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Review: Brabantia Perfume Your Bin

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle, Product Launch, Product Reviews | Posted on 08-11-2014

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There’s nothing worse than a smelly kitchen bin. With the array of rubbish that gets thrown in there – even by the most efficient recycler – its no wonder that over the space of a few days things become less than pleasant. I’ve seen bin freshners on the market before, but Brabantia’s new “Perfume Your Bin” range is that little bit more clever thanks to its refillable capabilities. Replacement capsules can be purchased to pop in the holder, and each last up to 6 weeks. Too good to be true? Well the lovely team at Brabantia sent me a “Perfume Your Bin” starter kit to test out, and a rather posh new kitchen bin to use it in.


The holder fastens to the inside of your bin lid with a sticky pad, and its advised that you leave it in there for 24 hours before adding your fragrance capsule to make sure its secure. The capsules aren’t particularly heavy, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve lost a bin freshner by it falling into the rubbish so I waited a full day to add the capsule just to be safe. The capsules come in two scents – pine and flowers. I’m not a lover of pine fragrances so I popped a flower capsule in. The scent is subtle but with its positioning its the only thing you smell when you open the bin lid. No more questionable and unknown smells any more. A really neat idea, and I like the fact that you can get replacement capsules as opposed to buying entire new units.

FlatBack-BrabantiaAs for the new bin, well I was sent one of Brabantia’s brand new Mineral Blue Flat Back bins. This is pretty much as it sounds – a bin with the large capacity you need but with a flat back so it fits flush against a wall, as opposed to a round bin which wastes an awful lot of space. Its finger print resistant which is ideal when you’ve got small children that touch everything, and it has Motion Control (TM) technology which means the lid opening and the pedal action is silent and can’t be slammed. One of my favourite features is the strap on the back which makes carrying the bin really easy and comfortable. When you open the bin there is a removable inner bucket which your bags fasten to, so there’s no more straining to get the full bag out when it comes to emptying it. The inner bucket also has handles to make using it easy.

I think they make a very stylish and space saving addition to any kitchen, and would also work well in a bathroom or even the kids bedroom. To be honest I don’t think there’d be anything to stop you using it as a laundry bin either, as the removable bucket would make transporting your clothes really easy.

The FlatBack bins come in a range of colours and are available in 30l or 40l versions.

Brabantia: The Secret Life Of Laundry

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Competition, Home & Lifestyle, Product Reviews | Posted on 28-05-2014

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Nobody enjoys laundry. Its one of those necessary evils, and one you really can’t ignore. It was a shock how much our dirty laundry increased when we had Little Man. Little Dude’s arrival earlier this month eclipsed that. Baby grows, vests, muslin cloths, and the odd piece of Mummy and Daddy’s clothing seems to get covered in milk every day, and there’s also the occasional wee incident to look forward to as well. The washing machine seems to be permanently on, and with the questionable weather we’re experiencing we are starting to run out of places to hang it too.

Brabantia have created this infographic full of fascinating – and often amusing – facts and figures about the laundry habits of people in the UK as well as across Europe. Do take a look, and at the bottom you’ll find a great little competition to win a great 50 litre laundry bin so your washing can at least look stylish!

Brabantia Sussex Mummy
Who knew laundry habits could differ so much!

Brabantia Sussex Mummy LaundryBrabantia recently sent me one of their brand new 50 litre laundry bins. They heard I was expecting a new baby and thought it might help. As well as having a great big capacity the bin is nice and slim meaning it fits neatly in Little Dude’s bedroom without taking up too much precious floor space. It has a “quick drop opening” so you can easily throw small items in without having to remove the lid – perfect for Little Dude’s tiny clothes – and when the time comes to do the laundry there is a removable bag inside which you can take out quickly and easily without having to carry the whole bin to your washing machine. The bin comes in white or steel colours, and we chose the white. For me the steel looks a little too like a kitchen bin, and I thought the white would go better in the nursery.

Now Brabantia has another of these laundry bins to giveaway to one lucky reader. You can choose either the white or the steel, and you have the choice of either the 50 litre bin or the 30 litre bin. To enter just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below, and GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Review: Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle, Product Reviews | Posted on 10-04-2014

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Ironing is one of those irritating necessary evils. One which I’m glad to say I don’t do. I don’t have a good track record when it comes to ironing so Daddy is happy enough to do it, and to be fair the majority of the ironing is his work shirts which he’d rather I didn’t go near.
brabantia titan oval sussexmummy As someone who doesn’t iron, an iron board to review isn’t something I’d generally expect to get enthusiastic about, but as is so often the case with Brabantia products, you just can’t help it.
We were sent their Titan Oval Ironing Board to review. The first thing I noticed was the size of it. Propped up against the wall on its own it didn’t strike me as different to any other ironing board. Stood next to our current board, well its like the Godfather of ironing boards. Its HUGE! Despite its size though its not hard to store, and it fits neatly in our under the stairs cupboard, and the size does make ironing items like bed sheets easier. The next thing to comment on is that pattern – the Titan Oval – which covers the majority of the board apart from the black end. This black section is effectively your irons parking zone. Its heat resistant so you can easily place the iron there hot plate down whilst you get another item to iron, or to adjust what you are ironing. No more singe marks on board covers or clothes, and its must more stable than the usual wire rack you find on other boards.
The legs are the next thing you notice on this ironing board, specifically the shape of them. The sturdy frame supports the board totally, whilst the legs curve forward allowing you to iron even whilst sat down, without banging your knees on them. Being able to iron sat down might just encourage me to do some myself! The legs also come with a ‘Child Safety Lock’ which means the board cannot fall down and collapse either on a child, or cause the hot iron to fall onto them. Essential when you have a chaotic preschooler in the house, and a new baby imminent.
Now at £97 its probably slightly more than you’d usually pay for an ironing board, but I truly believe in the old adage that you get what you pay for, and that’s always been true with Brabantia products. They’re not the cheapest, but the quality is outstanding. Plus it comes with a 10 year guarantee as standard – you can’t really say fairer than that can you?

Review: Portable Laundry Bag from Brabantia

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle, Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 04-04-2013

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Since becoming a parent – and also a product reviewer – I find myself getting weirdly excited about the strangest things. You’ll all no doubt recall my maddening enthusiasm for a washing line last year, well this year I’m continuing the washing theme by getting a little carried away with a laundry bag. Yes, a LAUNDRY BAG. Clearly I need help.
Its so pretty. *Ahem* Anyway, the team at Brabantia have done it again with this functional yet fun laundry bag. It has a round opening at the top to toss in your laundry. Whats a bit genius about this bag however is that the top folds out so the round opening forms a handle which you can either carry with your hand or wear over your shoulder.
It has a capacity of 55 litres and once full that equates a standard 10 kg load in your washing machine. We are using ours as somewhere to put dirty towels which previously used to fill our existing laundry baskets. Now once this is full I know I have a full load for my washing machine. I can just carry the bag downstairs and load the machine up. So easy and so convenient. What’s more the bag looks nice. Available in a range of colours – Pansy Purple which you see here, Caribbean Blue, Lipstick Red, Lemon Yellow and Grey – the bag will brighten up the corner of any room, or in our case, in the hall upstairs.

As well as be a stylish laundry bag, you could also use it to store your children’s toys in. One of these would look great in their bedroom or play room filled with soft toys and teddy bears. 


You can find the full range of Laundry Bags on the Brabantia website.

Fitness: Aching Muscles & Weight Control

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, New Year, New Year New You, Product Reviews | Posted on 04-01-2013

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Still feeling full from all the eating, drinking and being merry that’s been going on? You and me both. But as the New Year dawns – and I truly hope you all have an amazing one – its the time of year when people tend to hit the gym and start exercising more. You may have put some weight on over Christmas that you want to shift, or you might have just had your final blow out before a healthy eating regime begins. You might simply just want to stay fit and maintain your current weight. Here’s some exercise ideas for you, as well as some products you might need to help you on your way.

We all know the importance of exercise, but a lot of us struggle to find the time to do it. We are intimidating by the prospect of joining a gym so ideally doing some in the safety of our own home is best. Persil & Comfort have teamed up to provide two exercise routines which you might want to consider, one for those of you who may be pregnant, and one for those who may have just had a baby and want to get back to working out. Both routines include movements that would benefit anyone, pregnant or not, so why not take a look and consider including a few into your daily workout. You can view the Antenatal and Post Natal routines online, and then print them out for future reference. I tried out a few of the Post Natal routines in the comfort and privacy of my own home using the resistance band which Persil & Comfort sent me over. It takes just a few minutes of your day and its ideal for when your little one is asleep. As well as helping with your fitness and weight it gives you an energised feeling too, which is vital when there’s a baby in the house!

With any exercise there is always the danger of injury. Working out in a suitable space with the right footwear and equipment is vital, but sometimes accidents do happen. Its probably a good idea to have some pain relief on hand in case. Deep Heat and Deep Freeze use temperature to help soothe injuries. I’m a fan of Deep Heat as I think the warming sensation it creates gives a feeling of comfort to an injury, but the benefits of cold compresses are well known too. Deep Relief combines ibuprofen with Levomenthol. Its a clear gel that provides non-sticky and non-greasy pain relief with a mild scent of menthol. Whilst I’m personally not a huge fan of the smell of menthol I did find Deep Relief providing fast pain relief without the use of temperature changes, so this is ideal for people who aren’t a fan of Deep Heat or Deep Freeze. All three gels are available from your local pharmacy without prescription.

So you’ve started a new exercise regime and started eating better. You want to know if your hard work is paying off, and you want to keep track of your progress. Its time to invest in a good set of scales so you can monitor you weight. These new scales from Brabantia are not only accurate but their also a sleek design and a bit of a fun gadget too. They are Solar Powered. You don’t have a window in your bathroom? Fear not. Neither do I. These scales have taken up residence in our ensuite in an attempt to prevent Little Man from playing on them, and that bathroom has no window. This is not a problem though, as these scales come with Dual Solar Cells which means they gain their charge from natural and artificial light sources. So as well as charging up from day light, they are also charged from the light from your bathroom light bulbs – perfect for bathrooms without windows. They are comfy to stand on, non slip, and have an integrated handle so you can move them around easily. These are brilliant scales which will not only help you watch and monitor your weight, but will also reduce your impact of the environment. Fantastic.

I hope this has inspired you to get out there and start exercising this new year, and may I take this opportunity to wish you all an AMAZING 2013.

Product Review: Brabantia Wall Fix Washing Line with Protective Storage Box

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 22-03-2012

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Washing. I swear it breeds when I’m not looking. With an active toddler, a husband out at work, and me, there is an inordinate amount of dirty washing in our house. Just the other day Little Man went through three pairs of trousers in one day. THREE! So now the glorious weather is upon us – unless I’ve just jinxed it of course – being able to hang the washing outside is essential. Having recently moved from a flat to a house a washing line was something we’d never owned. Browsing them was hardly thrilling so we never got around to buying one in preparation for spring. Luckily for us, Brabantia came to our aid.

Now I’m a little embarrassed by this next sentence, but please stick with me: I LOVE my new washing line. There, I said it. I’m THAT weird. Take a look for yourselves at the Wall Fix Washing Line from Brabantia.

Isn’t it amazing? No? Just me? *ahem*

In a compact garden like ours, or one with a toddler running around it (also like ours…) a washing line pinned into the grass would take up valuable space. Plus I’m too lazy and too busy to be putting it away when its not in use, so my Little Man would just run into all the time. He’s good like that. This marvellous washing line from Brabantia fixes to the wall, as you can see above. Yes, that is my (slightly dirty) back wall. As you can see the washing line lives in a rather neat storage box which protects it from the elements when not in use, but also looks much tidier than having it hanging there without. You can probably just make out the blue button on the front about halfway down. Pressing this causes the box to open and the sides to automatically fold back – handy one-handed opening there, especially if you’re carrying your laundry basket or child. You then pull out the washing line until it clicks into place. The outer lines are an impressive 4 foot long meaning you can easily fit double bed sheets on there, and there is sufficient capacity for a couple of loads of washing easily. Here’s my washing line in use:

When up it takes up hardly any room and doesn’t impede on the garden at all. As you can just about see its height means I can still have plants growing beneath it. Installation was easy – thanks Grandad – as there is a template included to show you where to drill the holes. Simplicity itself.

Luckily for my husband I’m still a little excited about having this in our garden so I’m quite keen to do the washing. I’m sure it won’t last.

The Brabantia Wall Fix Washing Line with Protective Storage Box can be bought from their online store.