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I Want A Lunchbox…

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Back To School | Posted on 30-08-2016

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With a little over a week to go before the children head back to school there is stuff everywhere. In every single shop there is some kind of back to school section overflowing with uniform, stationary, bags, lunch bags, bottles, and every manner of thing you apparently need to survive another year at school.

Now with Little Man about to make the move up into Year 1 and Little Dude about to start his time at preschool – two mornings a week to myself!!! – the list of things we actually need are pretty short. New jumpers, shirts and socks was about all Little Man needed, and Little Dude just needed a bag to take bits to preschool in. All very low maintenance, which to be honest makes a change for my two.

I’m very lucky that both the preschool and the primary school provide lunches for my boys. I hate making packed lunches. Little Man likes a very limited selection of foods that I could provide, so gets easily bored. Both of them seem happy enough when we have the occasional picnic, but if I gave them that sort of food every day they’d both be complaining in no time.

That being said, we do own a lot of lunch boxes. Little Man has a couple that he used at his original preschool, and Little Dude has one as well. In fact his new preschool “bag” is actually a cool bag but it was perfectly sized for him and has a dinosaur on so it’s a winner.  Daddy even has a lunch box that he takes to work with him. In fact the only person without a lunch box is me…

I want a lunch box! Why does everyone else get a lunch box except me?! *insert tantrum here*


There are SO many cute lunch boxes out there. Gone it seems are the days of plastic lunch boxes with ill fitting flasks. Nowadays its trendy looking coolbags in a vast array of shapes, designs and styles.  I’ve been resisting the urge to get myself a lunch box for ages. Until now that is.


I mean seriously, how cute is this?

I actually have the guys at House Of Fraser to thank for this. I love Joules designs – my Little Dude’s preschool bag is actually this but in the dinosaur print – so when they asked if I’d like one I couldn’t say no. They are a great size, supremely cute and come with a handy box inside too. Now obviously I’m not heading back to school in September, but I guess I could take food to work in it maybe. Or at the very least I’m ready for my next picnic with my boys.

Good luck to everyone heading to school in September, especially those going for the first time. You’ll be great.

#Review: House Of Fraser Kitchen Linen

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 24-06-2016

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Summer is here. Try not to laugh now. Okay I know if you look outside it might not look much like summer, though the with the crazy way the weather keeps changing at the moment maybe it does. Either way its times like this that I always feel inspired to do some home decorating, or freshen things up at bit. The team at House Of Fraser sent me some new linen for my kitchen to help with this.


They have a lovely selection to choose from, and we were sent a set from the Dickins & Jones Farmers Market range. We received the apron, the tea towels and the oven gloves, which have brightened up our kitchen no end.

I love the bright floral design on each item, and it makes it feel very much like a countryside kitchen. The quality is excellent too, precisely what you’d expect from such an iconic brand. I am a particular fan of the apron. I’m not exactly the cleanest and tidiest cook or baker, so this is perfect for keeping me clean, if not the rest of the kitchen! Everything is machine washable thankfully too, something I have tested out many times so far. I’ll get better. Eventually.

The superb news is that if you dash on over to the House Of Fraser website these items are all currently in the sale!

Toys at House Of Fraser

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 09-09-2015

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Dare I mention the C-word yet? No? Still too soon. Okay…

Well next month Little Man turns FIVE. Five. That’s huge. Now he’s off at school I can spend some time thinking about his birthday. It’s on a weekday so he’ll be at school on the day, but we’ll no doubt be doing something at the weekend before. There will invariably be a Minecraft theme to the event – Nana is already looking at potential cake ideas on Pinterest (whoever showed her the internet has created a monster…!) – and I suspect a lot of his presents will be related to his favourite game too.

I’m usually pretty organised when it comes to the children’s birthdays. I’ve got a present list written up already which I’ve shared online with grandparents and aunties and uncles so they know what he wants and what he hasn’t already got. When it comes to Minecraft there’s a huge range of things available, particularly when it comes to the plastic figures, so I’m keen to avoid duplication. I’ve got one set hidden away for him already, and I must admit it came from an unlikely source.

Where do you do your toy shopping? The high street toy shop? The supermarket? From the comfort of your sofa? I’ve done all three in the past, but one place I never thought to look for toys until now, is House Of Fraser. No really. When I think of House Of Fraser I think designer clothes, grand beauty departments, and gorgeous home furnishings and appliances. I think of a large department store which is definitely one for the adults, but it would seem I was wrong.

House Of Fraser actually has a large toy section, and it stocks lots of your favourite brands and characters, including the insanely popular Minecraft. Now I think we already have about half the items they stock – believe me there is Minecraft stuff everywhere in our house – but I was really pleased to find lots of bits we don’t have. This set of the animals from the game will be part of Little Man’s present pile this year, and they’ll go wonderfully with the other figures he already has.


That’s a pig, a sheep, a cow, a wolf, an ocelot and a chicken in case you’re not Minecraft savvy.

For me the most important part of shopping online, which is how I did my House Of Fraser shop, is the ease of navigating the website and finding what I’m after. The website is laid out clearly so you can dive straight in to the toy department and find what you want, whether its a certain brand or just toys for certain age. So if you have a birthday coming up, or you’re forward planning for that winter event we’re not mentioning just yet, maybe its time you took a look at House Of Fraser. You might find yourself as surprised as I was.