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#BritMumsLive2015 : Me & My Sponsors

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Blogger Event, Brit Mums Live | Posted on 23-05-2015

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So with less than a month to go Brit Mums Live I thought it was time I introduced myself, and my sponsors.

Name: Sarah LovettSussex-Mummy

Blog: Sussex Mummy Reviews

Twitter ID: @SussexMummy

Height: 5’8″ ish…

Hair: Short brown, we’re ignoring the grey yes…?

Eyes: Blue

Is this your first blogging conference?: No! I attended CyberMummy which was my very first conference and I have been to BritMumsLive twice before. I didn’t attend last year though as I’d just had Little Dude.

Are you attending both days?: Yes.

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums live 2015?: Catching up with blogging friends face to face and meeting new friends I’ve been chatting to. And having some me time away from the chaotic boys!!

What are you wearing?: As yet undecided, but something comfortable!

What do you hope to gain from BritMums LIVE 2015?: Getting my blogging mojo back which has been AWOL for a while now. And hopefully talking about my new blog…

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who haven’t been before?: Wear comfy shoes! There are stairs, lots of stairs. Oh and talk to each other!!

So that’s me. Now for my favourite part – introducing my sponsors. And yes, this year I have more than one. In fact I am incredibly lucky to have THREE! When I set about looking for sponsorship I was keen to work with the smaller independent brands as opposed to the big names. A lot of the reviews on my blog are products designed by mums so it felt natural to speak to these companies above all others. But I also know how expensive sponsorship can be, which is why I didn’t want one single brand to sponsor me. I am so happy with the three companies I have sponsoring me, and look forward to talking to you all about them at the conference.

BundleBeanFirst up is the superb Bundlebean! Bundlebean is one of my all time favourite genius products. The ones you can’t believe you lived without, and can’t believe you didn’t think of the idea first. I reviewed one for the ever lovely Emily years ago when she sent me her original blue spot design for use with Little Man. It is such a great product, so more than just a blanket for the pushchair. It got so much use with him, and was brought out again when Little Dude was born. It was a regular fixture on his car seat for ages, and it became like a security blanket for him when we traveled. It was a lifesaver as he wasn’t keen on driving in the dark, but with this on him he was fine. It also got used on the travel system in all its forms, and has been used on his new pushchair too. We use it as a blanket, a portable playmat and when the back carrier gets dragged out the loft this year we’ll attach it to that too. If you’ve never seen one – where have you been! – DO come and find me at the show where I’ll happily talk to you about them and provide you with contact details.

Next we have Cheeky Wipes! A brand you will no doubt recognise from The Baby Show if nowhere else they are very well known for their range of reusable baby wipes. But that’s not what I’ll be talking to you about, or showing you if you come and find me. Cheeky Wipes recently branched out, and are now selling washable sanitary towels. Now if you use washable nappies the idea of this is probably not too alarming, if you don’t you may be slightly put off. Don’t be. Since the birth of Little Dude I have had “issues” shall we say with disposable sanitary towels and so went off in search of a more “area friendly” alternative. I didn’t even know washables existed, but took a leap and bought myself one of Cheeky Wipes’ Starter Kits. By the end of the first day of using them I was converted, and by the end of my generally erratic period I was buying more. They are so comfortable, so easy to wash and care for, and yes, they do come out totally clean. I will be bringing a selection of towels with me to show you – clean new ones just in case you’re concerned – and will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about using them.

CosyPlayFinally there is Cosyplay! Cosyplay is without doubt the comfiest play mat you will EVER find. We reviewed a mat three years ago when Little Man was technically too big to need a play mat. He adored it, and still does. For him it was a crash mat, somewhere to lie whilst watching TV, a roof for his dens, a floor for his tent, somewhere to chill. When I brought it back out for Little Dude it became somewhere for them to play together, to bond, to cuddle. Little Dude spends pretty much every day on it, and because of its waterproof backing, at the moment he spends a lot of that time in the garden. Rolling around on it, lying on it in the rare moments he’s still, crawling over it, eating his lunch on it picnic style, and yes, it is still the only floor that will do in our tent. I love the fact that they can both lie on it together and there is still just enough room for me to join them too. We also have the change and play mat which is smaller and our regular changing mat. Removable washable covers – on both the play mat and the changing mat – are a god send. I will have all the information you might need about these mats so DO come and ask me about them.

So there we have it. My three incredible sponsors. I am really excited to be attending Brit Mums Live this year after missing out last summer, and I am so proud to have these brands supporting me as I do. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Preparing For Baby: Nappy Changing

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Preparing For Baby | Posted on 03-02-2014

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Ah nappies. With Little Man having been potty trained and dry for months now I can honestly say I haven’t missed nappy changing. In the early days of potty training we did comment that putting one on him for long car journeys would be nice – there was a small incident in the rain on the hard shoulder of the M42 that we don’t talk about… – but on the whole, nappies are long forgotten and not something I’m looking forward too with Little Dude.

With Little Man we mostly used disposables, though we did enjoy testing out some washables from both Bambino Mio and gNappies. With Little Dude we are definitely going to start off with disposables and see how we go. I can’t bear the idea of washing those first few nappies and whilst I get to grips with the concept of having a newborn in the house again additional washing isn’t something I relish.

With Little Man we used big name brands to start with, but he suffered terribly with nappy rash, and his bottom would go from clear to neon within a few hours no matter how often I changed him. When we changed brands the rash cleared up and we also found we had no more leaking either. In preparation for Little Dude’s appearance in May therefore, we’re stocking up and with the Baby Event now on at Asda there’s no better time to bulk buy.

Little Angels nappies are brilliant. We’ve found no better. They kept Little Man dry, comfortable, leak free and didn’t cost us a fortune. Their Newborn nappies are currently just £3.97 for a pack of 44 and you can get a box of 80 for just £6. The size one nappies also come with a notch cut out the front of them to keep the umbilical cord safe till it drops off – a great feature that they didn’t have when Little Man was first born. I’m looking forward to testing these out on Little Dude, and I’ll be sure to pack plenty of this first size in my hospital bag when the time comes.

Little Angels also do wipes – something we mum’s seem to be constantly buying. You can get 12 packs of 64 wipes that are suitable from birth for just £8, making them a penny a wipe and cheaper than the leading brands. We never had any trouble with these wipes and I love that the packets have plastic lids so they get sealed properly and don’t dry out. Handy when you’re bleary eyed at 3am!

little angels cosy play nappy changing sussex mummy

As far as changing mats go, I have splashed out a little for Little Dude. One of Little Man’s least favourite activities when he was tiny was having his nappy changed after a bath. He was already wet and cold and was being put down on a cold plastic changing mat. Needless to say there was screaming. And to me, they never looked the most comfortable of things either. You may recall us reviewing the Cosyplay Play Mat which we absolutely loved, and which I so look forward to getting out again when Little Dude turns up. Well they now do a matching Changing Mat which is made from the same super comfy memory foam and has the same soft washable cover. Yes its a little more pricey than your average changing mat, but it is SO comfortable that I couldn’t resist. I bought one of these a few weeks ago and got myself a spare cover too – I have lots of memories of little boys peeing everywhere at nappy change time – and I’m sure Little Dude will appreciate the comfort when he gets changed.

Product Review: Cosyplay Luxury Play Mat

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 10-12-2012

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When you have a newborn you invariably spend a lot of time cuddling them, especially as when they are awake they are pretty much always feeding. Sometimes however you do need to pop them down, and as they get older and you begin introducing “Tummy Time” you want to ensure that where you put them is safe and comfortable. I thoroughly recommend you investing in a Play Mat from Cosyplay.

The Cosyplay Play Mat was developed by Dr Kerstin Castle when she was on maternity leave with her third son. As with a lot of babies Luca was not a fan of “Tummy Time” and Kerstin was in need of a solution. “Tummy Time” is something of an alien concept to babies, especially when from day 1 we have them led on their backs all the time. I remember the first time we tried “Tummy Time” with Little Man and he just led there face down on the floor and not moving. In order to encourage a bit of enjoyment making sure our children are comfortable is crucial, and this is where the Cosyplay Play Mat comes in.

The Play Mat is made from Memory Foam which as many of you will know is hugely comfortable. As well as providing a soft surface for your child to lie on, it also supports them ensuring their are comfortable and feel safe. This memory foam is protected by a PU waterproof cover which is warm, soft and BPA free. One of the things I love about the PU cover is its anti-microbial properties. Basically this means that no bacteria, fungi or dust mites will collect and spread in the mat. This makes it very hygienic, but also helps if your baby has a skin condition such as eczema. The whole mat is covered with a zipped on cover made from either minky or fleece. Both are machine washable, tumble drier proof, and also non-pill so no little bits will find their ways into your babies mouth.

Now as you all know Little Man is well past the “Tummy Time” stage at 2 years old, but believe me, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the Cosyplay Plat Mat. Whether he’s lying on it whilst watching a movie or TV show, using it to “carpet” his tent, or making a den, he spends much of his day on or under it. Its also a comfy place for nappy changing or just sitting on to read a book. Apart from comfort I think Little Man’s other major reason for loving the mat is the spotty design – very in keeping with his favourite TV star, Mr Tumble. I’ve led down on the mat myself and I must say its VERY comfortable. If I could get 5 minutes peace I’d probably take a nap on it!

You can learn more about the CosyPlay Play Mats, view their range or even order a spare cover for your Play Mat on their website. You can also find them on Twitter @CosyPlay, where you’ll find lots of great “Tummy Time” tips, and ‘Like’ them on Facebook.