sent by Hipp Organic. From a breakfast of seasonal Apple & Cranberry¬†through to his Christmas lunch of Parsnip, Potato and Turkey Casserole he’ll be celebrating with the rest of us.¬†We’re big fans of Hipp Organic over here anyway, and its one of the brands of baby food you’ll always find tucked in a cupboard. As well as being organic the food always smells and tastes like its meant to, even if it doesn’t always look it. But then again, not much baby food does! I for one will be happy knowing he’s eating a similar meal to us, without much effort from me, and at Christmas that’s ideal. From 4 months upwards you’ll find something in the Hipp Organic range to satisfy your little one this Christmas, whether it be a pouch of Parsnip, Sweet Squash and Chicken Dinner, or a more textured Chunky Vegetable & Beef Casserole.

To celebrate Christmas Hipp are offering a “Hipp Hungry Hamper” to one of my readers. It’ll contain a great selection of Hipp’s products, ideal if you’re just starting out weaning. To be in with a chance of winning just follow the instructions on the below Rafflecopter.

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Baby Loves Organic… and so do I!

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 01-08-2011

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Organic formula and organic baby food has been used in my house since just after my little man was born. We combination fed from pretty much day one due to a low supply of breast milk and then went to purely bottle feeding when a small medical drama saw off what little milk I had left. When we began weaning at week 16 I used bought organic food as well as my own home made food, and now many months later my little one still enjoys the leading organic baby food ranges. One thing we’d never really investigated though were the other organic products available on the market. That’s when we found ‘Baby Loves Organic’.

‘Baby Loves Organic’ sells a multitude of organic products for babies, right from the day they are born. Their range of organic clothing is immense, and because it’s organic its not only better for the environment but its also longer lasting than non-organic. Toiletries are also available to minimise the use of potentially dangerous chemicals on your precious babies skin. But as well as these fairly obvious items you can also get organic bedding, toys and bath towels. The famous Cuddle Dry bath towels are sold at ‘Baby Loves Organic’ and they allow you wrap your little one up in organic softness after every bath.

Check out the gorgeous range of goodies now at ‘Baby Loves Organic’.

Product Review: Ella’s Kitchen – First Tastes

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 13-07-2011

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 A second review now from one of my favourite – and little man’s too – baby food brands. As you all know from a previous post Ella’s Kitchen is much used and much enjoyed in our house. There organic food pouches provide a brilliant range of flavours and tastes for your little one, right from the start of weaning up until Stage 3 and even beyond with their lovely range of snacks. I was delighted to again be giving the opportunity to sample and review their products when I was contacted about their new “First Tastes” range.

First Tastes is a range of super smooth pure fruit pouches. They have just one single flavour so are perfect for those first tentative steps into weaning when you don’t want to overwhelm your little ones sensitive pallet. As always with Ella’s products they contain only organic ingredients and none of those nasty additives or E numbers that we want to avoid giving our little ones.

Now my little man is almost nine months old – he will be on Friday in fact – so is long since past the days of weaning. He began his big adventure into solids at 16 weeks so is a little old to appreciate First Tastes as just that. What I’ve found though is that mixed with yoghurt for his breakfast or frozen into cubes and put into his Nuby Nibbler as an ice lolly or teething relief he adores them. We’ve only tried the apple version so far but I’m ready with a batch of fruit cubes in my freezer for when the heat wave starts again, or when the teething reappears. When he’s a little older and has a few more teeth I will also add it to cereal for him to munch through, or he could have it as a simple snack or dessert. The possibilities are fairly endless.

First Tastes are available in four delicious flavours: Apple, Pear, Mango and Banana. If you head over to their website now you can win the chance to sample these new flavours for free.

Find out more over at the Ella’s Kitchen website, or follow them on Twitter and ‘Like’ them over on Facebook.

Website: http://www.ellaskitchen.co.uk
Twitter: @EllasKitchen
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ellaskitchen

Baby Zilli

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 26-05-2011

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The world of baby food has a new arrival – Baby Zilli. Baby Zilli is a range of organic baby food for ages 4 months plus, 6 months plus, and 9 months plus. But this range is different from the many other organic (or non-organic for that matter) baby foods on the market – it has been created by celebrity chef and Soho restaurateur Aldo Zilli. Zilli created Baby Zilli because he was disappointed by the baby foods on the market when his own children were born. "I was horrified by the bland tastes of the baby food available in the supermarkets. This was not anywhere near the quality and taste of food that I was raised on and I therefore did not want to feed my children this." Zilli recalls following the birth of his second child Rocco. After a number of years in his kitchen mastering his range Baby Zilli hit the shelves this January, with a wider range launch planned for June. But it won’t stop there. Zilli has plans for snacks and finger food, as well as a baby food cook book.

People might think that a celebrity chef making baby food is just a gimmick or a money making scheme. Nothing of the sort. Having been lucky enough to meet Zilli on Monday night at the first of his Baby Zilli Masterclasses which he is holding at Zilli Fish in Soho I can say for certain that I have never met anyone so enthusiastic and passionate about children, or the food they eat. During the masterclass we were taught how to make fresh pasta (Embarrassingly easy that makes me wonder why I buy dried pasta!), gnocchi, pesto and a delicious tomato sauce. But as well as learning a few tricks and recipes I got to spend a couple of hours listening to him talk about his children and how important he thinks food should be in their lives. His children are his life and like any other parent he wants what is best for them, from the way they live to what they eat. That is why he came up with Baby Zilli. Will other celebrity chefs follow suit? Who knows, but I doubt any of them will be as passionate as Aldo Zilli is.

Find out more about the Baby Zilli range, where to buy and how you can take part in one of their masterclasses at http://www.zillibaby.co.uk

Follow Baby Zilli on Twitter at @BabyZilli