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Event: Kiddicare Hedge End

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Blogger Event | Posted on 01-05-2013

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A week has past since the opening of the brand new Kiddicare store in Hedge End, near Southampton. I went down last week with Little Man to see this new store in action. Having never visited a Kiddicare store before I had no idea what awaited me – though I had heard lots of good things about other stores around the country. I’d used the online store before now though, so I was very excited to see what a store had to offer.

Upon arriving the first thing that we needed to do was go to the toilet. The changing facilities for Little Man were great – a room full of changing mats with mobiles above and discreet bins below made changing him quick and easy. The toilet facilities were excellent too. Each cubicle was big enough to fit a pram in as well – isn’t it a nightmare when you’re out with a child in a pram and you need to go to the toilet – and what I really loved was that the cubicles each had two toilets in: one for Mummy and a smaller ones for your little one. This would be ideal for when you both need to go so you’re not struggling in a tiny cubicle. There were then adult and child height basins to wash our hands, as well as step stools so little ones could reach. The store pretty much won me over just with this!

The store itself was immense – well stocked with everything you could need from conception upwards. If I was newly pregnant I think I’d have been overwhelmed with all the things on offer. There was a huge range of pushchairs and prams, from single buggies up to three seaters. All were available to test drive on their special track. Car seats were available for all stages, and they were fitted and checked for free in your vehicle. You could buy cloth andĀ disposableĀ nappies and all the accessories you’d need, as well as potties and steps for when you’ve moved on. I bought Little Man a My Carry Potty ready for our potty training adventure which will begin once we’re back from our holidays. High chairs and booster seats were also there in abundance, as well as a wide range of bedroom and nursery furniture. Then there were all the toys. Indoor, outdoor, wooden, plastic, soft toys, educational toys, and everything in between. Little Man spent a good twenty minutes playing on the toys on display, including rather a long time enjoying his first experience of a wooden train set. I was rather pleased to see it was from Big Jigs Toys.

The in-store cafe was lovely. It had those popular lunch boxes for children where you pick from a selection of items. It was good to see a mix of healthy choices as well as treats on offer. Little Man loves these boxes when we go out – its good for him to be able to choose what he wants, which invariably includes something chocolate based! There’s lots on offer for parents too, from cakes and snacks to lunches. The cafe has plenty of space for pushchairs and prams, and there are lots of highchairs available too. There’s even an enclosed play area so you can get some peace whilst you’re eating, with portholes so you can keep an eye on your little ones. In the cafe area you’ll also find a Nursing Nest, where you can go to breast or bottle feed in privacy.

The main thing that I found at Kiddicare was how much room there was. Wide aisles in the shopping area, plenty space in the cafe, and room in the toilets for prams and toddlers made it a great shopping experience. Clearly the team have thought of everything, and made sure that shopping there is a pleasant experience for everyone. Should I find myself pregnant again in the future, I think a trip to Kiddicare Hedge End will definitely be on my list of things to do. A brilliant day out for everyone.

Product Review: Kiddicare

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews, Sponsored Posts | Posted on 24-06-2012

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Kiddicare is branded as the “UK’s Favourite Baby Website” and its one I’ve visited frequently since the arrival of my Little Man. Its a great place to see a huge range of different items, and is especially good if you want to compare brands and styles of a product before buying. We used it when we were looking at prams and travel systems, and to look at car seats too. I took a look around it more recently when I was researching Potty Training!

Little Man is very confident on his feet nowadays and that’s bringing a new range of problems for us. More often than not he’ll grip tightly onto one of our fingers when we’re out and about, especially if its somewhere new for him to be walking. I’m sure if he’s worried we’re going to run off and leave him, or if he just thinks he’s going to fall over, but I’m certainly going to enjoy it whilst it lasts. If its somewhere he’s walked before however, he is sometimes a little more reluctant to hold our hands, and feels certain he doesn’t need our help. Quite often this is okay if its somewhere safe, but when walking by the side of a road its too dangerous for him to be let loose, which is why my most recent visit to the Kiddicare website was to look for reins. A search for reins on the Kiddicare website led me to a list of choices, from the basic to the slightly more decorative, and that in turn led me to the purchase of these cute reins from Littlelife:

I chose these – apart from the great design – because it allows Little Man to feel like a “big boy” whilst carrying around his own very special rucksack, and because the adult strap is detachable. It doesn’t need to be attached all the time, so sometimes the bag can be used purely as a rucksack, and when needed the adult strap clips neatly to a D-ring on the top and you’re back in control for a while.

As well as wandering around and exploring my Little Man’s other favourite activity is bath time – something I’m sure all children enjoy. The reluctance to get out the bath every evening is very loud proof of this! When he’s in the bath we like to keep him distracted so he’s not aware that he’s actually being washed, especially when doing his hair, so we keep a large supply of bath toys in there. Whilst browsing the Kiddicare website I came across this Octopus and was unable to resist:

Needless to say this has become a new favourite in our bathroom. Water can be poured into the octopus’ head and its sprays out holes within its tentacles, and your little one can also practise their aim by tossing the three rings and trying to get the octopus to catch them. This isn’t something Little Man has quite mastered yet, but he does enjoy using them as teethers too!

So next time you’re looking to buy something for your little one, whether it be something as big as a pram or as small as a new bath toy, get over to Kiddicare where you’re bound to find what you’re after, and much much more!