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Guest Post: 5 Things Every Mummy Should Own, But Are a Tad Expensive

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Guest Post, Preparing For Baby | Posted on 11-04-2014

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Once a mother, life changes completely. You now have a new, helpless, little soul dependent on you for just about everything. Time for yourself is a luxury. As your child grows you begin to wonder if life gets easier as it goes along. Truth is, things will get better, but just as you ease out of one phase of childhood, you will enter another one.

With every growing phase of your child, you will find yourself buying things that you feel is just right for them. This may be purchases for their wardrobe, their play, their physical and mental growth and much more. But have you ever stopped to think, that you are entitled to a few nice purchases yourself? As a mother, you tend to lose track of yourself and your needs. Here is a list of some things that you must own, even if they are a little out of your budget.

1. A fashionable wardrobe: Nobody steps out for a day of shopping and comes back with a whole new wardrobe in a single day. Working out those few fashion staples that may be mixed and matched to create the perfect look will take some time and searching. Rather than go with regular denim, invest in a pair of dark, stretchable jeans that flatters your body and your looks.

2. Quality skincare: Invest in a quality make-up brand to create a fresh look when you step out for that PTA meeting. It will do a world of good for your personality and your self-esteem. Buy a high-end bag one day, and invest in a chic pair of shoes. Work slowly on your wardrobe, and you will find yourself stepping out with more confidence.

3. A membership at a spa: So you have your hectic life going full steam ahead– children, work, home, husband and all the demands that go with it, so you never catch a break. Invest in a membership at a spa and make sure to never let anything come in the way of that appointment. Opt for the works each time– from a full body massage to manicures and pedicures, body wraps and scrubs and a hair spa. Such treatments serve as great pick-me-ups, giving you the energy and motivation you need to carry on with your lifestyle without a break for a longer period to come.

4. Regular trips out with the girls: Every mother has her trustworthy circle of friends whom she turns to when she needs them. Save enough each year to go on a short break with the girls, where you have nothing else to worry about other than choosing a hotel and travel package. Such rejuvenation is always welcome.

5. Diamonds: No matter how much we deny it, a diamond can always get our spirits up. Invest in a solitaire – be it a ring or a pendant or both. This is something that you may use to instantly spruce up a drab outfit. It is also a piece of jewellery that immediately boosts your self-esteem and the way you look. On those really tough days, diamonds can really help soothe those nerves. Of course, a diamond is not something you can just buy on a whim. You’re either going to have to save up for a few months, possibly even longer, or get some financing, in which case you may be interested in what cbonline has to offer.

Being a mother is not easy, and it is important that we learn to take time out for ourselves as well.

“The Fatherhood”

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 20-03-2013

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You’ll all no doubt remember the “Motherhood” video which featured on my website a few months ago which was created by the team at Fiat. It was hugely popular and caused somewhat of a stir amongst mums across the country – mainly for its alarming realism. Well the team at Fiat are back with a sequel, and this time its the turn of the dads. If you’re about to become a father, you may want to look away now…

Mums don’t have it easy, but I think we can all agree that Dads have problems of their own when the first child comes along. We have friends who struggled getting their children to sleep at night like the couple at the start of this video, and they too sent Dad out every night to drive around the local area. And sometimes the local few counties. For about three hours.

Whilst I’m sure every father sees their child or children as a blessing – when they’re asleep anyway – I suspect they do miss their old life too. After a few sleepless nights I’m sure all new fathers wonder what day or time it is, what on earth they are doing driving around at 3am, and who that tired looking person looking back at them in the mirror is. Maybe we should start sharing our concealer with the men in our lives?

The elimination of sex is often the much complained about part of fatherhood, so that takes its rightful place within this brilliant video. Comments about the “last fun act”, considering future “abstinence” and my favourite line about “doubling up on the rubber” in order to prevent further incidents. But then again, its a little tricky to partake when you “drive all night” just to get your little ones to sleep isn’t it!

Watch out too for the cheeky cameo for our “book club joining” star of the Motherhood video, just before Dad finally makes it home with his two darling children asleep… just in time for the police siren to wake them up again. We’ve all been there haven’t we?

Everyone’s life changes when a baby arrives, whether you are facing Mother or Fatherhood for the first time. Sleepless nights, bags under your eyes, and errant urine are just the start. But lets face it, things can only get better can’t they?