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Small Bathroom Solutions

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Guest Post, Home & Lifestyle | Posted on 27-07-2013

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In the age of city living and decreasing house sizes living with a small bathroom is something that many of us face. But, there is still a multitude of ways to create the illusion of space, lighten up the room and accessorize it with style.

#1. Bathroom Cabinets

In a smaller bathroom you’re likely to only be able to fit in one cabinet above and below your sink. Therefore, picking the right cabinet is crucial to opening up your bathrooms floor space but still provide for all your storage needs.

Try opting for a sink cabinet that doesn’t extend all the way to the floor and take up vital floor space. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes and the assistance it provides in being able to lean over your sink with ease.

For above the sink cabinets, again to allow you to lean over with ease, make sure the top cabinet is around half the width of your sink.

#2. Shelving

Any bathroom cabinet needs as many shelves as possible to store all your daily essentials that will prevent you from cluttering up any available windowsills with bottles and toiletries. Try using open metal shelving as an alternative to cabinets, which put all your items into an easy to reach space. These add a nice touch of style and couldn’t be easier to fit as they slot neatly around the sink’s plumbing.

A shower caddy is a great shelving solution for any small bathroom. It not only tidies up all your shower gels, shampoos and scrubs, it gathers them in one easy to reach place (instead of fumbling around your window sill).

#3. Shower Curtains

By simply changing your shower curtain you can dramatically alter your small bathroom space. If you have fairly neutral walls, try opting for a brighter colour or patterned design that adds a dash of personality and light. Where possible, opt for brighter colours or pale creams and blues that reflect the light well and enhance light levels.

#4. Accessorize

A mirror is an essential item for any bathroom. Use your mirrors to maximize the space and light of the room where ever possible. Rectangular mirrors that expand the whole length of an available wall are a great way to achieve this, especially when placed opposite a window that floods the room with light. Aside from this, bathroom mirror cabinets are a fantastic use of the surfaces available to you.

A touch of personality and quirky style can be added with other bathroom accessories. There are little touches, such as, a toilet seat, toilet roll holders, hangers that can come together to create a cohesive theme. For example, for a modern yet homely feel opt for softer light wooden accessories over polished metal.

#5. The Shower

Lastly, but probably where you should start, is the shower. Both mira showers and triton showers have a range of styles and fittings that can easily slot into your existing shower. Upgrading your shower could transform how you view your bathroom with the option of a refreshing power shower; massage modes and luxurious rainfall heads.

If you’re looking for a complete refit again be mindful of the floor space its footprint demands. If possible opt for showers that will slot neatly into bathroom corners with a curbed sliding door that gives you the room to shower in comfort but takes up no more floor space than necessary.

Rainy Day Play: Big Jigs Toys

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 25-09-2012

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I think we can officially say that the summer has ended, and somewhat abruptly at that! Its been a fairly constant downpour here for the last few days making going outside to play a little tricky. Playing indoors doesn’t have to be dull though, and it certainly doesn’t need to mean hours plonked in front of the TV. How about letting your little ones use their imaginations?

Cup of fruit tea anyone? Piece of cake? How’s about a biscuit?

These sets from Big Jigs are just adorable. First up is their “Tea For Two” set. This is made up of two plate, two cups, two cupcakes, two biscuits and two halves of a ham sandwich – this is held together with velcro so can be taken apart and put back together. Next is a box containing six additional cakes – chocolate, Victoria sponge, a custard slice and three more cupcakes. It also comes with the fetching checkered tablecloth you can see. Finally there is a box of tea bags. This for me was THE cutest thing ever. Four wooden teabags with strings attached and small labels indicating their flavour.

Wooden toys are brilliant, and these are just gorgeous. They are so well made and the detail which has gone into decorating them is exquisite. My Little Man loves to have little tea parties and if Mummy is very lucky she gets invited too. The cakes look very realistic and Little Man can often be found sucking on the end of one. Thankfully the paint used is child friendly so he’s in no danger. He sets it all up himself and even pops teabags into the green cups. I’m currently trying to teach him “Cheers” but he just laughs at me at the moment!

This is a beautiful toy for both boys and girls for indoor play, but also for picnics in the garden with friends or teddy bears. These are going to last a very long time, and I can see Little Man, and Mummy, getting many years use out of them.

You can find these sets, as well as many other additional cake items and imagination toys, on the Big Jigs website where you also be able to find details of your nearest stockist.

Summer Holiday Essentials: Milk & Cereal Tshirt

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews, Summer Holiday Essentials | Posted on 31-05-2012

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If you after some fun and funky clothes for your children to take on their holidays this summer head over to Milk & Cereal and check out their range of bright and bold tshirts. Each design is hand printed on organic cotton so is gentle against your little ones skin and was designed by a team of graffiti artists in association with a Mum who was seeking something a “fresh and fun” for her children. Here’s some of my favourite designs:

I am a big fan of bright coloured clothes for my Little Man and he is a big fan of this tshirt. There’s always a smile on his face when I take it out of the drawer and he likes to give the cow a little wave before putting it on. The quality is excellent and it washes really well. I can see this being a part of Little Man’s wardrobe all summer long.

Check out the full Milk & Cereal range online.