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A Luxury Weekend Away

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Holiday, Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 20-03-2013

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This Mothers Day as well as a lovely gift and card from Little Man, I also received a beautiful gift from L’Occitane. A set of three luxurious hand creams from their range – a Rose scented one, a Cherry scented one, and a Shea Butter scented one. These were sent out from Millennium Hotels, who think its important to congratulate and thank Mums for all our hard work.

Travelling with children is rarely easy. Finding the right place to stay with just what you need in a safe location for little ones can often be a bit of a mission. We’re on holiday this week ourselves, staying at Meon Springs Yurtery – definitely Mummy friendly camping. When we go on holiday we generally stay in self catering accommodation, most commonly in cottages with plenty of space and sites which are safe for our little explorer to rampage around. Its also important for us to choose somewhere family friendly, where children are expected and welcomed, as opposed to frowned upon.

Before Little Man came along we’d still usually stay in cottages for our main holiday, but if we were travelling to visit friends around the country, enjoying a short weekend break away, or going into London for a night out or a show, we’d stay in a hotel. Our requirements were a lot different to what they are now. We wanted somewhere a bit fancy if possible, especially in London, and we wanted quality accommodation, good central locations, and good food and drink on site. If we ever get the opportunity for a romantic break away without Little Man again – sweet talking of Grandparents needed for that one – we’ll certainly be considering the Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge.

Luxury accommodation in a perfect location is what you can expect from this hotel. Situated in the heart of the exclusive and fashionable Knightsbridge area of London you are ideally placed for shopping on Sloane Street, home of exquisite brands like Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. You are also close to Harrods and the Victoria & Albert Museum, as well as having the Royal Albert Hall within easy reach. Within the rooms you’ll find L’Occitane products to use. This brand is the perfect fit for this hotel, with both oozing decadence, opulence and luxury. I’ve never used L’Occitane before, but I was very impressed with the hand creams I was sent. Now I just need to convince my husband that a trip to Knightsbridge is in order to try some more!

You can find out all about the Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge and book yourself a getaway here.

Luxury Work Tops From Margrasil

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Home & Lifestyle | Posted on 27-02-2013

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We don’t play the lottery very often, mostly because we forget to buy a ticket, but once in a while we get one online. Like a lot of people we eagerly await that email on a Sunday morning to tell us we’ve won. It rarely comes, and when it does, it tends to be for £10. On the odd Friday night when I’m buying my online ticket I like to look at local estate agent websites and Rightmove to decide which house I’m going to buy with my winnings. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but I just see it as being prepared. Whilst looking at potential houses – most of which would fit my own house in the lobby – the first room I like to see is the kitchen. Its the most important room for me, mostly because I have so much kitchen equipment to fit in there, but because its the room I spend so much time in. I see the kitchen as the heart of any home and I dream of owning a large spacious kitchen. Ideally I’d love a kitchen with an island in the middle for preparation as well as benches all around, a large range cooker, and a large traditional pine table for family and friends to gather around. You see why I need a bigger house for this? Fingers crossed those numbers will come up soon.

One of the first things I see when I look at kitchens is the work tops. I spend a lot of time preparing foods, baking and working in my kitchen, so my work tops are something I spend a lot of time looking at. In my dream kitchen they’d be black granite, probably with a fleck of another colour in there. A colour that would match any cupboard design and kitchen appliance, but something that would look classy and luxurious. A nice clean shiny surface that is easy to care for and clean that will give me many years of service. When it comes to purchasing my luxury kitchen work top I’ll be looking no further than local company Margrasil.

Situated in Partridge Green, West Sussex, Margrasil use skilled stonemasons from across Sussex and Surrey to provide the height of luxury for your kitchen or bathroom. They provide quality natural stone which you can use for kitchen work tops or for units in your bathroom to all areas of the UK. Items are available in granite, marble or quartz, and come in a huge range of colours and designs so you are certain to find something that will match perfectly with other decor in your room. For my dream kitchen I’d choose Star Galaxy from their range of quality stone granite work tops. As well as providing you with a quality and luxurious work top, Margrasil also provide you with advice on how to clean and care for your work tops. They want to ensure your work tops lasts, so they provide tips on using it, protecting it, and cleaning it.

The team at Margrasil are passionate about what they do so are keen for customers to visit them at their workshop so you can see for yourself the quality and range of stone available, and so you can make the right choice for you  home. You can contact them today on 0845 504 2841 to arrange a visit and make your dream kitchen a reality.