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Keep Safe In The Sun This Bank Holiday

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 23-08-2013

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Unusually this Bank Holiday weekend is shaping up to be quite nice. The sun looks set to shine for the duration, so no doubt we’ll all be heading outdoors. Whether its down to the beach, out to the park or off to a theme park I’m sure everyone’s first priority will be making sure the children are protected from the sun. I always make sure Little Man has suncream on if we’re out somewhere and he’s in direct sunlight and that we have cream with us to top up when needed. I also attempt to make him wear a hat, but to be honest the only hats he’s interested in wearing are cowboy or pirate ones. Me? Well I – like an alarming 40% of all parents – tend to forget to protect myself. I’m too busy making sure he’s safe that I often forget to put suncream on me. Like everyone I’m fully aware of the dangers of sun exposure but rarely remember those dangers apply to me, not just Little Man.

Cancer Research UK recently teamed up with Nivea Sun – the team behind the aforementioned statistic – to make sure that EVERYONE remembers to keep safe in the sun this summer, and as a sunny weekend approaches, now’s the best time to take note.

· Spend time in the shade if your shadow is shorter than you. If your shadow is shorter than you are, then the sun is strong.  During the UK summer, the sun is at its strongest between 11am and 3pm

· Wear a hat, t-shirt and sunglasses when the sun’s strong. Wide brimmed hats or foreign legion style caps are best

· Cancer Research UK recommends you use at least factor 15 sunscreen with a high star rating. Sunscreen rubs off easily if you sweat, swim or change clothes. So whether you’re in the UK or abroad, when the sun is strong remember to apply generously and reapply regularly

Make sure you stay safe and sun smart this weekend whilst you’re out enjoying yourself. More handy tips and information can be found online.


Race For Life

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 27-07-2012

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Recently I took part in Worthing Race For Life with my Mum. Its a brilliant event and supports a charity that is very important to us as a family. In 2010 my Mum beat two forms of cancer, so the work done by Cancer Research UK is invaluable. Our race this year was done to support two friends who have recently been diagnosed and are fighting this disease right now.

Now we didn’t run, but I like to think we maintained a good walking pace and thanks to the slightly overcast weather we finished in our best time out of the three times we’ve taken part in the race.  Another reason I think we did it in our personal best time was thanks to the comfortable footwear I was wearing. I’d been contacted a couple of months before the race by Sports Shoes about another project where they were trying to encourage women to get more active. Any Mum will know that inactivity is never an option with children around, but getting out and doing some exercise without their “help” is great for fitness, stress relief, and for getting some me-time. Running is a good cheap option – you just need to head out your front door.

Sports Shoes were generous enough to send me a pair of running shoes to do Race For Life in. I went for these from Asics:

The shoes are Gortex so I knew if the usual inclement British weather kicked in and we were racing in a downpour my feet would stay dry. The first time I put these shoes on was the morning of the race – I won’t lie and tell you I was in training! – and they were SO comfortable and by the end of our 5K walk my feet were still comfortable and there wasn’t a blister in sight!

You can take a look at the great range of shoes available at Sports Shoe here.

Whilst my Race For Life is over for this year – I’ll be back in Worthing next summer – you can still donate to support Cancer Research UK here.