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Christmas 2013: Last Minute Gifts & Treats from Asda

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas, Christmas Gift Guide | Posted on 18-12-2013

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Can you believe its just a week until Christmas? Where did December go? Whilst physically I’m feeling a lot better with my pregnancy I seem to be tired most of the time and some days I’m just exhausted and don’t achieve anything helpful. One thing I did manage to organise though was my food shopping delivery for the end of this week. We’re off to my parents for Christmas Day and we’ll be spending the New Year at my in laws so I don’t need to panic buy lots of food as nobody will be here to eat it. I am going to need a few bits and pieces and by getting my delivery from Asda, it gives me a chance to make sure I have a few treats in and finish up any last minute stocking fillers too. If you’ve got a delivery to finalise before Christmas why not pop a few of these bits and pieces in your virtual basket.

Christmas is a great time to treat the children – big and small. Gingerbread is very popular with Little Man and his Daddy so I’m sure a box or two of these Gingerbread Santa’s & Snowmen will find their way onto my food order this week. At just £1 a box they are super cheap and adorable designs are bound to make Little Man smile.

Beauty gift sets are always popular at Christmas, and are great for buying for friends. I usually shop on the high street for this type of product but Asda have a great range available and at a fraction of the cost. This Simple Travel Gift Set is just £5 and is part of the 2 for £8 offer making it great value. Wipes, Facial Wash, Facial Toner and Moisturiser are included in this neat set which would be an ideal purchase for anyone jetting off over the festive season as they are all hand luggage compliant.

Mugs are another classic gift, and especially ones that come with a sweet treat inside. Love Hearts are a classic retro sweet. This bright and colourful mug comes with some fruity fizzy sweets to enjoy, and is a useful gift when all the sweets are gone. At £5 its a great little stocking filler.

And of course Asda has a full complement of Christmas foods and drinks on offer too. Having been lucky enough to attend their Christmas In July event earlier in the year and sample some rather delicious meats, snacks, sweets and party food there’s no danger of anyone going hungry. Whilst I can no longer eat some of the bits I tried earlier in the year I will certainly be hunting out their jars of sweets and their dessert range which were all delicious. I’m just going to have to wait till next year for the Extra Special Prosecco and stick to the soft drinks for the time being!

Get online fast to book a delivery slot before Christmas, or better still head down to your local store and pick up some delicious treats and some last minute gifts before the big day.

Review: Asda Home Delivery

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 11-06-2013

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Life is busy. My Little Man is two (and eight months) years old and something of a handful, as all toddlers this age are. He’s always on the go or doing something, generally things he shouldn’t so I have to be on my toes at all times. We are always out and about doing something, going somewhere, meeting someone. When he sleeps during the day – and I would love that to continue for a bit longer yet please – I can be found at my laptop writing reviews, sending emails, talking to companies and brands. Sometimes I even do a bit of housework, but not often. Evenings are spent clearing up from dinner, tidying the house, and mostly collapsing in front of the TV. Weekends add Daddy to the mix and more often than not trips to parks, National Trust properties, or Grandparents. Life is pretty much none stop. This is why I love having my weekly shopping delivered to my front door every week by Asda.

I don’t have time to go to the supermarket each week. If you ignore the fact that I’d have a bored and complaining toddler in tow, it would take up so much of my time to get there, walk around and buy the food, queue for eternity at the checkout, drive home and then unpack. I find the experience of spending twenty minutes going online and placing my order much calmer, much easier, and much cheaper. I used to go to the supermarket each week before I have Little Man. When I got pregnant I kept going each week but as the months progressed and finished work I stopped going and tested out getting my shopping delivered instead. I spent much less by doing it online than I did instore for the simple fact that there is no temptation. As well as saving time I’m saving money – how brilliant is that?

I’ve been getting food deliveries from Asda week in week out now for a couple of years. Despite living in West Sussex my delivery used to come each week from a store in Hampshire – the Havant Supercentre to be exact. That used to be my nearest store sending out deliveries, but last week that changed and I am now getting deliveries from the new Ferring store, which is an altogether closer location. Have I noticed a difference? No, not really. Its a rare week when I get everything on my order, but I always get a suitable alternative, and I am always charged the cheaper of the two prices. Everything comes bagged neatly and logically and ready to go straight into my kitchen. Attention to detail is great. If I get eggs delivered they are checked by the driver on arrival and are refunded if any are broken. I got a punnet of plums delivered and the use by date was the day after the delivery. The driver refunded those too, despite him being the one to check the date, not me. If I get a substitute I don’t want they take it back without argument and refund me. Carrier bags are returned empty the following week and reused by the store, saving me space at home and doing their small bit to help the planet.

Asda home delivery van

Home delivery fits neatly into my life. You choose your two hour slot and that’s when your food will arrive. As long as I am home in that window we can do what we like, and it just takes a few minutes to take delivery and then put everything away. So simple, so convenient and so reliable. The first delivery from Ferring was late. I’d booked my usual 10am-12pm slot and whilst I’m used to it coming at 11.55am the phone rang at 11.50am to tell me they were running a little late and would be with me within half an hour. The delivery came at 12.05pm, so hardly grounds for complaint. As long as you know they are going to be late its not a problem, and certainly better than them coming much later with no word, as I’ve had from rival supermarkets in the past.

Asda’s Home Delivery service is the perfect solution to my busy lifestyle. With the couple of months I’ve got coming up, I’ll be eternally grateful that its there.