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New York Fashion

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Fashion | Posted on 16-05-2013

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I’ve been lucky enough to go to New York twice in my life. Its an amazing city, there’s no place like it. It truly is the city that never sleeps, with something always happening, something new to see, and different people to meet and experience. We spent a lot of our time around Central Park, Time Square and Fifth Avenue, but we did drift downtown too, taking in the sights and sounds a long the way.

The SoHo area of New York is rife with artists, fashion and attitude. Its a trendy district to be in and be seen in. Swedish fashion designer Johan Lindeberg has captured this culture and style in his BLK DNM collection, available now from Avenue 32. He brings denim, leather and tailoring to create a look which is typically downtown New York.  The pieces are all black, grey and blue – save for one white t-shirt – and are beautifully tailored to create a statement which is perfectly BLK DNM.

“Always true to the hard-edged masculine/feminine look, the Lindeberg girl is insouciant and chic in her cropped leather bomber jacket on any occasion –even when it’s thrown over an evening dress.”

I really like a few of the pieces, especially the Dim Grey items. Whilst they are clearly not the everyday uniform of us Mummy’s, I think the Dim Grey jacket and trousers would make stylish business wear. Skinny jeans are still massively popular and the BLK DNM ones are ultra chic, and teamed with this cropped leather jacket would make a great statement outfit.

The BLK DNM look is a style choice, an appearance, and an attitude. Whilst a full outfit might be too much for a trip to Tesco’s, perhaps investing in a single statement piece like this jacket might be the way to go. 






Thinking About The Future

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Holiday, Information, Sponsored Posts | Posted on 05-04-2013

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Before Little Man made his appearance Daddy and I traveled quite a bit. We visited Paris during the first six months of our relationship, and when we’d been dating for a year Daddy took me to New York for a few days – clearly a sign he was a keeper. We were married on the 5th of April 2008 – today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary – and for our honeymoon we returned to New York again before spending five days on Maui. Most other holidays were much more local, often visiting Dublin but more often than not staying UK based. After Little Man our holidays were always UK based and probably will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

We have fond memories of New York and whenever we see it on the TV, either in the news or in a movie or whilst watching Friends we keep saying “We must go again and do…” but I don’t think either of us believes its going to happen anytime soon. I’d like to think we’ll manage it one day, probably when Little Man and any future siblings have left the nest and we’re heading for retirement. 

I like the idea of travelling when we’re retired. There’s a great big world out there and so many places we’d love to visit, and revisit. New York is a clear favourite, a city that holds a special place in our hearts, but I think a trip to New Zealand is something Daddy would love. America is a vast country and there are several cities and states I’d like to see. And of course a return to Hawaii would be amazing. Perhaps a different island next time. Plus anyone that knows me will know how much I love and adore Dublin, but fingers crossed a trip there will be in my near future.

Travelling is a fun and exciting event, but there are, as with all things, risks to consider. Travel insurance is a sensible option, especially if you are travelling a lengthy distance. Travelling in your later years brings an added dimension, which is why insurance is essential. Age UK offer a great service for older travelers, and are the ideal choice for those with existing medical problems. They cover medical expenses and personal belongings whether you’re sunning yourself in Cyprus or skiing in Switzerland. They also cover medical equipment against loss or theft, and that includes wheelchairs and walking frames.

So if your parents or grandparents are planning an exotic holiday this year, or even just staying in the UK, suggest they take a look at Age UK for their insurance. You can find all the details here.


Book Review: “A Passion For Baking” by Jo Wheatley

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Book Review | Posted on 06-07-2012

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I love baking. It’s something I’ve enjoyed doing since I was little and used to “help” my Mum in the kitchen. Now I’m a Mum myself finding the time to bake does prove tricky. I can’t wait until Little Man is old enough to join in, though I don’t look forward to cleaning up afterwards! When I do find the time – usually at weekends when Daddy takes over – there’s nothing I enjoy more than whipping up a cake or a batch of biscuits for my little family to enjoy, and this book is perfect for doing just that.

Available exclusively at Sainsburys for a bargain price of £7.99 “A Passion For Baking” is the debut book from the winner of The Great British Bake Off Jo Wheatley. Whenever I get a new cookbook – and yes, I own a ridiculous number – I flick through it immediately to see what stands out for me. After a few moments of flicking through the pages of “A Passion For Baking” I was salivating. Not only does this book contain loads of recipes that I actually want to make, but the photography makes me want to make them right now! Page after page of beautifully photographed food, either as a completed bake or as partial ingredients, makes this book a visual feast. My personal favourites are the photos of the Mini Mississippi Mud Pies and the Raspberry Torte. But this book contains so many recipes which I can’t wait to try out on my family.

For Fathers Day this year we had Jo’s American Pancakes with some fresh fruit. My Husband and I have been to the USA twice – once when we’d been dating a year, and again for our honeymoon – and on both occasions visited New York. Our main memory from these visits is the food – mostly the sheer size of it – but specifically the breakfasts. Nothing started the day better than a stack of pancakes, more often than not with maple syrup and some crispy bacon. Jo’s American Pancakes are JUST as delicious, and brought back amazing memories. They were light and fluffy, and super easy to make. I can see them being made again and again in our house for years to come.

Baking conjures up so many memories for me, and I look forward to making lots of new ones with my Little Man, and this book.

“A Passion For Baking” is out now, and available from Sainsburys.

Andy & Evan For Little Gentlemen Competition

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Competition, Trade Show Discovery | Posted on 10-02-2012

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During my recent trip to the Bubble Trade Show in London is was so excited to discover the Andy & Evan Brand. Andy & Evan started out in America as a tailored shirt company for adult men. It was formed by Andy & Evan who left their jobs and set up the company, keen to provide an excellent product and excellent customer service. Since the companies birth they have gained a following of industry leaders, celebrities and famous athletes. Three years on they’ve decided to take the leap into children’s clothing and have set up their “Little Gentlemen” range, and now they over in the UK trying to smarten up the little boys here.

Their current Spring Summer 2012 range boasts a range of their famous “Shirtzies.” These are a gorgeous combination of a traditional button down shirt with the functional snap closure underneath your little boys bottom. This helps to keep your little one looking smart as he crawls and rampages around. The shirts are made from 100% premium tailored cotton with a soft cotton terry lined collar so they are comfortable on even the littlest gentleman.  The “Shirtzies” come in a range of plain, gingham and plaid designs. There is even a shirt with contrasting white collar and cuffs called “The Banker. Andy & Evan also have a range of lightweight cotton cargo pants and shorts, polo shirts, rompers and bucket hats to help keep your little gentleman looking smart but keeping cool this summer.

Later this year I will be doing a review of their amazing Autumn Winter range as displayed at Bubble London, but for now I am so excited to be able to offer this cute prize to one lucky reader.

I have one White Oxford Shirtzie and one pair of Navy Twill Shorts to give away in size 6-12 months. Perfect for keeping your little man looking cool this summer. To be in with a chance of winning this prize please Tweet the following:

“I Want To Win A Shirtzie & Shorts Set From @AndyAndEvanKids With @SussexMummy! http://ht.ly/8ZD5F “

The competition ends on Friday 17th February at 8pm and the winner will be notified as soon as possible afterwards.

To find out more about Andy & Evan check out their website and follow them on Twitter @AndyAndEvanKids.