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Educational Play with Schleich I'm a big fan of learning through play. Unforced educational play. I'm not a teacher and I don't want to be. I want my children to naturally learn whilst they are having fun. When I was contacted recently...

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Travel: Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, Scarborough Last weekend Nana and I took a rather lengthy journey north for a night away at the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel in Scarborough, with Little Dude in tow. The Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is a luxurious country hotel...

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A Place To Enjoy My Garden I love my garden. I love the fact that I have a garden, especially with the recent gorgeous weather we've been having. Whilst I have a pretty compact garden, there's a lot going on out there. Plants, fruit...

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Cuddles With Ben Cohen Some days I have a really difficult job. Days like this for example. *Ahem* That rather nice young man is former rugby player Ben Cohen. Ben is a bit of an expert when it comes to cuddles. He has...

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Sun Awareness Week – 30th April to May 6th

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 30-04-2012

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I know, its a little ironic what with the deluge of rain that’s fallen in recent weeks, but this week is in fact Sun Awareness Week. Staying safe in the sun is important for everyone, but for young children with delicate skin its essential. Taking good precautions from an early age is vital in ensuring a lifetime of healthy skin. Young children are amazing at picking up phrases or mimicking actions, so why not take the time to ensure they learn the importance of protecting themselves from the sun this Sun Awareness Week… or next time its stops raining!

A recent survey by Cuddledry highlighted major concerns about parents awareness of the danger of the sun, and what counts as appropriate protection. 85% of respondents believed that just keeping your child covered up in clothing provided BETTER protection than an SPF 30 sun cream. In reality most children’s clothing provided a meagre SPF 15 protection, meaning your child’s skin can still get damaged through what they are wearing.

For safety in the sun SPF 30 should be worn along with sun protection clothing, so the team at Cuddledry have designed a new Sun Protection Poncho Towel which is perfect for use by the pool, on the beach and during the holidays. The fabric uses a patented Rayosan(TM) technology that coats the towel and acts like a mirror, reflecting the harmful rays away from your child and provides a protection factor of up to 50+. They also incorporate the familiar Cuddledry signature cotton and bamboo fibre, which means its super absorbent and soft next to your child’s skin. The ponchos also have poppers under the arms so you can make it have sleeves so its more likely to stay on, making it a great outfit to throw on throughout the holiday season.

The SPF 50+ Ponchos are available now direct from the Cuddledry website in a choice of two colours – Lilac & Cherry or Aqua & Turquoise.

Katherine’s Cosy Creations

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 12-08-2011

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Whilst bath time, swimming and days at the seaside can all be great fun, there is nothing worse than a cold wet child. Babies get cold very fast when they get out of the water and as parents we endeavour to quickly and efficiently get out children dry and warm. Square towels with tiny hoods in one corner are all over the place and we own several of them, but they aren’t the easiest of things to get on your baby quickly. I have a solution – Towelling Ponchos. Now apparently these things aren’t new and have somehow passed me by completely, but I was very excited when a friend of mine told me she made them and offered me one in exchange for a plug on my blog – I was only too happy to oblige.

“Katherine’s Cosy Creations” is operated and run by a Stay-At-Home-Mum in Crawley, West Sussex. Katherine utilised her sewing skills and those unenviable late nights as a new parent to make things for her little boy Toby – who makes a gorgeous model. Soon she was whipping up bibs, towelling ponchos and personalised blankets for herself and her friends. She has now taken to Facebook to promote and sell her products.

Katherine gave us a blue towelling poncho which we now use every night at bath time. We use a seat in our bath for our little man and once he’s watched the water drain away we can drop the poncho over his head and lift him out. Parents stay dry and little man stays warm as he’s transferred to his changing table to get totally dried and dressed. We also used it when we went swimming and the same applied – as soon as he was out of the water the poncho went on and he was warm. Little Man loves his poncho and I think he looks very cute in it – slightly elf like really!

“Katherine’s Cosy Creations” can be found on Facebook, or you can email her directly. Tell her I sent you!