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#KidsGrowWild Gardening Challenge

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 19-06-2013

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“This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge”

One of the best things about our house is that we have a garden. Having spent years living in flats with Hubby we thought it was important to get a house with a garden once we had Little Man. Plenty of space for him to run about in, as well as somewhere to put the all important outdoor toys! What I also love about having a garden is that I have space to grow things. I’ve got lots of flowers and plants growing at the moment, as well as a selection of fruit and vegetables. Our garden even has a special miniature garden for Oscar our tortoise in it!

Little Man isn’t a particularly keen gardener. He’d much rather dig in his sand pit than in the ground, but I wanted to give him his own little patch to grow a few flowers in and encourage him into gardening, as well as teaching him about seeds and growing things. The #KidsGrowWild Challenge from Brit Mums in association with Money Supermarket seemed the ideal opportunity. We were sent a very cute gardening set which included a small bag, a watering can, gloves, tools and all important seeds.

I’ve got him a tub all of his own and in it we are going to plant some of the seeds he was sent and he can be in charge of watering that tub and watching it grow. Watering is one activity I can get him interested in, so I’m thinking this is the best way to get him started. He is also a fan of picking the fruit when its ready, so perhaps I need to make him Chief Fruit Picker. Fingers crossed the raspberries and strawberries will be ready soon. Now if the weather can just stay nice for a while we might have a better chance of getting out there and gardening together!

5 Creative Ways to Display Summer Flowers

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle, Information | Posted on 08-05-2013

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Displaying your summer flowers in a delicate vase on the mantelpiece is a perfectly fine thing to do. After all, everybody loves to gaze upon a beautiful bouquet. But we like to do things a little differently round here (well, we also like the whole delicate vase thing, but hear us out).

Here are our top 5 creative ways to display flowers this summer:

1. In a Bucket
Yes, we’re serious. We don’t mean you should root around in the cupboard under the stairs looking for that dingy old bucket you clean the floor with. But picture this: an old, rustic tin bucket, filled with a casually elegant bouquet of roses, sat waiting by the front door to welcome you as you arrive home.

2. In Drinks Bottles
When you think about it, old drinks bottles are really just vases waiting to happen. They’re cheap, cheerful, and there’s one to suit every occasion. If you’re having a fancy dinner party where the wine will be flowing, it makes sense to display your beautiful summer flowers in a wine bottle. Want a cute way to add some whimsy to the kitchen table? Little glass Coke bottles should do the trick!

3. On a Cake Stand
It doesn’t sound like it would work, does it? But we’re not talking about fashioning some sort of vase out of a cake stand, but rather getting a bit crafty with floral foam products. Floral foam bricks can be used to keep flowers fresh and display them beautifully, and the cake stand is just the icing on the cake… or is it the other way around?

4. In Any of Your Glassware
We’re betting you’ve got some pretty nice glassware sitting around, unloved, in your cupboards. Champagne flutes, Martini glasses, whisky tumblers, pint glasses nicked from the pub – with a little creativity, any of these can be used to display your flowers in a way that looks like you did it on purpose. (Except maybe the stolen pint glasses.)

5. With Chicken Wire
No, we’re not kidding. This method is a little DIY-intensive, but it’ll be worth it in the end! Simply (hawhaw) fashion a wide, wooden frame that fits a sheet of chicken wire inside it, and attach a selection of slim-necked bottles and vases along its length using pliable wire. Drop your chosen blooms in each bottle as you feel the urge, and there you have it – a jaw-droppingly creative flower display.

If you want to try some of these inventive flowers displays out yourself, but are sorely lacking in the flower department, fear not! Here at Prestige Flowers we offer free flower delivery on a large range of beautiful summer flowers, so we’ve got you covered. And if you don’t like our creative slant – vases are still a thing! (And we’ve got flowers for them too.)

Product Review: Jute Bow Bag from Fox & Chave

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 17-08-2012

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Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have a bit of a handbag obsession. I own loads of them, and when Little Man came along my handbag obsession switched to a changing bag obsession. I have rather a lot of those too. Now Little Man is a bit bigger and the list of paraphernalia I need to carry around with me to satisfy his every whim is somewhat smaller, I like the idea of using a more “Yummy” and less “Mummy” bag. So the latest addition to my bag stash comes from the rather stylish Fox & Chave.

Okay its a plain black jute bag and it has two rather strange holes in the front. But I assure you I am not insane and that I honestly adore this bag. Here’s why.

Not a cat lover? How’s about some flowers.

Pretty huh?

With the simple addition of a Fox & Chave silk scarf this plain black jute bag is transformed, and with a range of over 90 scarves available you’re sure to find one to suit any outfit, occasion or mood. The two featured here are from the Caroline Gardner range – my favourite of the designers.

The bag itself whilst plain without the addition of a gorgeous scarf provides a large space to put purses, nappies, wipes, a few books, the odd toy, some snacks, well, you get the idea. There is an internal zip pocket too to keep keys or money safe. You can also get the bag in other colours – though I think the black shows off the scarf range better.

The Jute Bags are £14.99 and come without a scarf. The vast range of scarves start from £29.99 and are all pure silk.

To see the range of scarves and decide which colour bag you want, head to the Fox & Chave website now.