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#Competition: Latch Newborn Starter Kit

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas | Posted on 24-12-2014

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Breastfeeding is a tricky business. In theory – and in the mountains of leaflets and information you receive whilst you’re pregnant – it sounds easy enough, but when it comes to doing it it’s never quite as simple as you’re led to believe. It’s also rather painful. As someone who failed to breastfeed either of my boys – for genuine medical reasons before the mafia get me – I only ever experienced the tougher side of feeding. I know plenty of people who take to it with ease, whose babies are pro’s from day one, and who feed with minimal effort for months and months.

One of the decisions we made when I was pregnant with both my boys is that it was important for us for Daddy to feed too, both for the bonding experience and to allow him to do occasional night feeds to give me a chance to get any sleep. Now sadly on both occasions the decision was taken away from us – appendicitis is never advised, and my second labour experience is best not talked about near anyone planning to have any babies – so we bottle fed pretty much from the start. Little Man was combination fed from day 4, moving on to purely bottle fed from week two, and Little Dude managed about 24 hours of me feeding him before everything went a little bit wrong.

Had we had the opportunity to purely breast feed, and had we had the option to provide expressed breast milk in a bottle, we would certainly have been keen to try out the new Latch bottles from Munchkin. Unlike other leading brand bottles which are designed to look like breasts, Latch bottles are designed to mimic the movement of the breast during feeding. The teat on a Latch bottle is designed to move in the same manner your nipple would, extending as your baby latches on and replicating the feeding process s if it were your breast he was feeding from. This is the ideal bottle if you want to combine bottle and breast feeding as there’ll be no confusion from your baby and no difference in the feeding experience from their point of view. Also, due to the “accordion style” way the teat flexes, your baby is able to stay correctly latched on, so there chance of air being taken in is decreased, therefore reducing the danger of colic. Colic is definitely something to avoid where possible. Trust me.

The team at Munchkin have got one of the super Latch Newborn Starter Kits to giveaway. The kit contains four bottles, teats, a bottle cleaning brush and a brush to clean the valve too. Its everything you need to get your Latch experience off and running. To enter, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.

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Preparing For Baby: Formula Feeding

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Preparing For Baby, Product Reviews | Posted on 26-02-2014

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Whilst I’m optimistic that breast feeding is going to be more successful this time around I wanted to make sure I was prepared for it all to go wrong again. Tommee Tippee was my feeding brand of choice with Little Man, and is going to be once again with Little Dude. We have two great pieces of kit ready and waiting for his arrival that are bound to make formula feeding even easier than last time.

Perfect Prep Machine: I first spotted this at last October’s Baby Show in London and immediately wanted one. I was only eight weeks pregnant at the time so clearly buying one there and then would have been crazy, but I was really lucky to pick one up in Amazon’s Black Friday sale a couple of months ago. It was on a great half price offer and I had some vouchers to use up so managed to get it super cheap. The Perfect Prep Machine makes fresh ready to drink formula at the ideal temperature for baby to enjoy in just 2 minutes. 2 minutes. How fast is that? How convenient is that? How much is that going to save time and effort for those 3am feeds when you’d rather be asleep than faffing around with bottles, kettles and formula?
With Little Man it took us a while to get a good organised routine going for making up bottles of formula. During the early days of combination feeding we used cartons of ready made formula to top up my limited supply of breast milk. Whilst its convenient its also really expensive, so we quickly moved to powdered formula after the “Appendicitis Incident”. Once we’d sorted out a great routine for making up the bottles it was fine, but using the Perfect Prep Machine will make the process much easier this time around, and will also be something we can do one handed whilst holding our new Little Dude, instead of having to put him down or balance things precariously. I am so looking forward to using this if the need arises.

tommee tippee steriliser perfect prep sussex mummy

Complete Starter Kit: When it comes to formula feeding – or expressing breast milk for that matter – you need a supply of bottles and a great steriliser. We had a fantastic electric steriliser with Little Man, but we foolishly got rid of it as we originally didn’t plan on having any more children. Clearly that changed. We were so lucky therefore when the team at Tommee Tippee sent me a brand new Complete Starter Kit to review for them with Little Dude.
The Kit was something we bought with Little Man but it seems to come with extra bits this time around – amazing how fast things change in just three years. It comes with the electric steriliser which is super easy to use, six bottles and teats of varying sizes and flows, lids for the bottles if you express straight into them, formula powder measures – which are so useful, a bottle brush for cleaning, and two insulated bottle bags to take made up formula or warm water out with you. This was all included in the kit we bought first time around so I know what I’m doing with all this, though it won’t hurt to remind myself nearer the time! The kit now also includes a bottle or food warmer – something we bought separately last time and to be honest didn’t really use all that much with formula, but did use to warm jars of food during weaning. It now also has a Travel Steriliser included which seems SUCH a good idea. This is a compact steriliser that you can pop into your changing bag and sterilise bottles when you’re out and about. I think this will be really handy when we go and visit family and friends for the day, and also for emergency sterilisation of bottles – you never know when you might need to re-sterilise bottles. It will also be good to take on holiday instead of packing up the whole electric steriliser, and for future use when bottles are down to just one or two a day. It can be used for sterilising with cold water or even for use in a microwave. I think this is going to be really handy.

I love Tommee Tippee. Its a brilliant brand with such reliable products. We have lots of their products ready and waiting for Little Dude, including some new Air Style Soothers we picked up at The Baby Show this weekend, as well as packs of their Soother Wipes and some of their First Sips Cups ready for learning independent drinking. Little Dude will be a great Tommee Tippee Baby.