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#Christmas: Hipp Organic Festive Treats

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas, Competition | Posted on 23-12-2014

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We’re on the home straight now, with just a few more sleeps before Christmas. I for one will be glad when its Christmas Eve and I can stop work for the festive period and focus on having fun as a family, and not what blog post I should be writing! Tomorrow my online food shop will be arriving and I’ll be playing “Christmas Tetris” as I try and find spaces in the fridge, freezer and cupboards for all the food. We’re a traditional “Turkey and all the trimmings” family, though with two small children I like to make things as easy as possible and I’m not ashamed to admit that there’s a drawer in my freezer with bags of Asda’s Chosen By You pre-prepared frozen vegetables in!

range shot 3As for Little Dude? Well he’s got a lovely selection of Christmas foods to choose from this week, thanks to a gorgeous stocking he was sent by Hipp Organic. From a breakfast of seasonal Apple & Cranberry¬†through to his Christmas lunch of Parsnip, Potato and Turkey Casserole he’ll be celebrating with the rest of us.¬†We’re big fans of Hipp Organic over here anyway, and its one of the brands of baby food you’ll always find tucked in a cupboard. As well as being organic the food always smells and tastes like its meant to, even if it doesn’t always look it. But then again, not much baby food does! I for one will be happy knowing he’s eating a similar meal to us, without much effort from me, and at Christmas that’s ideal. From 4 months upwards you’ll find something in the Hipp Organic range to satisfy your little one this Christmas, whether it be a pouch of Parsnip, Sweet Squash and Chicken Dinner, or a more textured Chunky Vegetable & Beef Casserole.

To celebrate Christmas Hipp are offering a “Hipp Hungry Hamper” to one of my readers. It’ll contain a great selection of Hipp’s products, ideal if you’re just starting out weaning. To be in with a chance of winning just follow the instructions on the below Rafflecopter.

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Product Review: Hipp Organic Gently Steamed

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 08-06-2011

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As you know from a previous post I am a huge fan of Hipp Organic, both their formula range and their food. The lovely people at Hipp were kind enough to send my little man a goodie box of foods to sample and review for them. So today for lunch my little man tucked into “Sweet Carrot and Pea Risotto with Chicken” from their delicious ‘Gently Steamed’ range.


This meal is suitable from 6 months and comes in a twin pack and each pot weighs 100g. As with all their ‘Gently Steamed’ range pots the meals can be heated in their pots in either the microwave or sat in a pan of boiling water. The pots that these meals come in are brilliant – we have previously tried their “Scrumptious Cottage Pie with Herbs” and “Tasty Sweetcorn, Tomato and Chicken Risotto” – as they can be reused. Being microwave safe we’ve used them to heat homemade baby food, and being airtight we also use them to transport snacks and finger food when we go out.

I was massively confident that this meal would go down well with my little man. He’s always enjoyed other Hipp Organic food because it tastes of what it is supposed to and it always looks and smells delicious, and I was right to be so. I thoroughly to take a photo of my little man mid-meal enjoying his food, but unfortunately he ate it that fast I never got chance. In fact each time he swallowed and I wasn’t poised with another spoonful he got rather annoyed – a clear sign that we’re on to a winner. In case there is any doubt, here’s his bowl.

As you can see, a big success.

Hipp Organic food is available from all major supermarkets, as well as direct from their website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Hipp Organic Coffee Morning, Brighton

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 31-03-2011

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 As a member of the HiPP Organic Baby Club, and someone who has used their formula since my little one was born, I was very excited when they announced a coffee morning was being held at the Debenhams cafe in Brighton.  It was advertised as being an interesting and informative event:

"Our midwife and nutritionist are going to be giving short talks on topics like baby sleep patterns and the best nutrition for a new mum.
If you’re interested in coming along and asking their advice over a free cup of tea or coffee, as well as picking up a few HiPP goodies and the chance to win even more in our competitions, come along and see us."

Sadly this wasn’t the case.

For some inexplicable reason the staff of the Debenhams cafe had decided the best place to locate the numerous mums and their babies in buggies was up a, albeit short, set of steps – thankfully I’d taken Grandma along who helped hoist the pram up! We did get our free cup of tea, though sadly I’m not convinced it was ever particularly hot.  When the midwife eventually turned up – sadly late – she spoke for about three minutes on the importance of sleep, before dishing out goodie bags which contained items all members of the Baby Club would already have received directly, and then the event seemed to end!

A disappointing trip out I’m afraid, and not one that I imagine did any favours to HiPP.  That being said I continue to be a huge fan of their formula and their range of foods which my little one enjoys as well.  Luckily for HiPP I was already a fan before I attended, otherwise I may have looked elsewhere for my babies needs. 

Better luck next time HiPP.