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Foodie: Soreen

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Reviews | Posted on 24-04-2014

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I must confess I’m not much of a fan of malt loaf, so when I was contacted by Soreen asking if I’d like to try out a box of their goodies I was a little apprehensive. They assured me that there’d be a range of flavours – not just plain malt loaf – and also a book of recipes to try with things to make using Soreen. I was looking for healthy snacks for during my pregnancy and I was intrigued as to what else I could do with a Soreen loaf other than butter a slice so I said yes and waited for my big yellow box to arrive.

I was hugely surprised by the massive range of Soreen products available. My goodie box was bursting at the seams with a variety of flavoured loaves, snack packs and lunchbox loaves. There was a delicious Toastie Loaf which is great as a mid morning snack and toasts perfectly straight from the freezer. The Apple and Sultana Loaf is also really tasty, and unsurprisingly the Chocolate Loaf proved very popular. The Banana Lunchbox Loaves have become so popular in our house in fact that they are now a staple part of our weekly food shop with both Little Man and Daddy popping them into their lunches when they go to preschool and work. The only one that we didn’t really enjoy was the Pre-buttered Snack Pack, but I think that was down to the pre-buttering and not the loaf itself.

Soreen Malt Loaf Sussex Mummy

There was also an Original Malt Loaf in the box and none of us were particularly keen to eat that plain. The included recipe book however saved us from having too. Ever thought about using malt loaf to make Chocolate Flapjack? Nope, neither had I but we tested out this recipe – which was super easy to make – and it was really tasty. I also suspect I’ll be buying more full sized Banana Loaves so we can try out both the Strawberry & Banana Trifle and the Chocolate Brownies recipes. If you head over to the Soreen website you’ll find lots of delicious recipes for things to make using your Soreen loaves, as well as the chance to submit your own recipes and ideas.

So am I a malt loaf convert? Well not in the sense that I’ll sit munching my way through a plain loaf, but yes, I am pleasantly surprised with the range and versatility of Soreen products. We will continue buying the lunchbox loaves without a doubt and I’m pretty sure I’ll be testing out a few more recipes soon. Trifle anyone?

More Alternative Easter Gifts For Under 5’s…

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 03-04-2012

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Twinkle Tog
Sleeping bags are brilliant for babies, especially those that wriggle around in their sleep – bags mean that you’re not up half a dozen times a night because your little one has kicked their covers off. When your little one becomes a toddler though and they are more mobile, a sleeping bag can be restrictive. When I go in to his room in the morning my Little Man tends to stand up and give me a wave as I come through the door. In a traditional sleeping bag this is usual followed by him falling over. With a Twinkle Tog the problem could be solved.
The Twinkle Tog is a duvet body suit, with defined legs which mean your little one can wander around in it if needed. It keeps them nice and warm throughout the night, and can even be used easily in a car seat if you’re travelling at bed time. I think this cute sheep design makes a great Easter gift too! Twinkle Tog’s are available from all good retailers, including Amazon and Mothercare.

Bath time is  always popular in our house and we like to make sure we have a good supply of toys in there to keep Little Man entertained. Munchkin do some of the best bath toys we’ve found, and we particularly enjoyed playing with this – the Dolphin Divers.
Water is scooped up using the whale and then poured through, making the dolphins spin around. Lots of splashing fun! Plus the whale sits neatly on the top when not being used. The unit fixes securely to the wall using suckers too! You can see the full Munchkin bath toy range online.

Another item now ideal for babies first Easter – an Oral Care Rabbit.

Babies oral hygiene is important from day one – not just when teeth start to appear. This cute rabbit is designed to keep tiny mouths clean and free from bacteria, as well as provided relief from the itchy gums caused by teething. It can also be used to clean those tiny first teeth. Your newborn is bound to enjoy chewing and sucking on it, and whilst you’re keeping their mouths clean they’re getting used to the idea of  brushing teeth. I think this is very cute, and a great Easter gift. Mam Oral Care Rabbits are available from baby sections of most high street stores and online. You can learn more at the Mam website.

Clintons Cards
Whilst you’re buying your Easter cards from Clintons this year – for me you can never go wrong with a Boofle card – why not take a look around on the shelves for your gifts too? As well as a lovely set of Lindt Bunnies – technically not eggs – they also have some craft activities to keep your children quiet during the holidays.
This set makes 3 foam chicks, using push out pieces in a variety of shapes. A great craft activity, and the three finished chicks can be used to decorate Easter cards, the dinner table, or just around the room for Easter weekend. These are designed for children aged 3 plus, so would be a good introduction to the world of craft. Cards, gift wrap, Lindt bunnies and Easter Craft Sets are available now at your local Clintons Cards.

If you want to get your children interested in gardening you might not automatically think of going to Galt first, but they have a great product which would be a cool Easter gift to teach them about how things grow –  Grow-A-Head Bugs!
Available in four styles – Ladybird, Bee, Butterfly, or Grasshopper – the grass grows after just a few days. Once its long enough you can start trimming or styling to your hearts content.  The Grow-A-Head is a simple yet effective first step towards gardening, allowing children to grow their own unique wild-haired creature. Grow-A-Head’s are available now from the Galt website.

Just Jaks
Baking with children is a fun, and messy, activity. The team at Just Jaks have found a way to hopefully reduce the mess and make delicious fruit flapjacks at the same time.

In your postbox sized parcel you’ll receive a bag of flapjack mix and a bag of mixed fruit, depending on which flavour you go for. To that all you will need to add is about a glass full of apple juice, and in the case of one mix a grated apple. After a good stir you pop it into the oven and 20 minutes later you have a delicious flapjack all ready. Whilst you don’t get the chewy consistency you get from sugar and syrup based flapjacks, you do get a yummy fruity flapjack which is altogether healthier – I know which I’d rather give to my Little Man!! Head over to the Just Jaks website now to check out their range.