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#Review: A Day Out At Drusillas

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Days Out | Posted on 27-04-2016

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We are no strangers to Drusillas. We’ve been many times before, as featured on this blog in fact, but it’s been a couple of years since we went and decided it was high time Little Dude got his first visit under his belt. Needless to say we were thrilled at Drusillas impeccable timing at inviting us down to their East Sussex location to take a look around and see what was new.

The last time we went was a little over two years – when I was pregnant with Little Dude in fact – so we were well overdue a visit. It is a great place for a day out with the children. There’s plenty animals to see, lots of viewing areas which accommodate visitors of all ages and sizes, and the fun doesn’t stop when you’ve seen all them all. To be honest the animal areas haven’t changed at all. There’s a huge array of them and both children were fascinated. The monkeys remain amongst the favourites, and Little Man loved seeing the penguins after a term at school where he’d been learning all about Antarctica. Little Dude is cat obsessed, and any animal that isn’t a cat is apparently a “COW!” which he yells rather enthusiastically. There are apparently a lot of cows at Drusillas…


The play areas are brilliant. Both children went off into soft play with Daddy and were lost in there for ages. A bit of peace for me, but there was one very tired Daddy at the end. The outdoor area was briefly climbed over, but it was rather cold out despite the bright blue skies. There is a new ‘Get Wet Splash Pad’ area that is open now where there’s jets of water squirting around and your children can run around in their swimming stuff. Not keen on the idea of this when we visited, but I imagine in summer it will be fabulous. The Thomas The Tank Engine Train ride is a must do – both children were glad for the sit down, and Little Dude spent his entire journey waving from his seat, whether it be at animals, people or the occasional tree. I kid you not.

Last time we visited the Hello Kitty Secret Garden was under construction but now it’s been open for ages, so it was good to get a look in there. It consists of three rides – the Hopper Ride where you get propelled into the air and bounced back down, the Car Ride where you get to “drive” a cute cat car around along a railed track, and the Tea Cup Ride where you spin around to your hearts content in pink or blue cup. All three rides were a massive hit with my children. Despite his dramatic screams I can assure you that Little Man did enjoy all three turns on the Hopper, and it goes without saying that my cat obsessed Little Dude spent most of the time in a car going round and round the track.


There are multiple quality merchandise stores selling an array of relevant, and not so relevant things to remember your visit. Little Dude came home with a Hello Kitty toy which he randomly yells “CAT!” at, and Little Man was most insistent that we got him a penguin. There may also have been plastic dinosaurs and swords bought, but they were less about the visit and more about my children’s current obsessions!

Drusillas is brilliant. We’ve been many times, and we will go many times again. There is so much to do whilst you’re there, lots to see, and the facilities are always up to standard. God bless the person that put Starbucks Coffee into the restaurant by Hello Kitty! Do make the trip – it is well worth it.

First Day at School

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Back To School | Posted on 07-09-2015

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Well this morning Little Man marched off to primary school for the first time. He was up and dressed and ready to go a full hour before we even had to leave the house. Needless to say he was rather excited. I was so proud as he waved goodbye and walked into class, clutching his book bag and PE kit, looking so grown up in his uniform.


Hot lunches are provided at school so there was no need for lunch boxes. He’s been having hot lunches for the last year at preschool but it still seemed strange to me not to be packing him sandwiches and fruit and snacks. It is something I always associated with going to school, and something I always assumed I’d be doing, so it was strange not to go out this summer and buy him a lunch box. Even though he isn’t off today with a lunch box we still have lots of boxes and containers he could have used at home, ones we use instead for picnics, days out and even for when I go to work.

With Little Man off at school now Little Dude and I will be enjoying lots of time together. There’ll be trips to the local National Trust properties and we’ve just become members of the nearby Fishers Farm Park so we’ll be heading there once a week I expect. Snacks are a must when out and about with children, and especially with Little Dude who has a great appetite. Grapes, rice cakes and fish crackers are his snacks of choice, so I’ll be making sure his little bag is well stocked before we go out. And our containers of choice? The Nude Food Movers.

Packaging is everywhere and on food it tends to be in excess more often than not. With packaging you get waste and with waste there’s litter, especially when you’re eating out and about. Litter is something I hate, and I teach my children to always put there rubbish in the bin and not on the floor. Eliminating packaging from our picnic baskets and bags means there’ll be no litter, and that’s where the Nude Food Movers come in.

The Nude Food Movers come in a massive range of shapes and sizes, and there really is one for every need. Lunch boxes, snack pots, water bottles, stackable tubes, cutlery carriers, and even meal boxes. I bought some of the stackable tubes when Little Man was small for carrying his bits around in. People always commented on how clever they were. During the summer the team at Smash got in touch to see if we wanted some other bits to try out and we were very keen to get involved.

A lovely box of bits arrived and we’ve been really impressed with everything they offered. Bright Stackable Tubes were our favourite, but the Yogurt Mover was really clever as it has a chillable section so your food stays cold. The Rubbish Free Lunchbox is perfect for me when I go to work and need to carry a meal with me. Two removable pods keep snacks separate and because they are leak proof I can even take portions of yogurt with me. Everything fits neatly together but is kept separate and secure, and despite their compact design you can get a lot of food in them.


Nude Food Movers are brilliant, whether you’re heading back to school, going out for picnic at the farm, or off to work. Food is well stored and you are litter free – perfect.

#Review: Elho Garden Products

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle | Posted on 15-07-2015

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The weather is certainly hotting up outside so now is the ideal time to spend some time outdoors, whether it be in the park, at the beach or simply in your own back garden. Little Man has never really been much of an outdoors boy. Sure he likes going to the park, or walking through the woods at the back of our house, but he’s never really been one to initiate these trips and would rather be in the house. He would play Minecraft twenty four seven if we let him. Little Dude is the complete opposite. He’s all about the playroom certainly, but he often goes in there and points at the door or the windows into the garden. Given his chance he’d spend all day crawling around the garden, playing with gravel and attempting to eat snails. Such a pleasant child.

This summer I’m keen to spend lots of time outdoors with my two boys as Little Man will be heading off to school in September. I don’t want it to be a summer of endless TV and Minecraft. I have several activities up my sleeve, but enticing the biggest boy out into the garden is one of them. Now there’s not a huge amount of room in our garden now we have the conservatory so its all about making the most of the space we have. The first logical step in getting him out into the garden for me was to get him gardening. I didn’t want to just give him a square of a flower bed to grow what he wanted in, so I decided to utilise what plants we already had which he was interested in.

Little Man has always been a big fruit eater, and one of his summer highlights and guaranteed ways to coax him into the outdoors in the fruit we have growing outside. About a third of one bed is overrun with raspberries which are not movable, but we had a couple of terracotta troughs with strawberry plants in which seemed perfect for him to be in charge of. The team over at Elho sent us a couple of great items to help brighten up the darker corners of our garden and to encourage the children out there, and one of them was absolutely perfect for Little Man to grow his strawberries in.

The Green Basics Grow Table XXL is designed to be used by people who can’t bend down to garden, or for on balconies, or, as in our case, for children. When I first saw this I thought it would make an excellent water table for the garden, or could even be used as a sandpit if I hadn’t recently made one for the boys, but at the base of the legs there are drainage holes. Logical enough for gardening, but it would have been nice if these had been optional and there had been those push through thin bits of plastic you get on some pots and baskets.

This is a great height for Little Man, as he can happily peer in the top through the clear lid – available separately – and also help tend his plants. And he can also easily do his most important task, which is pick the fruit when its ready. Much excitement today when we went out there and he saw bright red strawberries which he was able to pick and of course eat before he’d even got back inside.


The grow table was the ideal size for our four existing strawberry plants. These were pretty big and well established but they fit nicely in the table with space for growth and lots of room for fruit to form. The clear lid is brilliant and something I would highly recommend. It protects the contents from the suns ray and frost during winter, provides the chance for us to look at how things are doing without too much disturbance, and has adjustable vents in the top.

This would make a great planter for all kinds of things, but I think its best use would be lots of grow-your-own foods. I see it full of salad plants, or lots of herb plants. You could even use it as somewhere to start off larger plants and then use it without the lid once they are established. A great functional piece, and I love the bright colours that are available.

Elho also sent us an Easy Hanger Basket. I was immediately drawn to this style of hanging basket as hanging it is so simple. It has two large hooks on the back which allow it to be easily hung on a fence, some railings, or on a balcony. During the insane weather and storms of Winter 2014 we lost six of the eight fence panels in our back garden. Thank god the bottom of the garden has a brick wall! Once these panels were finally replaced my Dad fitted two lengths of decking horizontally along the panels on one side where the wind tends to blow into just to help reinforce it. Its done a brilliant job, but I wanted to make use of the planks with some form of hanging basket. The basket from Elho works perfectly on this, so well in fact that I’ll be getting a couple more baskets soon for further along!

WP_20150624_003The left hand side of our garden is pretty dark. Due to the fences, our neighbours ridiculous trees – don’t get me started… – and other houses the estate it never gets any sun. It’s the perfect spot for the boys sand table as they are safe from the sun there, and its where we’ve placed our companion seat. At the bottom corner my Mum created a stumpery for me which is full of lovely ferns and hostas and other shade appreciating things. Its all very overcast with flashes of green, so I wanted to pop a basket above it to grow something with a bit of colour.

That level just about catches a few rays during the day so the bright pink basket stands out perfectly. I popped down to the local garden centre and bought some white trailing fuchsia’s. I think the simple white stands out nicely against the pink basket, and the whole thing adds a great spot of colour to an otherwise dark area.

Both products have done their job perfectly. Adding a splash of colour to the garden and coaxing my indoors boy to head outside, even if it is in the hunt for more food. I love the Elho range and hope to add more pieces to my garden over the summer. It’s all so bright and fun, sturdy and child proof, and the fact its made from recycled material means its eco friendly too. Fantastic brand and fantastic products. Check them out now!

Halloween Treats…

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie | Posted on 31-10-2014

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Hopefully today my Twitter feed – and later tonight this blog post – will be full of photos of my baking exploits with Little Man. I’m not overly optimistic – its been that kind of week and he’s being 4 with impeccable skill – but we’ll see what mood he woken up in. I hope to be making an array of Halloween goodies – biscuits, cupcakes and a traybake if things go really well. We were sent a hamper of Nestle bits and pieces last week to help us create something ghoulish as well as a few recipes for inspiration. If things go well, we’ll be making this later today.

Squeamish Squares:Halloween2014
150g Shredded Wheat
6 x Yorkie Bars
50g White Marshmallows
200g Golden Syrup
1 pack of Strawberry Laces
1 pack of Jelly Tots
1 bag of Milky Bar Buttons

Grease & line a 20cm square tin. Melt the Yorkie bars and Golden Syrup in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. In another bowl mix the Shredded Wheat, 1/2 the Jelly Tots and the Strawberry Laces together. Stir in the chocolate syrup mixture. Pour into the tin and chill for at least an hour in the fridge. Once set remove from the tin and cut into bite sized pieces. Drizzle over some melted buttons and scatter over the remaining Jelly Tots before it sets.

So its not going to be the healthiest thing ever, but it certainly sounds like it’ll meet the creepy quota with all the worms and bugs lurking. I also like the sound of this as there’s no real cooking involved apart from the early melting, so its pretty child friendly. Definitely my best hope with the feral four year old I seem to have in my midst this week. Half term is nearly over with yes?

Looking Forward To Halloween

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Sponsored Posts | Posted on 26-09-2014

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October? Can you believe its almost October already? Now the children have all gone back to school its pretty much full pace through until the dreaded C-word, but with October on the horizon there are two other events to look forward to in our house next month. One is Little Man’s fourth birthday, but a couple of weeks after that is Halloween. Now whilst I wasn’t much of a Halloween fan myself as a child – I think it was the idea of wandering around outside in the cold and inevitable rain that put me off – , and whilst I’m still not keen on my two going trick or treating, I am thinking a bit of a Halloween party might be in order for us this year. I’ve got a box of decorations and party wear in the loft I think that I acquired in the sales last November – its pays to forward plan here! – so I just need to sort out some costumes for the boys. Little Man will be at preschool that morning so hopefully there’ll be some kind of dressing up going on there, and I’m sure Little Dude will be happy to get into the “spirit” of things as well.

I’m thinking perhaps something subtle like this t-shirt from Asda might work for Little Man during the day. It doesn’t “scream” Halloween so it could be worn more than once, and its looks pretty stylish too. At just £3 its a bargain too! Little Dude will be joining in as well, probably wearing the My First Halloween sleepsuit. I definitely think something a bit cute is required for your first Halloween, and this fits the bill perfectly. No Halloween is complete without somewhere to stash your treats. Whilst Little Man won’t be heading out around the streets just yet, I’m sure I can supply a few ghoulish sweets for him all the same. A Frankenstein bucket will be just the job. This year we have our new playroom to decorate as well, so purple fairy lights seem appropriate don’t you agree? I think I can have some fun setting up some Halloween activities and decorations whilst Little Man is being spooky at preschool. I’ll have to get up into the loft to see what other bits and pieces I have. I’m sure the stores will be filling up with snacks, treat and sweets soon enough. Maybe its time to brave some more baking with my boys, and perhaps create some Halloween cupcakes. Believe me, there’s nothing “scarier” than our kitchen after a baking attempt with Little Man!

How do you celebrate Halloween in your house?

#PlayPatrol : Mission Three : Pirate Multi Layer Puzzle and Jungle Mobile

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Bigjigs Play Patrol | Posted on 23-09-2014

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Little Man returned to preschool a couple of weeks ago. He’s doing three sessions a week and having his lunch there so he’s there for about four hours each time. We made the decision to change his preschool at the end of last term and we’re really pleased with where he’s going now, and he seems a lot happier. He’s also a lot tireder. I’m getting told what he’s doing each day and it sounds like there’s a lot of running around in the garden with his friends, as well as lots of fun and games and activities indoors. He goes on a Wednesday, Thursday and a Friday so by the time we get to the weekend he’s still pretty tired. I’m sure this will sort itself once he’s used to his new routine, but for now I like to keep Saturday activities fairly relaxed. He takes a trip to the local library with Daddy in the mornings, but we tend to try and do something a bit more chilled out in the house in the afternoon. Our latest Play Patrol mission looked like it would be a great activity for our lazy weekends.

He was sent the Pirate Multi Layer Puzzle. This is basically what it sounds like – three jigsaws layered on top of one another. Each one gets progressively bigger as you work your way up, and the finished puzzles fit together neatly in a tray.
We’re big fans of the pirate theme to this puzzle – Swashbuckle is one of Little Man’s favourite TV shows – and the three pictures are really good. Nice and bright, and with lots of detail so there’s plenty to talk about in them. I also think the addition of the small cutaway on one piece per jigsaw makes them much easy to remove from the tray layer by layer. I also think the puzzle is great value at just £8.99.

Unfortunately I have a few issues with the toy too.  The pieces aren’t traditional jigsaw pieces – they’re all random irregular shapes. I think traditional pieces would have been better, albeit larger than usual. I think the set would be more child friendly if the jigsaws were square – the curved top section pieces don’t fit quite as neatly and as flush as I’d really like. Finally the set is aimed at children aged 2 and over. 2?! I don’t think many 2 year old children would be able to complete these puzzles without a lot of help. Little Man is almost 4 and he found them tricky and got increasingly frustrated.

This is, for us, quite a disappointing toy from Bigjigs. The quality is what you’d expect from their range, but I think some adjustments are needed to make it as good as other items.

Little Dude had another lovely delivery however. He was the very excited recipient of a Jungle Mobile. Now he already has a mobile in his bedroom – a farm themed one which Nana bought for him – so we hung this mobile up in the new playroom. Its currently balanced a bit precariously by the french windows but I’m hoping to arrange a more permanent fixing soon.

The mobile features four jungle creatures – a lion, a giraffe,an elephant and a zebra as well as trees and plants and coloured balls. They’re all suspended from wooden bars and they spin and move nicely in the breeze. Again its another brightly coloured wooden toy – thought I am slightly confused by the bright purple elephant – and there’s a lovely amount of detailing on all the pieces. Its a beautiful mobile and one that Little Dude merrily stares at whenever he’s sat or led in the playroom.

Lots of positives from Mission Three, though a few negatives too sadly. Lets see what Mission Four brings.

Review: Pink Lining Bramley Tote Bag

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Pregnancy, Preparing For Baby, Product Reviews | Posted on 03-09-2014

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I am addicted to bags. Since having my first son this addiction shifted slightly to include changing bags, and looking at the changing bag market whilst I was pregnant with my second son I saw things had come a long way. Changing bags no longer looked like changing bags. They looked like handbags. This excited me greatly. Now I did spoil myself somewhat after Little Dude’s dramatic arrival and bought myself a rather pricey changing bag which is just gorgeous. Prior to that however I arranged with Pink Lining to test drive one of their famous Bramley Totes.

Pink Lining has been a hugely popular changing bag brand for a very long time. Their “Yummy Mummy” bags must be one of the most instantly recognisable bags on the market, but if I’m truly honest they never really appealed to me. I wanted something a little more subtle from my changing bag, and something a bit less obviously a changing bag. When I fell pregnant with Little Dude I was rather excited at the chance to get a new changing bag, generally ignoring my husbands protestations that we had several in the loft and was I crazy. The bags in the loft were not going to suffice – I had two children now. I needed to carry all those baby essentials around with me – nappies, wipes, bibs, muslins, bottles, milk cartons, spare clothes… – as well as any bits and pieces my eldest might need – sonic screwdrivers, pine cones, interestingly shaped leaves, sticks for daddy… – and occasionally maybe even things for me – purse, keys, phone, headache pills…! You get the idea. There is a veritable mountain of stuff. I needed a much bigger bag.

Bramley Tote bags are very much similar to a TARDIS – yes, I live with a three year old Doctor Who obsessive. It rubs off. Its HUGE on the inside and stores so much more than you might expect. I get insane amounts of stuff in there, and more often than not to the point where lifting it becomes tricky. But that is not a problem thanks to the nifty straps. They attach to the bag with a clip at either end, and you can attach and detach them easily. You can attach them to use the bag as a shoulder bag or, when it gets a little heavy or for pure convenience,  to fasten the bag onto your pushchair. Switching between the two is quick and easy and it is my favourite feature of the bag.

Being a Tote bag it is not technically a changing bag, so it doesn’t come with anything like a changing mat or an insulated space for bottles which you see in most changing bags. This isn’t a major issue for me as I tend not to use included changing mats when I’m out and about as everywhere I go tends to have a dedicated changing area with no need for a separate mat. In the past week I’ve just loaded up my Designer Change Mat from Munchkin and chucked that in my bag. This fits easily, and still allows plenty of room for the boys’ bits and pieces, as well as my own. There’s even space for small bits of shopping.

I’ve used this bag now for about a month. I’ve used it most days when I go out with the boys, whether that be to the shops, the park, the garden centre, or to visit Nana and Pops. I’ve also used it when I’ve nipped to the shops without either child, effectively using it as a handbag. The design which I went for was the Cream Bows On Navy print. Its a truly beautiful bag and one that works fine with or without the children. In fact the only giveaway that it might be intended for use with small children in the distinctive bright pink lining. I’m sure fans of Pink Lining spot that a mile away.

I love my Pink Lining bag, and at £60 I think its very reasonably priced for something so classy, so well sized and so gorgeous!

#PlayPatrol : Mission One : Train Service Shed and Bruno Comforter

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Well here we are, back reviewing Bigjigs toys and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. For our first mission of this new series we were sent two toys to review: a Bruno Comforter for Little Dude and a Train Service Shed for Little Man. Two very different toys for two very different boys, so without further ado, let’s get on with the show.

First up we have Little Dude’s newest friend, Bruno. Now Bruno is a member of Bigjigs’ rather cute baby range. Whilst they are famous for their wooden toys – trains especially – they do have a lovely selection of soft toys that are suitable from birth. Bruno Comforter is a soft fabric square, plain on one side and patched on the other. In the centre of the patchwork side is Bruno’s colourful head, and on the end of each corner is fun toy to play with. Two plastic teethers to play with and chew on, and two soft feet, one of which is squashy and one that crinkles.

I am a big fan of Bruno, in all his forms. This comforter is a perfect toy for any newborn, and Little Dude is extremely fond of his new buddy. At 11 weeks old he’s not *quite* grasping and gripping things, at least not consistently, and thankfully we haven’t reached that dreaded world of teething yet so admittedly he isn’t getting the full use and potential from the toy. However he is very efficient when it comes to cuddling Bruno and as you can see from the photo above, having a nice little chat. I love the bright colours, I love how soft it is, and I love that it genuinely works as a comforter. Its a great size for Little Dude to snuggle down with on his playmat or seat, and to come out on trips with us whether its to the supermarket or this week multiple National Trust locations.

Trains aren’t a new passion of Little Man’s, he’s been gracing the local garden centre steam train on a weekly basis for most of his young life, but wooden train sets are. He got his first wooden train set for Christmas, and at Easter his grandparents topped up his stash with a few bits and pieces from the best wooden train company in the world with my gentle guidance. You can understand my thrill no doubt then when we were chosen to review for Bigjigs again and in our first delivery we received the Train Service Shed, which is new for 2014. The service shed is precisely that: where you lead your trains when they need a bit of work, some new oil and a bit of TLC. The shed contains two lanes for maximum efficiency, as well as a drum of oil and water ready for use with spares outside. The walls have shelves painted on them with a bevy of tools and equipment to get your train back into tip top condition, and the roof is full of windows so the engineers can see precisely what they’re doing.

Well, where to start. This Train Service Shed is basically epic. The attention to detail is just mind-blowing, from the oil leaks on the floor of the shed, to the foliage growing up the back wall. The interior design is beautiful and the effort which has gone into it is astounding. Its an amazing addition to any train set – Bigjigs is compatible with all leading train sets – with super bright colours. You discover a new part of this toy every day, a new detail, and new use. This service shed has been used endlessly since it arrived, and has been one of the most recurring toys to grace the floor of our new playroom. It took a little longer than planned – admittedly me having a baby the week the building work was supposed to start didn’t exactly help – but we’ve had a shiny new conservatory built on the back of our house, and for the next few years at least it’ll be the boys playroom. Little Man is especially excited about his new domain – I’m sure Little Dude will fight his corner when he’s big enough – and seems to have made it his personal mission to cover the floor each and every day with toys. The train set is the most efficient way of doing this, and the service shed is always a key part of his work. I love it. Its exactly what I wanted when I dreamt up the playroom. Admittedly I think soundproofing should have been included, but you’ve got to work to a budget I guess.

If I had to criticise the service shed – and I guess I should if I could – it would be the entrance doors. The piece of track they attach to – which is included in the box – takes the two lanes down to one before the trains embark on their journey. Unfortunately the pieces down fit flushly together enough for the doors to open and close cleanly and I here endless choruses of “Its stuck!” coming from my chief engineer. With a bit of effort you can get them open again – pushing the track piece down so it sits below the shed does the trick – but I still find the yellow paint from the doors have begun to rub off on the pale wood track. Also the colour is also coming off on the removable roof where it fits onto the shed walls. A bit of minor decor faults that by no means detract from the enjoyment and endless play that this shed provides.

If you’re not already following Bigjigs on Twitter – and shame on you if you’re not – you can find their main account @BigjigsToys and their account dedicated to their rail toys @BigjigsRail. Give them both a follow and join in the fun, and keep your eyes open for regular competitions. And to keep track of all things Play Patrol keep your eyes on the dedicated hashtag #PlayPatrol.

Easter In Our House

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Little Man is a bit too young to really appreciate Easter and what its all about. He’s been spotting – and eating – Lindt Gold Bunnies in shops for months but doesn’t really know why they are there, other than for Mummy to buy and him to eat! Last Easter we bought him a Happyland Pirate Ship and some gold doubloons – chocolate ones of course – as we knew his grandparents and aunties and uncles would no doubt supply copious amounts of chocolate, which they did. The same rule applies this year when he’s going to be getting some Peter Rabbit Figures, a Peter Rabbit Book and probably a few Lindt bunnies. There’s already a huge bucket of Haribo in the kitchen for him, and I suspect more chocolate will be coming as well.

We don’t do Easter cards but if we did I imagine we’d take a look at the Dom and Geri website, who specialise in personalised cards and also offer personalised wrapping paper and banners. They have a great range of Easter cards to choose from, from the cute to the more traditional so you’re bound to find something to suit all tastes. Most cards can be personalised with your own text and even with your own images.

As far as plans for the lovely long Easter weekend go we’ll no doubt be heading down to the local garden centre which has a brilliant steam train running for at least one ride, and to take part in their Easter egg hunt. And we might even make it to our favourite National Trust site Nymans to take part in their’s as well. On Monday we’ll be heading down to visit Nana and Pops as its also Pops’ birthday this weekend, making it the perfect excuse to spend time with family. Fingers crossed this gorgeous weather holds.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend I hope you have a great – and chocolate filled – Easter.


World Book Day Competition

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Books are a big part of Little Man’s life. He has a huge Tidy Books Bookcase which is almost groaning under the pressure of so many books. Every night without fail Daddy reads him at least one of these books, and every Saturday morning they go to the local library to get new ones to read. They always come back with two or three new books, generally one of which is a Doctor Who book which doesn’t get read but Little Man likes to carry it around and look at the pictures. We love that he is so keen on books, and we’re hoping this will last a lifetime.

When Little Dude makes his entrance in a couple of months we want to ensure he follows in his big brothers footsteps and develops a passion for books. We’ll be reading to him every night and hopefully Little Man will want to share his love of books with his brother. We’ve already got some books ready for Little Dude which will be attached to his pushchair and car seat so he can “read” whilst he’s out and about.

axel scheffler buggy books sussex mummy competitionMacmillan sent him some gorgeous little Buggy Buddy books which feature illustrations from the super talented Axel Scheffler to take a look at. The set of four books each feature a different animal and these special books have a large button on the front of them that once pressed make the sound of the animal in question. The featured animals are a frog, a cat, a dog and a sheep. The illustrations are amazing and go nicely with the other books that Scheffler has illustrated – many of which adorn Little Man’s bookcase. I love the large button which Little Dude will no doubt have no trouble pressing, and they attach so easily and securely to his new car seat. These will be a great introduction into the world of books and reading for Little Dude.

Now I have THREE SETS of these gorgeous four books to giveaway to my readers to celebrate World Book Day, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below to be in with chance of winning one of the three sets of books. Good luck!

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