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Keeping School Uniforms Clean

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Back To School, Product Reviews | Posted on 10-09-2013

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Well the children have been back at school for about a week now – or longer if you’re north of the border. Little Man had his first morning at preschool last Thursday and, despite a few tears once I’d left, coped really well. Very proud mummy. What I did notice though when I picked him up was the fact he looked rather grubby. Paint and pens on his fingers, but also sand and dirt on his clothes. To be expected, particularly when you have a little boy.
He has two tshirts which he wears as his uniform, along with some shorts when its hot and trousers when its cooler. His tshirts are a bright green colour and have the preschools logo on the front. I want to keep them looking bright and colourful right through the school year, and maybe into next as they do swamp him at present.

Washing Little Man’s clothes is a bit of a minefield as he does suffer with eczema – the perils of being related to me sadly. We have medicated cream and moisturiser to protect his skin but we do have to watch what we use to wash his clothes. Non-bio is generally the safest bet, but I do tend to use a fabric softener as well, just to make sure everything is comfortable against his skin.

Clothes will probably start getting the Persil Small & Mighty with eraser ball treatment. This works wonders on really hard to get out stains like tomato sauce, simply by popping some straight onto the stain and rubbing it in with the eraser ball. I’ll also be using the new Comfort Bright Colours fabric conditioner with his school uniform. As well as keeping his clothes nice and soft, it also works to keep them looking nice and bright too.

Best get plenty Persil and Comfort in. Based on day one, its going to be a long messy school year!

Raising A Royal Baby

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 15-08-2013

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Its only been two weeks since Prince George was born and I’ve already seen DOZENS of products released to commemorate the birth. Most of them are a bit pointless, but there have been one or two quality items. I think my favourite though has to be the Limited Edition Persil & Comfort Pure. A nice subtle box redesign and still a useful product inside – perfect.

Persil & Comfort Pure have also written a guide on how to raise your own baby like a Royal, with a little help from Royal Etiquette Expert Jean Broke Smith. Its all very much tongue in cheek but a great little read whilst you have five minutes to yourself. You can download your own copy here. Enjoy!

Fitness: Aching Muscles & Weight Control

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, New Year, New Year New You, Product Reviews | Posted on 04-01-2013

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Still feeling full from all the eating, drinking and being merry that’s been going on? You and me both. But as the New Year dawns – and I truly hope you all have an amazing one – its the time of year when people tend to hit the gym and start exercising more. You may have put some weight on over Christmas that you want to shift, or you might have just had your final blow out before a healthy eating regime begins. You might simply just want to stay fit and maintain your current weight. Here’s some exercise ideas for you, as well as some products you might need to help you on your way.

We all know the importance of exercise, but a lot of us struggle to find the time to do it. We are intimidating by the prospect of joining a gym so ideally doing some in the safety of our own home is best. Persil & Comfort have teamed up to provide two exercise routines which you might want to consider, one for those of you who may be pregnant, and one for those who may have just had a baby and want to get back to working out. Both routines include movements that would benefit anyone, pregnant or not, so why not take a look and consider including a few into your daily workout. You can view the Antenatal and Post Natal routines online, and then print them out for future reference. I tried out a few of the Post Natal routines in the comfort and privacy of my own home using the resistance band which Persil & Comfort sent me over. It takes just a few minutes of your day and its ideal for when your little one is asleep. As well as helping with your fitness and weight it gives you an energised feeling too, which is vital when there’s a baby in the house!

With any exercise there is always the danger of injury. Working out in a suitable space with the right footwear and equipment is vital, but sometimes accidents do happen. Its probably a good idea to have some pain relief on hand in case. Deep Heat and Deep Freeze use temperature to help soothe injuries. I’m a fan of Deep Heat as I think the warming sensation it creates gives a feeling of comfort to an injury, but the benefits of cold compresses are well known too. Deep Relief combines ibuprofen with Levomenthol. Its a clear gel that provides non-sticky and non-greasy pain relief with a mild scent of menthol. Whilst I’m personally not a huge fan of the smell of menthol I did find Deep Relief providing fast pain relief without the use of temperature changes, so this is ideal for people who aren’t a fan of Deep Heat or Deep Freeze. All three gels are available from your local pharmacy without prescription.

So you’ve started a new exercise regime and started eating better. You want to know if your hard work is paying off, and you want to keep track of your progress. Its time to invest in a good set of scales so you can monitor you weight. These new scales from Brabantia are not only accurate but their also a sleek design and a bit of a fun gadget too. They are Solar Powered. You don’t have a window in your bathroom? Fear not. Neither do I. These scales have taken up residence in our ensuite in an attempt to prevent Little Man from playing on them, and that bathroom has no window. This is not a problem though, as these scales come with Dual Solar Cells which means they gain their charge from natural and artificial light sources. So as well as charging up from day light, they are also charged from the light from your bathroom light bulbs – perfect for bathrooms without windows. They are comfy to stand on, non slip, and have an integrated handle so you can move them around easily. These are brilliant scales which will not only help you watch and monitor your weight, but will also reduce your impact of the environment. Fantastic.

I hope this has inspired you to get out there and start exercising this new year, and may I take this opportunity to wish you all an AMAZING 2013.

Mosh & Wash with Persil

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 18-10-2012

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Music is a big part of my Little Man’s life. We do Sing & Sign classes where, as well as learning valuable sign language, he also dances about to music. He also enjoys listening to music in the car when we’re driving around, and also at home. He’s always up for a bit of a dance and looks a delightful mix of adorable and comical when doing it.

Research recently commissioned by Persil has found that music is crucial to keeping your child happy and helping develop their creativity. It also helps children work together, thus boosting their confidence and their social skills. Because of this Persil launched a “Get Messy With Music” campaign this summer with the help of Sophie Ellis Bexter to encourage musical play. This can be singing nursery rhymes constantly, playing an instrument over and over, or even something as simple as beating a saucepan with a wooden spoon.

Persil sent us a “Mosh & Wash” kit this summer to help Little Man hone his musical skills. I must confess to being a little nervous when I pulled a set of wooden drumsticks from the box but after a brief demonstration by me, Little Man took hold and began “playing” them with gusto. We’ve managed to limit his beatings to either an upturned empty plastic trug or an empty chocolate tub and not furniture or windows. Thankfully he’s also resisted the urge to hit me or Daddy with them” The pack also contained face paints and a plain tshirt so we dress him up as a rockstar. There was also a plastic tub and some elastic bands to make a guitar.

With him only being 2 we’ve limited his musical outlet to the drum sticks for now, but I imagine he’ll be strumming away on a makeshift guitar before very long. If I can get him to sit still for longer than 2 minutes I might also try him out with the face paints!

Making music with your children can be a great fun activity, but as with most things it can get a little messy. But don’t worry – there’s always Persil to help clean everyone up!

Persil Non Bio and Comfort Pure’s Exclusive Online Skin Care Tool

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 18-10-2011

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This Autumn Persil Non Bio and Comfort Pure will present their first ever bespoke online skincare tool for mums and their babies. The tool, developed in partnership with the British Skin Foundation and a leading pediatric dermatologist, aims to educate mums on skincare – whether it’s their own throughout pregnancy or that of their new baby.

Skincare is an important consideration for new mums and mums to be and with the new Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure tool they will receive credible and tailored advice at the click of a button. It is simple and easy to use, with results appearing in just a few minutes – perfect for even the busiest mum!

Why not take a peek here and get some indispensable advice for yourself if you’re pregnant or for your new bundle of joy.




Product Review: Persil Small & Mighty

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 24-08-2011

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As wonderful as it is to have children they do come with a few less than wonderful features.  My least favourite part of parenthood is the seemingly endless mountains of washing they create.  From the earliest days of explosive nappies and regurgitating milk, to the weaning period where puree seems to end up everywhere, till they start toddling around and getting in to all manner of dirt, the washing never ends.  
Now I’ve tried lots of different brands of washing powders and liquids to try and get rid of these stains but so many of them just seem to be unbeatable.  I’ve tried several of the settings on my washing machine from the short intense washes to the long hot washes.  Bibs covered in food and juice go in to the machine and at the end of a cycle out comes a bib stained beyond repair.  I was beginning to think that this was just the way it was, but thankfully I’ve discovered that you can get these stubborn stains out – even out of long given up on casualties of the baby food chaos.  And what’s better it even works at 30 degrees!
Persil Small & Mighty to the rescue!
“New Small & Mighty is the most powerful liquid detergent from Persil to date so only needs one small dosage – measured simply in the shuttle device – to deliver mighty cleaning power, proven on a 30 minute wash cycle.  The unique concentrated liquid formulation contains five new ingredients specially designed to work even on the quicker and cooler wash programmes of your machine, to tackle the toughest stains and deliver thorough cleaning.”  And it really does work.
Now I could have taken before and after photos of my Little Man’s most disgusting bibs but I didn’t want to scare anyone who isn't weaning yet!  The other day whilst visiting his Grandma and Grandad my Little Man enjoyed a mid-morning snack of fresh strawberries.  A full body bib was called for and by the time he’d finished most was in him, but lumps of strawberry and juice was all over his bib.  The bib was put in a small carrier bag to transport it home and then sadly – and rather embarrassingly – forgotten about for a few days!  With a degree of cynicism and expectations for further washes or even throwing out the bib I threw it in with a load of other bibs and muslins and turned on the washing machine.  When it finished I set about hanging the wash up to dry but kept my eyes open for the no doubt terminal bib.  Nowhere to be seen!  Every bib came out beautifully clean and strawberry free.
Thank you Persil for making one parenting task that little bit easier!