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First Day at School

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Back To School | Posted on 07-09-2015

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Well this morning Little Man marched off to primary school for the first time. He was up and dressed and ready to go a full hour before we even had to leave the house. Needless to say he was rather excited. I was so proud as he waved goodbye and walked into class, clutching his book bag and PE kit, looking so grown up in his uniform.


Hot lunches are provided at school so there was no need for¬†lunch boxes. He’s been having hot lunches for the last year at preschool but it still seemed strange to me not to be packing him sandwiches and fruit and snacks. It is something I always associated with going to school, and something I always assumed I’d be doing, so it was strange not to go out this summer and buy him a lunch box.¬†Even though he isn’t off today with a lunch box we still have lots of boxes and containers he could have used at home, ones we use instead for picnics, days out and even for when I go to work.

With Little Man off at school now Little Dude and I will be enjoying lots of time together. There’ll be trips to the local National Trust properties and we’ve just become members of the nearby Fishers Farm Park so we’ll be heading there once a week I expect. Snacks are a must when out and about with children, and especially with Little Dude who has a great appetite. Grapes, rice cakes and fish crackers are his snacks of choice, so I’ll be making sure his little bag is well stocked before we go out. And our containers of choice? The Nude Food Movers.

Packaging is everywhere and on food it tends to be in excess more often than not. With packaging you get waste and with waste there’s litter, especially when you’re eating out and about. Litter is something I hate, and I teach my children to always put there rubbish in the bin and not on the floor. Eliminating packaging from our picnic baskets and bags means there’ll be no litter, and that’s where the Nude Food Movers come in.

The Nude Food Movers come in a massive range of shapes and sizes, and there really is one for every need. Lunch boxes, snack pots, water bottles, stackable tubes, cutlery carriers, and even meal boxes. I bought some of the stackable tubes when Little Man was small for carrying his bits around in. People always commented on how clever they were. During the summer the team at Smash got in touch to see if we wanted some other bits to try out and we were very keen to get involved.

A lovely box of bits arrived and we’ve been really impressed with everything they offered. Bright Stackable Tubes were our favourite, but the Yogurt Mover was really clever as it has a chillable section so your food stays cold. The Rubbish Free Lunchbox is perfect for me when I go to work and need to carry a meal with me. Two removable pods keep snacks separate and because they are leak proof I can even take portions of yogurt with me. Everything fits neatly together but is kept separate and secure, and despite their compact design you can get a lot of food in them.


Nude Food Movers are brilliant, whether you’re heading back to school, going out for picnic at the farm, or off to work. Food is well stored and you are litter free – perfect.