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Decorating A Child’s Bedroom – Jungle Theme

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle, Product Reviews | Posted on 07-05-2012

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The majority of Little Man’s toys and books have a jungle animal involved. Giraffes, monkeys and lions are very popular in our house, so when we moved from our flat and Little Man was given a bedroom with plain white walls we had no doubts over what theme to decorate it in. Over the past few weeks we’ve been gathering lots of amazing jungle themed items to use to make Little Man’s room a proper boys bedroom, and we are thrilled with the results.

Duracoat Tough Matt Paint from Homebase in ‘Yellow Submarine’.
This paint contains extra acrylic making it super durable and ideal for high traffic areas. Its also washable which is going to come in very handy when Little Man decides to decorate himself with crayons!
I love this colour and it brightened up the room immediately. It also works incredibly well with the rest of the decorations.

Jungle Wall Stickers by Roommates from Jomoval.
Twenty six stickers of varying sizes featuring an array of creatures found in the jungle, as well as a couple of palm trees, birds and a bright sun. These stickers can be placed on any painted or papered wall, furniture 0r mirrors without causing damage. What’s more you can move and reposition as you want, reusing them if you move or fancy a change of scene, and they are waterproof and wipe clean.
I always wanted to use some type of wall sticker to add pictures to Little Man’s room, and I must have looked at dozens of designs and styles. These were perfect – particularly being re-positionable – and make a dramatic impact as soon as you place them. Little Man saw his wall yellow for a few weeks before we put these up, and as soon as he came back into his room he immediately ran over pointing at them all and poking the ones he could reach. Most mornings he waves at the creatures from his cot! These stickers are just fantastic.

Monkey & Giraffe Decorative Light Switch Cover from Homeplates.
This is a simple cover which is fitted easily over your existing light switch making them a popular home decoration accessory. They are so easy to fit – even I managed it!
I’d never really imagined having a light switch that was any colour other than white, but after discovering the Homeplates website and their vast selection I can see more of these popping up around the house. Inexpensive and so simple the inclusion of this switch cover in Little Man’s room is subtle but so cute.

Jungle Animals Personalised Height Chart from Stuck On You.
Made from high quality canvas and supplied with matching stickers to mark your little ones height on special dates – birthdays, Christmas, etc – these height charts are easily personalised on the website and come in a huge range of designs.
This height chart has featured on my blog before here, but it is still a brilliant part of Little Man’s bedroom and one brightens up a blank wall.

Bespoke Bunting from Just Bunting.
Just Bunting was set up by Karen Davey from Cornwall and she makes a huge range of bunting for all occasions, and she was kind enough to make this colourful personalised bunting for Little Man. The quality is fantastic and it was precisely what I’d imagined – you can see why she’s a member of the #SBS Winners, as chosen by Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den fame.

Green Elephant Organics For Kids Blanket from NaturalMat
This blanket is reversible – the other side has stripes on – and is so soft and snugly. It would be brilliant for wrapping your newborn nice and cosily, or as an extra blanket for use in the cot or in the car, and what’s more its 100% organic cotton and machine washable.

Personalised Safari Wall Art from Alphabet Gallery.
A 15cm square deep wooden box containing the first letter of your child’s name, along with their full name and the origin of it, and their date of birth. This makes a great addition to any nursery and would be a perfect christening gift too.
This item is so beautiful.  The Safari theme provides a great background and the detail that goes into it is exquisite. I am so pleased to have one of these on Little Man’s wall, and I’m sure it’s something we are going to always treasure.

Doodle Zoo Travel Grobag from The Gro Company.
This sleeping bag can be used both at home and on the move as it can be fitted into a car seat or buggy and is five point harness compatible. At 0.5 tog it is ideal for hot summer nights and holiday travel.
This grobag is full of lovely jungle creatures. We have used it in the car seat too whilst travelling past Little Man’s bedtime. The full length front zip makes it easy to transport your little one if their asleep as it gives simple access to your harness. The 0.5 tog means it will get plenty use this summer – should it ever get hot!

Jolly Day Out Portable Storage Caddy from The Gro Company.
Keeping nappies, wipes and creams tidy is easy with this caddy, and the included changing mat and comfy handle means you can carry it around the house with ease.
This was chosen because of its bright orange colour. There may not be a jungle creature on here, but greens, yellows and oranges are jungle colours so its a great match. We keep this filled with nappies and wipes – super cute jungle creature decorated ones from Tesco’s in fact – as well as the essential hand gel and nappy rash cream.  Its great for using around the house, and makes a instant nappy changing station in any room.

Roaring Raa Raa Toy from Toys R Us.
This interactive roaring Raa Raa provides endless fun with a simple push down of his head. The more you press his head the longer and louder the realistic roar, and he even does a little wiggle too!
Raa Raa has been watched by Little Man for quite a while now, so you can imagine his excitement upon receiving his very own Raa Raa – I couldn’t get it out the box fast enough! Little Man loves to press his head down, and often mimicks the wiggling motion when the roar begins. I love this toy because the voice is the same as on the show and its a brilliant copy of a very popular character.

Tigga Shoes from Inch Blue.
Inch Blue are the place to get handmade soft leather shoes, and these bright orange with black stripes make a great jungle addition.

Blue Original 6 month + Soother Two Pack from Mam.
A cute pack of soothers, one of which features a very appropriate elephant! Soothers are only used in our house at nap time and at night, but we seem to lose them all the time, so a good stock is essential.

Jungle Animals Kids Party Boxes from Favours From Us.
These boxes are designed to be used at parties, and would make great goody bags for children to take home filled with sweets. In Little Man’s bedroom they make cute decorations which he could put little bits and pieces in.

Panda Zoobie from Jaz Kids.
This cuddly panda is a great soft toy for your child, but it also holds a secret. It is also a super-soft blanket and comfortable pillow, making it ideal for car trips and cuddling up at home.
This panda has become an instant hit in our house. Little Man loves it, and can often be found carrying it around with him and giving it big cuddles. He doesn’t really use it as a blanket and pillow as yet,  but as a toy its one of his best friends.

Monkey Bibs from Close Parent Ltd.
These bibs come in two sizes – 0 month + and 6 months + – and are soft and absorbent. The 6 month + bib has additional poppers which allow you to fold bottom of the long bib up to form a pouch – great for catching any spillages!

Little Man is rather pleased too – he does enjoy a nice chat with his new animal friends…

Like what you see?

Here are all the website links and Twitter accounts of everyone who contributed towards making my Little Man’s bedroom amazing!!

Homebase can be found @Homebase_UK
Jomoval can be found @Jomoval
Stuck On You can be found @StuckOnYouTweet
Just Bunting can be found @JustBunting
Natural Mat can be for @NaturalMat
Alphabet Gallery
The Gro Company can be found @TheGroCompany
Toys R Us can be found @ToysRUs
Inch Blue can be found @InchBlue
Favours From Us
Jaz Kids can be found @JazKidsClothing
Close Parent Ltd can be @CloseParent

Date Night at Giraffe, Horsham.

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 23-01-2012

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On Friday Hubby and I went out. On a date. In the evening. Without Little Man. This is pretty exciting for me because we worked out its probably been about two years since our last evening date. Hubby blames me of course: “Well you were pregnant and fussy about what you could and couldn’t eat.” You’d think we ate out at particularly weird places wouldn’t you? Anyway, we decided to give Giraffe a go. I’d eaten there previously for lunch one day with Little Man. I’d been feeling frivolous and decided to take him out for his lunch after our Sing & Sign Christmas party. He fell asleep before we arrived, but I’d really enjoyed my meal and was keen to go back. So the grandparents were booked and we headed up to Horsham for our date.

We got a lovely table with a bench seat downstairs. It was slightly strange to sit next to one another, but I suppose it was date night. We’d already had a nosey at the menu online so had a rough idea what we were going to have, though I did keep debating which cocktail to go for.

Hubby eventually settled on a Hippy Hippy Shake Smoothie, Chicken Potstickers to start followed by a half rack of BBQ Baby Ribs.


I had the Mango & Lime Daiquiri, started with the Crunchy Coconut Shrimp and had the Parmasan Chicken Schnitzel Kiev as my main.


The food was amazing. It was beautifully presented and tasted delicious. I could have willingly eaten several more servings of the Coconut Shrimp! Obviously we had to try a bit of each others and the Potstickers were nicely different to anything I’d eaten before. The ribs melted in my mouth – I was surprised Hubby didn’t go for the full rack. The portions were spot on too – I didn’t feel hideously uncomfortable but I wasn’t starving either.

The Daiquiri was sublime and the Smoothie was like a meal in itself, but neither interfered with the food.

“Would you like to see the dessert menu?” We were asked by our waitress. “Most definitely!”

Picking one each was hard. I think we could have willingly taken one of each. Hubby settled on the Baked White Chocolate, Mascarpone and Passion Fruit Cheesecake whilst I went for the Banana Waffle Split.

You should all be drooling over your computer screens at this point.

Needless to say they tasted as delicious as they looked. The cheesecake was huge and a great combination of sweet chocolate and sharp passion fruit. The waffle was to die for. The bananas were warm and everything was dripping in toffee sauce. I may have eaten a little more than I really should and felt slightly uncomfortable at the end!

Giraffe is a great place to go for date night, or even with the family. They have a lovely children’s menu available as well as the adult menu and its all very reasonably priced. I think we’ll be heading back there with Little Man at some point soon.

Giraffe’s menu can be found on their website. You can follow them on Twitter @GiraffeTweets where they run a competition every Friday to win a £40 voucher.

Product Review: “I’m Toy Glutting Giraffe” from Wooden Toy Shop

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 11-12-2011

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My love of wooden toys is well known on this blog, so I was thrilled when once again the people at Wooden Toy Shop offered me the chance to review one of their toys in the run up to Christmas. This time around we chose the “I’m Toy Glutting Giraffe” and as always we were not disappointed.

This brightly coloured giraffe toy is a modern take on the traditional “click clack” toy. You feed wooden shapes into the open mouth of the giraffe and watch them slide down to the base, dropping from level to level as they go. The shapes have small lumps on either side that run along the rungs of each level, and they can also be used as spinners independently from the giraffe.

Recommended for children aged 18 months and over my Little Man is apparently too young for this toy, but I don’t think so. It took him no time at all to master feeding his giraffe and he has no problem dragging it around. He empties the shapes out once they’ve all reached the bottom and starts again, meaning this toy provides him with endless entertainment.

The “I’m Toy Glutting Giraffe” is available direct from the Wooden Toy Shop and is priced at £24.95

Here’s the “I’m Toy Glutting Giraffe” in action – not bad for a 12 month old is he?