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#Review: Oxo Tot Feeding Range

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 17-07-2015

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Followers of my blog and my Twitter will know that Little Dude is something of a keen independent self feeder. Purees were pretty much rejected from day one of the weaning process, and generally the only foods he will accept via a spoon are rice puddings and Weetabix. Every other meal and snack has to be self fed using his hands, which as I’m sure you can imagine causes something of a mess.

Lunches tend to be pretty standard meals involving a selection from cheese, crackers, sandwiches, cocktail sausages, cooked chicken, toddler crisps, grapes, and things like that. Evening meals are generally things he can pick up himself, so pasta is quite frequently served, but there is also fish fingers, pizza, sausages, and so on. When we eat foods that need cutlery like cottage pie for example we are usually successful in spoon feeding, but sometimes there’s a lot of arm waving and batting away of the spoon to contend with.

At 14 months old he is hugely keen to copy his older brother in all things. At meal times he sits opposite Little Man and watches him intently, and we are hoping that this will encourage him to realise the benefits of using cutlery as opposed to just his fingers. To aid with this as well, we were sent a feeding set from Oxo Tot so he has his own set of cutlery to get to grips with.

The set consists of a fork and spoon set which features large easy to grip handles and are ideally sized to scoop food onto and fit in little mouths. There is a plate with high sides – part of which can be removed once children get to grips with it – and curved edges that make picking up the food easier. There is also a bowl with a lid that is nice and deep to avoid spillages.

My favourite feature of the plate and bowl is the weight of them. They aren’t heavy by any means but they are much heavier than other toddler plates we have which do tend to get dropped frequently. These set from Oxo Tot sit comfortably and firmly on the table and so far haven’t been moved. The bowl is used daily for snack time and Little Dude is able to sit on the floor and hold the bowl whilst he helps himself to whatever is inside. Because of the weighted base there’s no tipping it over and he seems really comfortable holding it.

OxoTot-Self-Feeding-SussexMummyThe cutlery is being held, and he is excellent and spoon feeding himself air. Actual food? Not so much but the ideal is there so I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before he gets to grips with them. For now I’m eternally relieved that we have a large mat underneath his highchair.

Oxo Tot also sent us a matching divided plate. I don’t know what it is with young children but separated food seems to be very important to them. In a similar fashion to the feeding set the plate has high sides, again with a removable top section. The plate itself is divided into four sections – a large one which is suggested for vegetables, two smaller sections for proteins and carbs, and then a small pot in the middle for dip. The underside of the plate features images of what they recommend you place in each section to ensure a balanced meal but by no means should you feel this is anything more than suggestion.

6113700UK_1_(1)This divided plate is our go to plate for lunch each day. Yesterday for example it contained cheese spread sandwiches, fish crackers, chopped cooked sausages, and a few halved grapes. Little Dude loves sitting in his highchair with this plate in front of him, picking out what he wants to eat. He’s very independent and this plate allows him ultimate control over what he’s eating.

I really like the items from Oxo Tot and at the minute they are the only things we use with Little Dude. I’m sure he’ll get the hang of the cutlery soon, but for now he’s content holding it with one hand at meal times whilst merrily feeding himself with the other. The bowl is instantly recognised as his snack bowl nowadays, and I can see this being used out and about this summer thanks to the handy lid. All the items we received are great quality and do precisely what they are designed to do. Meal times aren’t essentially less messy at the moment – he thinks dropping things on the floor is the best game EVER – but he’s certainly on his way to somewhat cleaner meal times!

Review: Oxo Twist Top Water Bottle

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 31-10-2013

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Is it just us that seems to own every sippy cup out there, or is it a normal thing? Every time we open Little Man’s cupboard in the kitchen where we store his cups and bowls and plates at least one sippy cups jumps out at us. The reason for our deluge of cups? Finding one that works consistently and reliably is a nightmare. Who knew it could be so hard to create a cup that your child can drink from without spilling it, or chewing the straw off, or that is permanently open to the elements, or leaks in your handbag. Apparently its rocket science, but thankfully someone seems to have achieved the seemingly impossible. And about time too.
oxo tot twist top water bottle in aquaOxo Tot have created this, the Twist Top Water Bottle, seen here in Aqua. A simply designed bottle which is easy to hold for young children either by the indentation round the bottle or the loop on the lid. A decent length straw reaches right the way to the bottom so no juice or water gets wasted – the number we have that don’t do this is alarming – and a simple twist of the lid folds the straw away. This is both hygienic AND ensures the spill proof nature of the lid. Even with it open you can shake it upside down – as children tend to do – or knock it over – as Little Man does hourly – and nothing comes out. Not one drop.
I love this bottle as it does what it claims and it does what I need it to do. Little Man loves it because he can carry it round easily and it always dispenses his favourite juice. Even Daddy commented the other day that this was a good cup and wanted to know where we got it from and should we get a spare. For Daddy to notice and comment on something like a sippy cup must mean its pretty much brilliant.
The Twist Top Water Bottle from Oxo Tot is priced at £8 and is available in Aqua, Green and Raspberry. It has a capacity of 300ml and is dishwasher friendly – always a bonus for us.

Product Review: Oxo Tot Training Cup

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 21-08-2012

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As you all know my Little Man is going to be 2 in October. We’re very lucky as he’s always been great at eating since we began weaning him at four months, and he’s always enjoyed his milk. He was breastfed for just two weeks after I fell ill and couldn’t continue, so he has been bottle fed formula and then cow’s milk since then. Now as he approaches his 2nd birthday he is still insistent on drinking milk from a bottle, though he is only having two bottles a day – one small one after his midday nap, and one big feed before bed. I’ve tried a multitude of sippy cups and beakers, but he just pulls a face when he takes a drink. Transfer the same milk into a bottle and he finishes it without pausing for breath. I decided we needed a new different cup to try with, so I spoke to the team at Oxo Tot and they sent me a Training Cup to try.

The training cup holds 200ml of liquid so is the perfect size for his milk feed at night. It has an open top, but with an insert which features small holes around the edge. This allows children to get used to open top cups but with the flow much slower to reduce the potential for spillage. It also has a similar shape and feel to his usual bottles so I was pretty hopeful.

One afternoon when he got up from his nap I gave him the Training Cup with 120ml of milk in – his usual feed size at this time. He was excited about a new cup and he brought it to his lips and took a successful sip. I was thrilled – mainly because he hadn’t poured it down himself, proving that this cup does work! Unfortunately this was followed by his usual appalled face and the swift turning over of the cup. Needless to say milk is a little tricky to get out of carpet, but if you do it fast enough there is no lingering smell.

So we are still using bottles for milk, but this Training Cup works really well for meal time drinks. If anyone has any ideas on getting my son off the bottle, or any products that might do the trick, I’d really appreciate your thoughts!!

The Oxo Tot Training Cup is available in green, aqua and raspberry, and you can read more about it here.