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How To Create A Child Friendly Bathroom

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle | Posted on 20-07-2013

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Once upon a time, your perfect bathroom may have consisted of a gleaming white freestanding bath, elegant monochrome décor and a minimalist design. Having kids changes everything, and interior design is no exception – but you can still create a stylish bathroom that is simultaneously a child’s watery playroom and a serene haven to escape from the stresses of daily life.



homebase roll top bath

Add a splash of colour

If you choose to stick with white for the bathroom fixtures, such as the tub and the sink, this creates a great neutral backdrop for colourful accessories. Children love bright colours that instil a sense of fun so brighten up a neutral bathroom with colourful towels, shower curtains, bath mats and accessories such as soap dishes.

A splash of colour will also add interest to the overall design, keeping it looking fresh and on-trend. If you want to inject some colour into the fixtures themselves you could opt for wood end bath panels rather than white to warm up the room and give it a more welcoming vibe.

Infuse a sense of fun

They might moan about the prospect of having a bath initially, but bath time can actually be one of the more fun everyday rituals for kids. From ample splashing to foamy bubbles, this is the one room in the house where it’s okay to make a mess!

While busy mums and dads may not appreciate this aspect of bath time (which can be combated by investing in a bath screen), it’s always a joy to see your child having a good time. Reflect this sense of fun with bath crayons and plenty of toys to keep them occupied and distract them from the ‘boring’ cleansing part.

Baths: safety first

Fun is hugely important when it comes to decorating any room that will be used by children, but safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. From double baths to whirlpool models, there is plenty of choice so weigh up all your options.

Once you’ve made your selection, you should garnish it with safety features including baths mats and grips. However, functional doesn’t have to mean drab – slip resistant bath mats come in all shapes, colours and sizes so you can find one your child likes. 

Kids Clothing At Tesco

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 16-08-2012

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Is it just me, or does your child have infinitely more clothing than you do? My Little Man is nearly 2 and he has so much clothing. And that’s if you just include things that actually fit him! We are drowning in clothes that he’s grown out of, and we also have a drawer of clothes in the next size up, ready for that sneaky growth spurt.

I would say that 80% of his clothes come from the same shop, and that shop is Tesco. When I buy clothes for my son – and to be honest its something I probably do too often – I am looking for bright colourful pieces that mix and match easily and wash well. I am also looking for affordable clothes. We live on one full time income and I work one Saturday morning a month, so money isn’t exactly something we have in great supply. Even if we were rolling in it – and I do keep trying to win that Lottery – I wouldn’t spend a fortune on his clothes at this age. I am relieved that he’s nearly 2 and the manic growth of the first two years has slowed to a more manageable state. I’m sure we all have clothes we bought for our little babies that they never even wore because they grew so fast, or things they wore once or twice. Nowadays we get much more wear out of his clothes but affordability is still key.

Clothing At Tesco offers brilliant prices on some gorgeous clothing, and the quality is great too. Little Man loves to clamber about the lounge, rush about the garden, and seems to think his clothes are mere extensions of his bib at meal times. His clothes get a real beating and the average t-shirt must be washed dozens of times in its life. I love the fact that clothes I buy him from Tesco’s remain in one piece and looking as bright and colourful as the day I bought it by the time it is resigned to life in the “Outgrown” pile.

Whilst I do get my food delivered – I can’t imagine taking Little Man food shopping without one of both of us ending up in tears – I often pop in to my local store to pick up bits I have inevitably forgotten, or to top up on milk and fruit during the week. Its so easy to just pop a couple of cheap tshirts or pair of jeans on the basket as well, and you hardly notice when you get to the checkout. There is more often than not a sale of some variety on, and by keeping an eye out for bargains in sizes to come I spread the cost of clothing my Little Man too.

Clothing At Tesco also has a fantastic website which I also browse for bits. At the moment they have some great deals on ‘Back To School’ wear and it won’t be long before the Autumn/Winter range appears. With the Summer Clubcard Exchange that’s currently going on you can get some superb deals on kids clothing AND get them ready for September. I can definitely see a lot more Tesco clothing in my son’s future, and once in a while Mummy even gets something too!

Product Review: Leap Frog Count & Scan Shopper

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 11-02-2012

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I first came across the Leap Frog brand at last summers Cybermummy Conference. At that time my Little Man was about 8 months old so wasn’t really “playing” with toys, more chewing on/poking them. Now he’s nearly 16 months old and has recently begun interacting with toys like he understands them a bit more, so I thought it was time for some Leap Frog in his life.

Introducing the Leap Frog Count & Scan Shopper!!

The Count & Scan Shopper is a new addition to the Leap Frog range. It consists of a handheld scanner, a shopping list and nine food items which are all featured on the list. Everything packs away neatly in a cute green bag-for-life too. The scanner unit has three settings on it – Count, Colour and Music – and each item produces a different sound or phrase when scanned. You can also scan any other item in your home for one of short cycle of additional phrases. The Count & Scan Shopper teaches your child colours, counting individual items, matching items to a list, and the all important ability to shop!

I love this item and was very keen on getting one when I found it on the Leap Frog website. I like the clever way the scanner recognises the list and all the items on it. I like how each item is numbered appropriately for how many of each thing there are in that item (6 eggs, 2 peppers, 3 cartons of juice). Some of the phrases get a little monotonous but you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a volume level option on the scanner. The fact that everything packs away neatly in the bag-for-life is also a bonus.

The Count & Scan Shopper is designed for children aged 18months to 5 years, so my Little Man is perhaps a bit young for it just yet. Whilst he doesn’t understand what the scanner is telling him he has learnt to scan the items and he can pack them all away, and unpack them again, with ease. In fact just putting them in and out of the bag can keep him amused for ages!! He also carries the bag around with him – nice to get him in training for shopping!!

The Count & Scan Shopper is available now from the Leap Frog Store at the great price of £14.99



Christmas Gift Guide: Boots Gift Sets

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas Gift Guide | Posted on 13-12-2011

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I love Boots. In the days before I had my son I’d spend a fortune on all kinds of bits and pieces from Boots, and there was nothing I enjoyed more than drooling over their Christmas gift sets in the run up to the big day. There is always a gift set suitable for everyone you know, and with their infamous 3 for 2 offer on throughout the festive period they are bargains as well.

I was sent three gift sets to take a look at which would make perfect gifts for that teenage girl in your life or a Yummy Mummy that needs a bit more sparkle.

First up were two sets from the Fearne Cotton range.

The “Beautiful Bronzer” set contains a bronzing compact with small mirror in lid and a kabuki brush for applying. You can also buy a separate compact mirror. Each item is decorated in a floral and bug pattern which was designed in collaboration with Fearne Cotton. For me this is a very teenage designed gift set which would be ideal for any budding fashionista out there!

For the Yummy Mummy who wants a bit more colour and sparkle we have the “No7 and Poppy King Golden & Glowing” set.

No7 is always a winner, and this set doesn’t let us down. Designed by Poppy King this set comes with a lip gloss, a lip stick, cheek glow, a retractable kabuki brush and a compact mirror. The colours of the gloss, lip stick and cheek glow are all complimentary to one another, and the items all boast the trusted No7 logo. Its a very classy gift set which would be much better suited to a Yummy Mummy than the Fearne Cotton range.

All three sets are available now from your local Boots store or direct from the website, and are priced from £8.