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My #HotterMoment

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Blogger Event | Posted on 01-12-2015

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I love shoes. I always have. I couldn’t even begin to hazard a guess as to how many pairs I’ve owned in my lifetime. As a Mum who spends her life chasing around after her children I’m all about comfortable shoes. Flats all the way for me, with the few pairs of heels I own rarely getting a look in. The Hotter brand isn’t new to me, nor is it new to this website, but whilst I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege of owning and reviewing several pairs before, I think I’ve finally had my Hotter Moment.

On Monday night I went to a blogger event at the newly opening Brighton store. I’m lucky where I live that there are so many stores close by, including my local town centre and a nearby garden centre. But Brighton store is all shiny and new, and when we were told we could try on as many pairs as we liked, I was there in a flash.

Hotter shoes are still thought of as old peoples. The first time I worked with them I thought I’d be hard pressed to find a pair that I wouldn’t expect to see on the feet of my own mum, or even my grandparents. This is so not the case, and especially nowadays. Certainly only the funkiest grans would be seen out and about in these beauties.


These are the gorgeous Antoinette shoes. They are so pretty. And they are insanely comfortable, which for a heeled shoe is amazing. I was not born to walk in heels, but I was definitely born to walk in Hotter heels. I spent a long time walking around the store in these, and then carrying them round, before reluctantly handing them back. Maybe for Christmas…

Practicality is a must for me with shoes, which sounds really dull I know, but doesn’t have to mean boring. I went into the store on a mission – I wanted to find a pair for the school run. Now Little Man goes to school in a village about 5 miles away, so there’s some driving involved. The local pub which is a few minutes walk from the school lets parents use their car park at drop off and pick up which is great, and helps to ease the congestion at the school gate. This daily walk involves stomping through gravel, down pavements, over paving stones, and along paths, all of which are currently covering in leaves and puddles and mud. I currently wear Gortex Running Shoes for this, which whilst clearly very practical, isn’t particularly pretty. I decided it was time for a change.

Now I’d had a sneaky look at the Hotter website before I went so had a good idea which shoe I wanted to try on, so when I arrived in store and spotted my desired shoe on display I knew I was on the right track. Gortex was clearly a sensible starting point, but I wanted to avoid more walking boots, so I was immediately drawn to the Ribble Boot.


They’re so pretty. And they are so comfortably. And they are so pretty. And they look great with my jeans. And they are so pretty. And my feet are so warm and cosy. And did I mention how pretty they are?

Now the Ribble comes in two colours – black which is leather, and these espresso ones which are suede. Yes, suede. I tried on both pairs, and fell in love with the suede ones. There was a definitive Hotter Moment, and I knew I’d found the perfect shoes. The amazing team in store popped a pair in a box and handed them over. “Let us know how you get on.” Yes I am that lucky. I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous pair of Ribble boots which I will be testing to my utmost ability this week on the rather wet and windy school run, and a full review will be popping up on the blog soon.

If you find yourself in Brighton do head over to the new store – you’ll find it on Western Road just opposite Regent Hill – where you’ll discover a great range of stylish and colourful shoes and boots for every occasion.