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Creatively Different Blinds

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle, Information | Posted on 17-07-2013

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How gorgeous is this weather? How sunny is it? How little are our children sleeping at the moment?! Seriously, with all this gloriously sunny weather getting the children to bed at night – or for a nap during the day – is getting something of a handful. Keeping the sun out of Little Man’s room is becoming a bit of a mission and I’m starting to wonder whether we need a better black out blind. One that covers the whole window and sits in the recess. To be fair he’s pretty good, even at nap time, but the random brown curtains he has up at his window aren’t that fun, so I’ve been looking at what’s available online.

How cute is this?

creatively different roller blinds with jungle cartoon theme

I’m sure you all remember the Jungle Themed Makeover we did on Little Man’s room shortly after we moved house. Well this would work amazingly with the decor. I found it on the Creatively Different Blinds website. They do blinds using any image from their online gallery, but what really caught my attention was that you can also upload your own image to be put on a blind. This would be great for photos of your children or a beautiful scene.

If blinds aren’t what you are after you can even have your own image put on splashbacks for the kitchen or bathroom, or even your own bespoke wallpaper design. I love the idea of a personalised splashback for the kitchen sink – how much more pleasurable would washing up be if your kids were looking up at you whilst you did it? The gallery of images available is very extensive and has around 6000 pictures to choose from. There are some gorgeous shots there, but I think using my own would be brilliant. I think a shot of Little Man looking up at me with his gorgeous cheeky grin would be beautiful.

What photo would you choose?

Let The Sun Shine

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle, Information | Posted on 04-06-2013

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How beautiful is the weather at the moment? We’ve had blue skies and glorious sunshine for days now, and according to the forecast – should you choose to believe it – its going to last for several more days yet. Its wonderful being able to let Little Man run around in the garden for most of the day, occasionally stopping to build sandcastles in his sandpit or to “paint” his playhouse with a bucket of water and a silicone brush. Garden toys are out in force as are wheelbarrows, frisbees and watering cans. Summer is finally here, and it certainly makes a difference to our days.

Whilst I’m so happy to see the sun out, the longer much brighter evenings can cause a bit of a problem at bed time. Whilst the sun rises at the front of our house it sets at the back, and generally pours through Little Man’s window. Needless to say small children are not that keen on going to bed when they think its still day time, so a decent black out blind is essential. Now we’ve been using a transportable black out blind for a long time but I think the time has come to sort out a more perfect fixture in his room. I’m keen to put a blind up, something that sets into the recess of the window, but I am of course keen to avoid the hazards of cords and the dangers they face. I also want to make sure Little Man has a nice blind. As well as being functional I want it to look nice and be something that he’ll like. Whilst a plain coloured blind would make sense in the long term, I think given the choice Little Man would pick this as his perfect blind.

He is a little Buzz Lightyear obsessed at the moment. This blind is from Web-Blinds who supply a wide range of high quality blinds. All blinds are made to measure and come with the option of black out linings. The children’s blinds also come with a child safety device fitted as standard, so you don’t have to worry about dangling cords.  I think Little Man would be thrilled to find this hanging in his window next time he went to bed. I’m pretty sure he’d never leave his room.

Guest Post: Protecting Your Children From Accidents In The Home

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Guest Post, Home & Lifestyle | Posted on 16-11-2012

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Our children are the most important things in the world; and hence why we want to protect them from any harm that they may face in their life. Unfortunately we can’t watch them every second; therefore we have to find other ways to protect them from potential harm. Babies and toddlers have a habit of experimenting in the home, and by touching and feeling things they are learning about their surroundings.

This is why as parents we have to use simple tools to ensure our children are as protected as possible:

My first piece of advice is to secure all of your windows in your home. By installing window guards your children are protected from the dangers that open windows can cause. These don’t have to be particularly expensive as they can be window bars or simply window covers.

My second piece of advice goes hand in hand with protecting children from open windows. Secure all blind cords, and ensure if there is a wire connected to your blind, either cut the cord or tie it up where your children have no access to it. Alternatively you can purchase plastic cords from Vertical blinds direct which can be another suitable way to protect your kids. Strangulation is an all too common occurrence of child death; however by taking these simple measures you can eliminate any cause of potential injury.

My final piece of advice is to ensure all corners of furniture are protected with plastic guards, when children are crawling on the floor it is easy for them to hit their faces on the side and edges of furniture. By purchasing plastic guards you are giving your children a greater protection from accidents in the home.

Product Review: Lights Out Blinds

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 09-01-2012

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As many of you know I  moved house at the end of October last year. Relocating from a small two bedroom second floor flat to a three bedroom semi was brilliant and it means a lot more room for our growing Little Man. When you move house you get a list of which fixtures and fittings are being taken by the previous owner and what they’re leaving behind. We fully expected curtains to be taken – we were taking ours from the flat – but we were a little surprised that they were taking the curtain rails! Now on moving day I didn’t have time to measure windows, go and buy rails and curtains, and get them fitted. This wasn’t a problem in the main bedroom as the blinds in there were being left behind, but in Little Man’s room curtains and rails were going – how many 1 year olds do you know that can sleep in daylight? Not many! I need a solution, and I needed one fast.

Lights Out Blinds to the rescue!!

Blackout blinds come in a variety of styles and I’ve looked at several of them since the arrival of Little Man in October 2010. Some stick to a window and need peeling off between uses, others have complicated fixings, some are just baffling. Lights Out Blinds are genius.

Coming in a pack of two the blinds arrive folded up for easy storage and transportation, making them perfect for holidays or stays at grandparents. Once unfolded they fix to your windows simply and quickly. A sucker attached to a length of cord sticks to your window – no spit required you’ll be pleased to hear – and then the blind is secured into place using a simple fastener. It takes mere moments to put up and is totally secure afterwards. You get two in a pack to allow for different sized windows – we use both on Little Man’s window as you can see here:

The room is pitch black when the blinds are in place which is ideal. I leave the blinds up all the time now – I still haven’t got a curtain rail! – and when its nap time we go into his darkened room and he knows its time to go to sleep. He goes – more often than not – straight into his cot without complaint and sleeps soundly, even during the daytime when its bright outside.

Lights Out Blinds are fantastic – we certainly wouldn’t have survived the move, or nowadays, without ours.

Lights Out Blinds can be bought direct from their website and you can also find them on Twitter @LightsOutBlinds