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#Review: Table Table’s Spring Menu

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Days Out, Foodie, Information | Posted on 15-06-2015

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Last weekend we were invited down to Treacle Mine just outside Eastbourne, a Table Table restaurant, to review their new spring menu. Never one to turn down a free meal, we were happy to oblige and drove over for a family lunch. The restaurant itself is in a great location on the A27 near Polegate. Its at a services with a Premier Inn next door along with a petrol station and a McDonalds. There’s a good sized car park and the restaurant has tables both indoors and in their garden.


We decided to jump straight in at the main courses so I ordered one of the new Gammon Chicken and Pea Pie’s. It came with green beans, mustard mash and gravy.


As you can see the food was beautifully presented on a long white plate. I was very excited when it arrived as it all looked and smelled delicious. The pie itself was nice, but I wasn’t blown away by it. It was good pub grub, but it wasn’t as flavoursome as I’d hoped and the jug of gravy was essential as it was a little dry. The mustard mash was incredibly smooth, but sadly lacking mustard as it didn’t taste of anything at all. It was all perfectly edible but a little disappointing.

Daddy ordered the Streaky Bacon and Cheese Topped Chicken Breast.


Much less creativity with the presentation here, but to be honest I’m not really looking for decorative arrangements when I eat my lunch. The chicken breast came with chips – or the option of a jacket potato, peas and barbecue sauce. Daddy enjoyed his meal and thought it all tasted really nice. It was, once again, good quality pub food. Nothing out of the ordinary or particularly exciting, but thoroughly enjoyable.

For the boys we chose two meals from the children’s menu. I was very impressed with the children’s menu as they could practically build their own meal. They had a choice of mains, and then could choose two side dishes. Little Man went for the Penne Tomato Pasta – always a winner with him – and his sides were garlic bread and tortilla chips. He ate absolutely everything and kept telling me how lovely it was. Little Dude had the new Cod Cubes – effectively fish fingers but in cube form – with chips and vegetable sticks. There was no fish left by the end of the meal, and he’d made an impressive dent in the chips too. Vegetables are always a bit tricky with him but Daddy and I nibbled our way through his side and it was all lovely and fresh.

For dessert I had the new After Eight Sundae which was vanilla and chocolate ice cream mixed with pieces of After Eight mint, topped with cream and drizzled in After Eight mint sauce, with another whole After Eight stuck in the top for good measure. It was delicious! Effectively a mint chocolate chip ice cream sundae, but considerably more interesting. I’m never one to resist After Eights. Daddy had his favourite dessert of Banoffee Pie which he finished off in no time at all. There were fresh bananas sliced on the top which were really nice, and it meant we could try and slip a bit of fruit into the children! Little Man had the Mini Chocolate Challenge for his dessert. This was a pot of chocolate dipping sauce, some vanilla ice cream and a pile of marshmallows. In all honesty I think he was pretty full from his main so ate a couple of marshmallows and declared he’d had enough.

Good quality basic pub food – precisely what you’d expect from this style of chain restaurant. Nothing massively overwhelming, but good all the same. Definitely a good place to visit with children as their menu was well thought out. Would I go again? Possibly not to this one as its a bit far away. If we were ever visiting something nearby we might pop in though. If I ever see another Table Table restaurant, yes I’d probably give it a go as I’d be able to rely on decent food and menus we could all pick from.

Find YOUR nearest Table Table here.

Review: Grand Hotel Eastbourne Spa Day

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Days Out, Guest Reviewer, Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 14-12-2012

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If you are looking for a last minute gift idea for someone in your family, or perhaps you’re thinking of spoiling yourself with a trip to the spa in the New Year to help recover from the Christmas madness, take a look at what the Grand Hotel Eastbourne has to offer. I was lucky enough to spend a day there recently with one of my Guest Reviewers, and this is how we got on.

The Grand Hotel Eastbourne is the only 5 Star seafront hotel in the country and its quality is shown from the moment you arrive – I only wish we’d been staying the night too! We were directed down to the Spa which is in the basement of the hotel and were pleased to find that the “grand”-ness of the hotel continued downstairs.

When arranging the Spa Day we’d already pre-booked which treatments we were having. The first would be just after our arrival, and the second later that afternoon once we’d had time to relax. My first treatment was a Back Massage whilst my Guest Reviewer Katherine was having a Facial, and after changing into our swimming costumes, robes and slippers – which would be our outfit for the day – we were taken off for our first pampering session. Here’s how Katherine got on:

“After being shown around the spa areas by a member of staff, I started the day with a relaxing facial. The therapist (Jillian) introduced herself and then, after completing a short health questionnaire,  left me to get changed. When she returned, the lights were dimmed and she asked if I had any issues with my skin. A deep cleansing facial was decided on, using luxurious skincare products. Jillian started with a brief arm and hand massage, before cleansing my face with a lavender gel.  Next was an exfoliation, both were removed with hot towels wrapped around my face. Then followed the choice of a ‘mask’ or facial massage – I chose the massage, which was delightful. After another hot towel, Jillian applied an eye cream, lip balm and a moisturising cream. My face felt wonderful, almost as if it wasn’t mine, and glowed in a way that it hasn’t done for a very long time.”

Meanwhile I was enjoying a Back Massage with my therapist Emma. Having never had a massage before I was rather looking forward to the experience. Emma left the room whilst I settled face down on the table and when she returned relaxing music was turned on and scented oils were used on my back as I lay there enjoying the peace. Emma did a full back massage including my shoulders, neck and head and after a deliciously relaxing massage on my back I turned over to she could do the front of my shoulders and upper arms. Whilst lying on my back I had a Lavender Pillow placed over my eyes, and this combined with the music and relaxing massage was amazing. If I’d been there a little longer I may have fallen asleep!! The perfect start to my day of rest.

Following our first treatments we had a few hours to fill before our next ones. Upon return to the main spa area and taking up camp in chairs beside the pool we were handed menus from which to choose our lunch. There was a great range on offer from sandwiches and light bites, to slightly larger meals and hot food. We both settled on the Grand Club Sandwich and a glass of fruit juice and were told it would be served in the lounge area in about 20 minutes. The service was swift and we were soon seated eating our lunch. The food was amazing and the portions were ideal. It was lovely and unusual for both of us to eat a meal without having a child hanging off us, so it made for a very pleasant time!

The afternoon was spent lounging by the pool, taking a dip in the Jacuzzi and generally not doing anything too strenuous. Relaxation was the name of the game, and we were certainly going to make the most of the opportunity. The area around the pool was nice and warm and there was a water cooler providing plenty fresh water whilst you relaxed. Before long it was time for our next treatments. This time I was having a Maintenance Manicure, and once again Emma arrived to do my treatment. There was a large number of colours to choose from, or for an extra £5 you could have a French Manicure. After some deliberation I decided on a deep plum colour. My fingernails were filed and buffed and my cuticles treated before base coats, colour and top coat were applied. Throughout it was nice to chat with Emma and watch her in action. I was really happy with my nails once she finished and was all to happy to go and sit somewhere for about 15 minutes until they’d dried fully as she advised! Whilst I was having a manicure Katherine was enjoying a very different treatment.

“My second treatment was  a Turkish salt scrub, and Jillian was my therapist again. Again, she left me to get ready and the lights were softly dimmed (not so much this time). I laid on my front to begin with and Jillian worked on my arms, applying the scrub (with a lovely soft eucalyptus scent), ‘melting’ it with warm water, and then removing the scrub with a warm mitt. Each arm & leg was done individually & then my back. Jillian then asked me to roll over and the fronts of my arms and legs were treated in the same way. Jillian then gave me the choice of whether or not I wanted my stomach and chest area done – I took her up on the offer. After completing the body scrub, Jillian applied a soothing camomile body lotion. It was a wonderful treat, I left the room very relaxed, and ready to face the world again  – it definitely made me feel like a “Yummy Mummy!”

I think its fair to say that we both thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Grand Hotel Eastbourne Spa and would go back again in a heartbeat. It was lovely to get a day to relax, but the facilities and the treatments made the day even more special. An amazing day out.

So for a last minute treat for yourself or for the New Year, or perhaps to buy a gift voucher for a loved one this Christmas, head over to the Grand Hotel Eastbourne website and make sure you pay a visit soon. You will also find them on Twitter @GrandEastbourne.

Sussex Baby & Toddler Show Preview: Toddlebike

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 20-08-2011

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On Saturday September 17th the Sussex Baby and Toddler Show will be on in Eastbourne.  Previously held in Hastings earlier this year this will be the second outing for Teresa Gillam who is the brains behind the show.  I’ll be attending the show in Eastbourne and blogging about it then, as well as hopefully grabbing a quick chat with Teresa on the day.  Before then I’ll be previewing some of the exhibitors who’ll be appearing on the day and first up is Toddlebike.  

The Toddlebike is new to the UK thanks to Jo Hockley who’ll be bringing the bike to Eastbourne.  Designed as a first bike for 18-36 month olds who can confidently walk it fills that gap between first baby steps and a balance bike with pedals.  It has four inline wheels and it successfully teaches balance, steering, propulsion, and moving confidently at speed.  Made from lightweight plastic but with a strong steel axis the Toddlebike is waterproof and can be used on a multitude of terrain which allows your little ones to practice at home, in the garden, at the park, or even on holiday.  Toddlers often spend lots of time in their buggies and the Toddlebike gives them that little bit of freedom in a fun and safe environment.
At the Sussex Baby and Toddler Show Jo will be selling Toddlebikes at a show exclusive price of £19.95 as well as offering Toddlebike Training.  “It's amazing how many baby and family events that you go to that still have the Toddlers strapped in their buggies – hopefully we're going to be teaching them the first key cycling skills as well as less boring buggy time.”
For more information on Toddlebikes check out Jo’s website.
To register for the Sussex Baby & Toddler Show and beat the queues click here.