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Brit Mums Live: Using The Kurio

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Brit Mums Live | Posted on 04-07-2012

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At the end of June 500 mummy bloggers descended on London – along with a handful of brave daddy bloggers – to attend Brit Mums Live, and I was so lucky to be one of them. Held at The Brewery – the same venue for last years CyberMummy – this two day event was the “must attend” event for all mummy bloggers. The range of break out sessions and talks was incredible (if only I’d been able to be in four places at once) and the brands on show in The Hub was perfect for the Mummy in us all, as well as the Blogger. My attendance of Brit Mums Live was only made possible thanks to Inspiration Works, my superb sponsors, who not only got me there, but also provided me with a brand new pre-release Kurio to use and promote.

Using the Kurio at the conference was a dream. With it being a full android tablet I was able to download Evernote before I went so I could make notes during the sessions. I was worried that doing a lot of typing on something which has a 7 inch screen was going to be difficult, but the touch screen keyboard keys were perfectly sized and I could tap away merrily. The only irritation was that every time I touched a key it made a noise, a feature which I must figure out how to turn off!!

The Kurio comes with WIFI so I was able to hook up to The Brewery internet connection with a few simple clicks – the WIFI settings button is in the bottom left of the screen at all times – so I could check my Twitter feed using TweetCaster and send a few tweets myself. I could also do surf the internet which was useful during sessions when a cool website or brand was mentioned which I wanted to look up immediately.

Promoting the Kurio was part of my sponsorship package, and I really enjoyed demoing it to a few people and letting them have a go, though I did think a few people were going to run off with it!

The Kurio is branded as a “family tablet”, though it is predominantly aimed at children aged 4 to 15. Adults using the tablet can use the profile interfaces as shown above, or via the parental controls they can make it look like any other tablet and much less child like. As an adult using this I was thrilled with its speed, performance and usability. Since Brit Mums I have largely used it to read ebooks on the inclusive application and do any quick internet surfing when I don’t have the time or inclination to fire up my ailing laptop. I also tuck it into my handbag when I go to any blogging events or press days, including yesterdays Christmas In July.

This tablet is going to be on every child’s Christmas list, and a fair few parent’s as well I bet. You’d best get your orders in now!

The Kurio will be available from Toys’R’Us, John Lewis, and all good toy retailers.

Coming Soon: Kurio Review from my Little Man!!

CyberMummy according to SussexMummy

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 26-06-2011

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A fantastic time was had yesterday at CyberMummy11 held at The Brewery in London. Truly motivational talks and workshops were held alongside guest speeches from Sarah Brown and Rachel Johnson. Companies took over CyberMummy Central in an attempt to wow us with their products and gave away goodie bags filled with a rather impressive array of items. There was even a Recharge Room where you could go and hide from the frantic pace and get a massage or your hair done or a mini make-over.

My highlights?

The guest speeches – Sarah Brown was absolutely brilliant and totally lovely, whilst Rachel Johnson was at her raucous and somewhat controversial best.

The Breakout Sessions – inspirational talks from Debbie O’Connor, Karen Cannard, Erica Douglas and Natalie Lue.

The Croc Stand – I am loving my new Croc Tone shoes and my little man has had a good old chew of his new shoes… oops!

The Johnson’s Baby Cupcakes – clearly the best cupcakes on offer, and I’m not just saying that because they were my sponsors for the day.

The free Dodo Pads – this was the first time I’d seen or used a Dodo pad and I thought they were brilliant. I’ll be using them again in the future.

My fellow bloggers – such an entertaining and friendly bunch of people. I must make a point of tracking many of you down on Twitter and following you and your blog.

The Crowdsourced Keynote speeches at the end – a brilliant range of blog posts from the truly heartbreaking to the totally hysterical with a bit of controversy thrown in for good measure.

And finally the CyberMummy goodie bag – how phenomenal was the brilliantly pink bag we all picked up on the way out? Needless to say any travel on public transport was rather tricky with all this swag which is why I took a taxi back to Victoria as opposed to battling onto the tube network!!

I had a brilliant day and I’m inspired and encouraged to work hard with my blog and to expand it and improve it. Thank you so much to Johnson’s for sponsoring me – I will definitely be back next year!!

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Rachel Johnson @RachelSJohnson
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Karen Cannard @karencannard
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Cybermummy 11

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 21-06-2011

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 Very short post from me tonight to show off my new badge:

Yes after several weeks of trying to beg/steal/borrow a ticket to this fabulous event the wonderful people at Johnson’s Baby have provided me with a ticket!! So I’ll see you all there and will invariably be blogging about it afterwards. I’ll also attempt to find time to tweet during the day, so if you’re not already do follow me at @SussexMummy.
I’m now off to continue my excitement and to have a bit of a fashion crisis I think!