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Preparing For Baby: Nappy Changing

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Preparing For Baby | Posted on 03-02-2014

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Ah nappies. With Little Man having been potty trained and dry for months now I can honestly say I haven’t missed nappy changing. In the early days of potty training we did comment that putting one on him for long car journeys would be nice – there was a small incident in the rain on the hard shoulder of the M42 that we don’t talk about… – but on the whole, nappies are long forgotten and not something I’m looking forward too with Little Dude.

With Little Man we mostly used disposables, though we did enjoy testing out some washables from both Bambino Mio and gNappies. With Little Dude we are definitely going to start off with disposables and see how we go. I can’t bear the idea of washing those first few nappies and whilst I get to grips with the concept of having a newborn in the house again additional washing isn’t something I relish.

With Little Man we used big name brands to start with, but he suffered terribly with nappy rash, and his bottom would go from clear to neon within a few hours no matter how often I changed him. When we changed brands the rash cleared up and we also found we had no more leaking either. In preparation for Little Dude’s appearance in May therefore, we’re stocking up and with the Baby Event now on at Asda there’s no better time to bulk buy.

Little Angels nappies are brilliant. We’ve found no better. They kept Little Man dry, comfortable, leak free and didn’t cost us a fortune. Their Newborn nappies are currently just £3.97 for a pack of 44 and you can get a box of 80 for just £6. The size one nappies also come with a notch cut out the front of them to keep the umbilical cord safe till it drops off – a great feature that they didn’t have when Little Man was first born. I’m looking forward to testing these out on Little Dude, and I’ll be sure to pack plenty of this first size in my hospital bag when the time comes.

Little Angels also do wipes – something we mum’s seem to be constantly buying. You can get 12 packs of 64 wipes that are suitable from birth for just £8, making them a penny a wipe and cheaper than the leading brands. We never had any trouble with these wipes and I love that the packets have plastic lids so they get sealed properly and don’t dry out. Handy when you’re bleary eyed at 3am!

little angels cosy play nappy changing sussex mummy

As far as changing mats go, I have splashed out a little for Little Dude. One of Little Man’s least favourite activities when he was tiny was having his nappy changed after a bath. He was already wet and cold and was being put down on a cold plastic changing mat. Needless to say there was screaming. And to me, they never looked the most comfortable of things either. You may recall us reviewing the Cosyplay Play Mat which we absolutely loved, and which I so look forward to getting out again when Little Dude turns up. Well they now do a matching Changing Mat which is made from the same super comfy memory foam and has the same soft washable cover. Yes its a little more pricey than your average changing mat, but it is SO comfortable that I couldn’t resist. I bought one of these a few weeks ago and got myself a spare cover too – I have lots of memories of little boys peeing everywhere at nappy change time – and I’m sure Little Dude will appreciate the comfort when he gets changed.

Product Review: gNappies

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 05-02-2012

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You will all remember my Bambino Mio real nappy challenge from a few weeks ago. Well as well as trying those real nappies I have also been testing out gNappies.

gNappies are eco-friendly hybrid nappies that pride themselves on providing parents with a range of choices right from the start. First of all you choose your colourful outer – the gPant – which comes with a snap-in waterproof liner. There are currently 12 brightly coloured pants to choose from, so you’re bound to find something to suit. You then have a choice of inner – a washable gCloth insert made from microfleece and hemp, or a biodegradable gRefill insert which you can even put in the compost bin (minus any poos of course!). So you can use gNappies as 100% washables, or you can enjoy the convenience of disposables whilst not damaging the planet.

The gNappies team sent me a Galley Blue gPant, a packet of gRefills and some gCloths to test out. Now the Galley Blue gPant is no longer available from the online store, but there are plenty colours in their current Autumn collection.

I liked the idea of just replacing the inner and not the whole nappy at each change. With a good stock of gPants and gCloths you could very easily operate as purely washable. The gCloths need pre-washing before usage to ensure they are at their most absorbent, but that isn’t much of a hardship at all. The biodegradable nature of the gRefills made me feel less environmentally conscious about using them than fully disposable nappies. I didn’t put any in my compost bin, but I know they will have a much smaller environmental impact than my usual nappies.

Whilst testing gNappies out Little Man managed to last the entire day – from 8am wake-up change to bath time at 7pm – with just one gPant and a combination of gRefills and gCloths. The gNappies fit snugly and neatly, meaning his bottom didn’t look bulky in his clothes. The only strange feature from my point of view was the velcro fastened around the back, as opposed to at the front. I did put the gPant on “backwards” one day just for curiosity and it worked fine! With the gNappies were no big leaks and Little Man seemed oblivious to the fact there was anything different on his bottom!

The “Real Nappy” experiments have been fun. Whilst I won’t be making the change totally to washables I will continue to use gNappies on occasion during the day. They are just as easy to use as a disposable and if I can throw a few less nappies away all the better really.

gNappies can be bought from their online store now. Autumn colours are currently in stock, but the Spring Collection will be launching soon.