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Elastoplast ‘Adventures 4 Kids’ Launch Event

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 21-07-2011

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A rather posh London hotel was the venue for Elastoplast’s ‘Adventures 4 Kids’ campaign launch today, which is being fronted by naturalist Nick Baker of, amongst other things, CBBC fame. Nick is hugely enthusiastic about adventures and out door play having spent his early years “learning in the woods.” He now takes great pride, and amusement, in the fact that he gets to be a “professional 10 year old.”

In a world where televisions, computers and games consoles provide constant distraction for children from a steadily younger age traditional adventures are becoming a thing of the past. Parental concerns about the safety of their children, their own increasingly hectic schedules and the current economic downturn means that a startling 85% of children crave more “adventure” in their lives, according to a recent survey by Elastoplast. Camping in your own back garden, scavenger hunts and rambling through the woods is just not done anymore, but Nick Baker is out to change this.

Children getting cuts and scrapes is all part of this campaign – as is patching them up with Elastoplast products – but Nick sees this as a key part of childhood. When talking about his own little girl – and believe me the scrapes she gets into rival her fathers – he is hugely passionate about encouraging her to get out there into and experience an adventure. She is often adorned with cuts and scrapes but he believes that once she’s done it once she learns not to do it again. An incident with a stair gate now means she respects the stairs and won’t be falling down them a second time. Bumps and bruises are an integral part of childhood. “Our bodies are our tools for adventure” according to Nick, and for him every scar tells a story.

And that’s where Elastoplast comes in. They want your children to tell their own “Elastoplast Stories” and recreate their own adventures and cuts and scrapes online. Using a multitude of plaster shapes they can build their own story-boards and make their own version of the new Elastoplast advert. The top five stories will win a family adventure to Greece, and for the first 1000 stories submitted to the website, Elastoplast will donate £5 to children’s charity ‘Over The Wall’. This charity provides life changing experiences and adventures for children with serious illnesses who often spend all their time in hospitals and never get the chance for their own adventures.

Now whilst my little man is a bit young to fully appreciate the world of adventures and cuts and scrapes – despite repeatedly banging his head on the floor – meeting with and listening to Nick talk so enthusiastically has certainly given me food for thought. We are already members of the National Trust – which Nick is a Ranger for – and visit Petworth House when we can. This is something I want to ensure we continue into the future. I want to get my little boy interested in the world around him, whether it be trips to places like Petworth House or Pulborough Brooks, or just rampaging around in his own back garden (when we get a house with one!). I don’t want my little boy glued to the TV set or the latest games console. I want him out there in the fresh air, climbing trees and creating his own adventure. And for him to know that Mummy will always be waiting for him back at home with a box of plasters and a cuddle.

Head over to the Elastoplast website for more information including downloadable Adventure Packs and details on the Elastoplast Story-Teller competition: http://www.elastoplast.co.uk

Nick Baker can be found on Twitter at, rather appropriately @bugboybaker