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Review: Box Upon A Time

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 07-10-2014

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Time for another subscription box review, and this time it features one of my favourite products: baby clothes. I am dreadful when it comes to buying baby clothes – any trip to the supermarket isn’t complete with a cute top or outfit sneaking its way into the trolley. I also love to scour the rails at local nearly new sales and always manage to track down a bargain.

Box Upon A Time is a baby clothes subscription box that sends out new designer clothes to you either monthly, quarterly or as a one off which you can even send as a gift. You get a choice of three boxes – silver, gold or platinum – and each contains clothes up to the value of between £40 and £170!  Brands featured in the boxes include ones you’re probably familiar with like Olive & Moss and Little Green Radicals, and ones you might not be quite so well up on like I Talk Too Much and Rock Your Baby.

Little Dude was sent a Silver box to review, which included three items of clothes whose value totaled between £40 and £60. The box itself retails at £29, so the saving was up to 60%. Inside we found two sleepsuits and a pair of cotton dungarees. Now for me the value of this box was terrifying based on its contents. Around £50 for THREE items, two of which were sleepsuits. Whilst they were both very cute, and they both felt clearly to be better quality than I would usually buy from the local supermarket, the price tag was a bit scary for items that will be grown out of within two or three months. The third item – the dungarees – were not to my taste at all, but as a review sample I had no input as to its contents. (Customers get to provide details of the sort of clothes they like and are able to return boxes if they don’t like whats included.)

I love the idea of a baby clothes subscription box, and especially one that introduces you to brands you might not be familiar with, but for children as young as Little Dude, I think the price is a little steep for my budget. When they get older, absolutely. For a child of Little Man’s age – four in a couple of weeks – I could probably get on board with the idea, but with the speed Little Dude is growing, and the frequency of milk coming back out of him, I don’t think this is entirely worthwhile. A one off gift for a baby, or perhaps a quarterly treat is fair enough. But I think stumping up £30 to £70 every month for three or four items of clothing is crazy. I’ve never been that type of parent that dresses their child in pricey designer wear. In fact its only once clothes start lasting a year that I’m willing to spend more than supermarket prices on anything. For now I’ll be sticking to the supermarkets and nearly new sales to keep my two looking their best.

Review: Almondella Baby Box

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Pregnancy, Preparing For Baby, Product Reviews | Posted on 28-06-2014

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I’ve reviewed a few beauty monthly subscription boxes on here and been a big fan of the concept, as well as the contents. The arrival of Little Dude has given me the opportunity to test out a new kind of monthly subscription box – the baby box.

I was recently sent a brand new Almondella box to test out. Almondella originates from Finland where new mothers get a box of products when their babies are born – something which I must say appeals to me!  – which includes clothing, washable nappies, bedding, towels and other care products. You might recall that Prince George received a box from the Finnish government when he was born. The empty boxes are even used as a bed for baby, which certainly saves on buying moses baskets. Almondella decided to give people to get their own taster of this box by providing a monthly box which fits in with the age of your baby, starting from when they are in your tummy right through until they are 3 years old. If you become a subscriber you get a preview of the contents each month and so get the option to skip a box if you wish to.

We were sent a “Newborn Box” to review, which contained items for Little Dude and for me. Our box contained a Lifefactory Glass Bottle for feeding, a packet of Imsevimse Washable Breast Pads, some Love Boo Bosom Buddy breast firming cream, a pair of Moi Leggings and a Darling Clementine Note card.

almondella subscription box contents

This box is clearly geared up for those early days of seemingly endless feeding, and even comes with a leaflet about bonding with your baby through breastfeeding. Now unfortunately for me, despite my best intentions, a slightly traumatic birth and subsequent problems have meant that breastfeeding was pretty unsuccessful from day 2. Little Dude enjoyed about a 36 hours of being purely breastfed and that’s brilliant for me, considering the chaos that ensued. Despite this I think this box and its contents are pretty cool.

I love the colourful breast pads – who says they have to be plain and white – and I’m sure these would have been great fun to use given the chance. The breast firming cream smells really fresh and absorbs nice and quickly which is crucial for any kind of beauty regime nowadays. I adore the leggings which are a great gender neutral grey shade with a distinct black bird pattern across them. These are sized 0-6 months so we should get plenty wear from them, even if a bit of rolling up the legs is required at the start! Personally the idea of a glass feeding bottle is a bit scary – I do tend to drop things pretty regularly – but the silicone sleeve on this bottle will provide a degree of protection. Being made of glass also makes the bottle more dishwasher friendly without the danger of picking up strong odours and colours which often occurs with plastic bottles. Finally the note card is probably the vaguest part of this box, though I guess it would make a cute Thank You card for those baby gifts that you receive.

The Almondella boxes start from 45 Euro a month for a 12 month subscription – that’s just over £36 at today’s exchange rates – with the price increasing slightly per box for a shorter subscription. Trial boxes are also available from 30 Euro and one off gift boxes are 59 Euro. Now according to the enclosed leaflet the contents of my box retails at 85 Euro (just under £70) making the 45 Euro price tag seem a pretty decent saving. Whilst I wouldn’t personally pay £70 for the contents of my box, I think £36 would be fairly reasonable, especially when its being delivered and sent internationally. All the products are of a great quality and they are all something that little bit different that you probably wouldn’t find in stores. Almondella boxes gives you a great insight into baby brands and products from across Europe and for me that’s another interesting feature.

Almondella subscription boxes are available from their website. You can also find them on Twitter @Almondella