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Foodie: Soreen

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Reviews | Posted on 24-04-2014

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I must confess I’m not much of a fan of malt loaf, so when I was contacted by Soreen asking if I’d like to try out a box of their goodies I was a little apprehensive. They assured me that there’d be a range of flavours – not just plain malt loaf – and also a book of recipes to try with things to make using Soreen. I was looking for healthy snacks for during my pregnancy and I was intrigued as to what else I could do with a Soreen loaf other than butter a slice so I said yes and waited for my big yellow box to arrive.

I was hugely surprised by the massive range of Soreen products available. My goodie box was bursting at the seams with a variety of flavoured loaves, snack packs and lunchbox loaves. There was a delicious Toastie Loaf which is great as a mid morning snack and toasts perfectly straight from the freezer. The Apple and Sultana Loaf is also really tasty, and unsurprisingly the Chocolate Loaf proved very popular. The Banana Lunchbox Loaves have become so popular in our house in fact that they are now a staple part of our weekly food shop with both Little Man and Daddy popping them into their lunches when they go to preschool and work. The only one that we didn’t really enjoy was the Pre-buttered Snack Pack, but I think that was down to the pre-buttering and not the loaf itself.

Soreen Malt Loaf Sussex Mummy

There was also an Original Malt Loaf in the box and none of us were particularly keen to eat that plain. The included recipe book however saved us from having too. Ever thought about using malt loaf to make Chocolate Flapjack? Nope, neither had I but we tested out this recipe – which was super easy to make – and it was really tasty. I also suspect I’ll be buying more full sized Banana Loaves so we can try out both the Strawberry & Banana Trifle and the Chocolate Brownies recipes. If you head over to the Soreen website you’ll find lots of delicious recipes for things to make using your Soreen loaves, as well as the chance to submit your own recipes and ideas.

So am I a malt loaf convert? Well not in the sense that I’ll sit munching my way through a plain loaf, but yes, I am pleasantly surprised with the range and versatility of Soreen products. We will continue buying the lunchbox loaves without a doubt and I’m pretty sure I’ll be testing out a few more recipes soon. Trifle anyone?

Foodie: Snack Time

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Foodie, Product Reviews | Posted on 29-04-2013

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Do children ever stop eating? Little Man is 2 and a half and he seems to be permanently eating something or asking for food. Aside from his three meals a day snacks are very popular. He has the occasional “naughty” treat – Smarties are usually a winner, or those small Lindt Rabbits – but he does love fruit. Strawberries and grapes are probably his favourites, but he also eats blueberries, apples, bananas and satsumas by the bucket load. When we’re at home fruit is an easy snack to provide, but when we’re out and about transporting soft fruits can be a bit of a nightmare. Strawberries have been very disappointing this year, most of them are squashy and wet by the time they make it from the supermarket so I tend to leave them at home instead of popping some in a pot to take out on trips and days out. The team at Fruit Bowls however sent Little Man a couple of packets of their newest product Fruit Peelers to try, and may well have solved the strawberry problem.

Fruit Peelers are made from 100 fruit and nothing else, so I’m happy to give them to Little Man. He thinks he’s getting a treat or some much requested “treasure” when in fact he’s getting a healthy snack. Available in three different flavours Fruit Peelers come in packs of 3, and each peeler contains 1 of your 5 a day – another positive. They look like 6 strawberry laces stuck together, and they are peel-able – as the name suggests – so you can eat one lace at a time. Little Man ate the first one lace by lace, but now – with all the samples long gone, and numerous others bought since – he just eats them as a complete stick or bar. The great thing about these from my point of view is that you can chuck one in your handbag or changing back when you go out, and if your little one doesn’t eat it you can just leave it in there till your next trip out. There’s no mess to find in the bottom of your bag a few days later.

Fruit Bowl also do other products which are ideal for taking out and about without the mess. Fruit Flakes are another big hit with Little Man, as are the School Bars. Both make great things to pop into a handbag, or to use in your little ones lunch boxes for nursery, preschool or school. The Fruit Flakes are also great for baking – perfect for use in cakes, biscuits, muffins or scones.

The complete Fruit Bowls range is available from most supermarkets.

Review: New From Munchkin

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 18-03-2013

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Munchkin is a brand I’ve featured a few times on my website. They produce consistently quality products, and these two additions to their range are no exception.

Tug Along Boat
I seem to review a lot of bath toys, but its a great fun time of day, and in our house its Daddy’s job and a lovely opportunity for father son bonding. Daddy has been saying for a while that Little Man needed a boat for the bath, something I’m surprised in hindsight that we’ve got this far without. When Munchkin offered us this Tug Along Boat to review I couldn’t say no.
This brightly coloured boat comes with a red raft which attaches to the back or can be used independently. The boat itself has holes in the top to collect water which can then be poured out through the wheel at the front. The green handle is a great size for both children and adults alike so everyone can get involved with the water play. Beneath the handle you can see through to where the water collects and its made to look like a glass bottomed boat, giving a great view of some fish. The boat comes with two water squirting crew members – a penguin and a seal – who man the craft and also add an extra fun dimension. Little Man loves playing with this boat at bath time. He steers it around the bath with the handle and pours lots of water out past the wheel. Water squirters are always popular so these are much loved too – just remember to take cover if you’re in the bathroom with him!!

Click Lock Bento Mealtime Set
This mini version of a Bento Box is incredibly cute and functional. We like to go on picnics when the weather allows or if we’re out at a zoo or theme park, and Little Man will be heading off to preschool in September (Eeek!) so some kind of lunch box was going to be needed. This is perfect.
The box comes with three compartments – a main area for sandwiches or something savoury, and then two smaller compartments for fruit, vegetables or even yogurt. Each compartment has its own lid, and the two smallest ones have removable inserts for easy cleaning. Fitted into the main lid are a toddler sized fork and spoon, and there is a space on the base to write your child’s name. This Bento box is part of the popular Click Lock range, so once you hear the click upon securing the lid, you know its fastened and nothing will be escaping. I am a big fan of this and can see it getting lots of use for years to come – I just wish they did one in my size!!

You can find these, and the rest of the Munchkin range online.