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Bandana Bib Reviews: Sa~Be Baby Wear

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 30-06-2011

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 Next up on the bandana bib reviews – yes there are even more brands out there than even I imagined when I started this – is a lovely bib from Sa~Be Baby Wear. Sa~Be have been manufacturing their bibs since 2008. Here’s my little man modelling their camouflage design – specially requested by me because it matches his sunglasses. Yes, I am weird.

Another shaped bib designed to fit snuggly under the babies chin, this bib is made from a super absorbent top layer and a soft fleece backing protects clothes from dribble. Air circulates through the fleece layer ensuring fast drying from dribble and also after washing. This bib has been through the wash several times since it arrived and does dry incredibly quickly. My only problem with this bib is the poppers. There is only one set so there is no room for growth. This bib fits my little man well now, but I don’t see it continuing to do so.

Sa~Be bibs cost £2.95 each and postage is incredibly reasonable at £1 for up to 3, £2 for up to 6, £3 for up to 9 and so on.

Sa~Be bibs can be bought from their official website, or they have agents up and down the country who can sell to you direct. Full details of which can be found on their website, along with their lovely range of baby carriers – something they are very passionate about.

Website: http://www.sabebabywear.com
Twitter: @SaBeBaby

Bandana Bib Reviews: Dribbz

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 16-06-2011

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Back to the bandana bib reviews – apologies for the delay, I have a clingy teething little man – and a bib from Dribbz. Dribbz bibs are handmade in Hampshire by a team of mummies and nannies. They use a lot of fabric from France and America that is exclusive to Dribbz, so you’re little one will stand out from the crowd. Sam, who owns Dribbz, uses her little boy Cal and his friends as models for her creations and is thrilled that his dribble rash cleared up within two days of wearing her bibs! Here’s my poor little man modelling the bib that we were sent:

As with the previous bib we looked at this one is shaped to fit around the neck comfortably. The bibs have a super-soft cotton top layer to absorb any dribble, and a fleecy lining to protect clothes from moisture. The bibs come with two nickel-free poppers to make them fully adjustable and able to grow with your child. This is another bib that I was thrilled with. My rather dribbly little man looked so cute in his bib and his clothes remained dry. I also found that this bib provided one of he neater fits of all the bibs we’ve tried out. I’m sure I’ll be putting in an order for a few more!

Dribbz range in price from £3.40 to £4.80 and ANY bib can be personalised for just 90p. With every order of 5 bibs you make you’ll receive a free plain bib and delivery throughout the UK is free of charge.

Website: http://www.dribbz.co.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dribbz

Bandana Bib Reviews: Babble Bib

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 06-06-2011

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The next bib for review comes from Babble Bib. Babble Bib is a UK based company who prides itself on supporting the local economy and having all its bibs crafted in a professional facility in Leicester. The lovely people at Babble Bib sent me their popular “Red Stars Bib” for my review, and here it is being brilliantly modelled by my little man.

Isn’t he gorgeous!

Anyway, Babble Bib use soft jersey cotton lined with fleece for their bibs giving them an amazingly super soft feel. The lining ensures that any moisture that lands on the bib doesn’t seep through onto your babies clothing, making this bib both functional and fashionable. Babble Bib also use a unique ‘hidden seams’ technique which means all the seams are inside the bib as opposed to the more traditionally used ‘overlocking’ technique favoured by the majority of other bandana bib manufacturers. I have found that this technique adds to the softness of the bib and gives it an altogether more luxurious feel, and I’m sure its going to extend the life of the bib too. Nickel-free poppers give the bib an adjustable neck that allows the bib to grow with your baby. I can’t rate this bib highly enough – it is one of my favourites from this review series.

Babble Bibs are available to purchase direct from their website and cost £3.99 each and there is a huge range of over 75 to choose from. The more you buy the cheaper they are. For orders of 10 bibs or more each bib costs just £2.80 which is an absolute bargain for a bib of this immense quality. I know I’ll be making purchases from their range very soon.

Website: http://www.babblebib.com
Twitter: @BabbleBib
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/babblebib

Bandana Bib Reviews: Jackomettii Spaghettii

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 05-06-2011

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Dribbling is all part of a being a baby, particularly when they are teething. An almost steady stream of dribble seems to be a permanent fixture on their little chins, before pooling on their clothes. This merely results in a never-ending pile of washing for parents. There is always the option of baby wearing a bib all the time to protect their clothes, but this often just covers up their adorable, and often expensive, clothing and never looks particularly attractive. The best option I’ve found? Bandana Bibs. Stylish and functional these lovely bibs don’t look like bibs. Instead they appear to be a cute accessory for baby, whilst providing protection from dribble and any other little accidents.

Bandana Bibs are becoming increasingly popular as companies spring up across the internet offering a wide variety of styles, shapes, designs and patterns at an equally wide range of prices. But which ones are the best? With the help of my little boy, we hope to find out. The initial plan was one long blog post, but this idea has kind of spiralled so its going to now be one post per bandana!!

The first bandana bib we’ll be looking at is from Jackomettii Spaghettii. Jackomettii Spaghettii is a family company founded in July 2010 and based in sunny Hastings, Sussex. Tracy McLauchlan set up the company with support and inspiration from her father who boasts 50 years experience in the London garment industry. Tracy wanted to created something fashionable and functional for her three messy boys, and her company grew from there.

Tracy was kind enough to donate “Who’s The Square?” for my blog. Here is my little man sporting this gorgeous bib.

As you can see this is a truly trendy bandana. Bright, colourful and bound to go with any outfit it’s the perfect fashion statement. The quality of this bib is immense – it almost seems too nice to give to a dribbly little baby!! Made from 100% cotton and backed with unbleached calico this lightweight bib is perfect for a hot summer day. Non-nickel snaps make the neck adjustable to two sizes and as well as a bib it can always be used as a sun hat, especially if you’re child has long hair. My only teeny tiny complaint with this bib? My little man wore it for a few hours for me – oblivious it was there throughout – and did indeed dribble. Sadly the dribble did soak through the bib and his tshirt got a little damp, but it did catch the bulk of the goo. These bibs are gorgeous, and my little man looks so adorable and so fashionable when he’s wearing it – I’m sure it’ll be a regular fixture around his neck throughout the summer.

Jackomettii Spaghetti bandandy bibs are available direct from the website and are £10 each. They can also be bought from a selection of stores up and down the country, a list of which can be found on the website.

Website: http://www.jackomettiispaghettii.com/
Twitter: @jackomettii
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jackomettii