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Summer Holiday Essentials: Picos Pack Pacapod

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews, Summer Holiday Essentials | Posted on 23-05-2012

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Summer has FINALLY arrived and no doubt you’re all thinking about your holidays. Whether you’re staying at home, taking a UK break, or jetting off somewhere further afield it is essential to pack the right things for your little ones. This is the first in a series of “Summer Holiday Essentials” which I think will make your holidays that little bit easier.

A good changing bag is one of the most important purchases for any parent. I’ve featured a couple on my blog in the past year, but I was looking for something that was practical and would fit in with an outdoors lifestyle. Country walks, trips to National Trust Gardens, a day at the beach, visiting a theme park or farm – these are all activities you might be undertaking this summer. You still need to make sure you’ve got everything you need for your little one though, and that probably includes nappies, wipes, snacks, drinks, toys, books, and a hundred and one other items too. You need a bag that can hold all these things, and you need to be able to put your hands on them at a moments notice, ideally a few seconds before your little one requests them!

Our first ever changing bag was a black Pacapod, and it remains a favourite to this day – especially with my husband who isn’t a fan of my somewhat feminine Mia Tui bag.  We have found a new favourite in the Picos Pack from Pacapod.

This rucksack style changing bag is ideal for trips out where you are doing a lot of walking, or perhaps can’t take the pram in to attach your bag to, and are instead using a sling or carrier for your child.  We have used it a lot in recent months and it was indispensable on our recent holiday to Devon. As is a feature of all Pacapod changing bags, the Picos Pack comes with two internal “pods” – a feeder pod which is insulated and a changer pod with pockets and spaces for all your nappy changing needs.  There are also two external pockets to carry drinks bottles in, and a front zip pocket which can hold keys, wallets and other items. With the two pods inside the main bag there is still room for other bits to be slipped in – we took this bag to the Eden Project with us recently and packed it full of picnic food for four adults and a toddler, and there was just about room! It really is a tardis! Even better is that it survived a rather epic downpour whilst we were outside the Bio-domes, and came home unscathed.

What I love about Pacapods is that you can always go straight to whatever you need because everything has its own place, and your know that as long as your pods are full, that you’ve got everything you need. Toy Pods are available separately and can be used in exchange for one of the other pods, depending on your needs that day.

The full Pacapod range, including the brilliant Picos Pack, is available now from the Pacapod website.

Christmas Gift Guide: Mia Tui Bags

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas Gift Guide, Product Reviews | Posted on 28-11-2011

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I love handbags.

When I had my Little Man back just over a year ago I was a little sad to say goodbye to my (embarrassingly large) collection of handbags. I had at least one for every occasion and several more just because they were pretty/on sale/there, but what I didn’t have was any that were suitable for use as a changing bag. Somewhere to store nappies, wipes, food, snacks, drinks, toys, muslins, more wipes… even my largest handbag was completely unsuitable. So I went out and bought a rather dull looking – though incredibly functional – changing bag which worked wonders. I knew where everything was, I always had what I needed and Little Man always had a toy/drink/snack/wipe to hand.

Now my Little Man is that bit older the variety of “stuff” I need to carry round with me has changed – I no longer need dozens of nappies, we don’t need gallons of milk, and thank god we no longer need a hundred wipes on standby at all times. What I need now is a range of snacks, some toys and a drink. So I wanted a new bag – any excuse really – so I was overjoyed when Charlotte at Mia Tui bags offered me TWO of her bags to review.

Mia Tui bags aren’t primarily changing bags. They are bags for women – all women – for any occasion. And they aren’t wrong! These gorgeous leather bags look like handbags – they larger of the range looks like an overnight bag – and that satisfies my first need. My second was that is was big enough for what I needed and that I’d be able to find what I was looking for instantly.

The first bag Charlotte sent over was the Grace bag.

It looks like a handbag!!

This bag comes with a matching clutch, a bottle holder – for milk or water, a key clip, a pen pocket and a mobile phone pocket. There are multiple zip pockets inside it allowing your to keep your baby items separate if that’s what you’re using it for, plus a large main section for items you want immediately at hand. The long cross-body strap can also be adjusted to a shorter shoulder strap. I love this bag… but my Mum loves it more! My Mum is now the proud owner of this bag and she uses it daily as her handbag. Her love of handbags is similar to mine and she has been drooling over this bag since she first saw it back at the Baby Show For Trade where we first met Charlotte. She can find her keys, can produce a pen at a moments notice, and always answers her mobile phone – something she was previously notorious for not hearing or finding in time. A fantastic bag ideal for Mums – or Grandma’s – and a perfect gift this Christmas.

The second bag we received was the Amelie bag.

This bag is HUGE!!

This is Mia Tui’s signature large tote… and they aren’t kidding. I think my Little Man could live in this bag! It comes with two clear internal bags – airport security size for travel, a matching clutch, a bottle holder, pen pocket, mobile phone pocket, key clip, clips to secure your separate bags, and a hands free shoulder strap. Measuring an epic W39cm X D16cm X H40cm this bag is for “the woman who wants it all, all the time.” This bag is ideal for parents with multiple children who need a wide range of things to carry, or if you are going on a long car/train/plane journey and need to have plenty supplies to hand. You could use it as an bag to take to the office,  you could take it to the beach, you could use it as luggage for a weekend away. This bag has so many uses – it is phenomenal.

Both the Grace and the Amelie bag are available now in a range of colours from the Mia Tui website.