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Educational Play with Schleich I'm a big fan of learning through play. Unforced educational play. I'm not a teacher and I don't want to be. I want my children to naturally learn whilst they are having fun. When I was contacted recently...

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Say Eh-Oh to the new Teletubbies toys! There back!! Teletubbies made a joyous return to CBeebies last year, and this year marks the launch of the new range of toys. As you know I was sent a box just before Christmas, and today I can finally...

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Travel: Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, Scarborough Last weekend Nana and I took a rather lengthy journey north for a night away at the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel in Scarborough, with Little Dude in tow. The Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is a luxurious country hotel...

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A Place To Enjoy My Garden I love my garden. I love the fact that I have a garden, especially with the recent gorgeous weather we've been having. Whilst I have a pretty compact garden, there's a lot going on out there. Plants, fruit...

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Cuddles With Ben Cohen Some days I have a really difficult job. Days like this for example. *Ahem* That rather nice young man is former rugby player Ben Cohen. Ben is a bit of an expert when it comes to cuddles. He has...

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New Titles From Harper Collins…

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Book Review | Posted on 03-10-2012

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Walter & the No Need To Worry Suit
This is the first book from the brand new “Wonderful World of Walter and Winnie” series from picture book author Rachel Bright, who previously wrote Love Monster. Walter is a bit of a worrier, in fact his worrying often gets a little out of hand. When the “Super-Seriously-Competitive” sports and funday approaches his worrying gets very out of hand, particularly because Walter isn’t a big fan of sports. The story is so funny and the pictures are so bright and detailed. The text is part of every picture and the whole book just exudes fun. We get to join Walter as he worries away, and as his friends come to his rescue, led by his best friend Winnie.

The Great Granny Gang
Author Judith Kerr needs no introduction. Author of over 20 books, her most famous no doubt being The Tiger Who Came To Tea, her latest installment is “The Great Granny Gang” – a celebration of why grannies are so great. What we learn as we read the book is that there is more to grannies than meets the eye, and I suspect that any child who reads or hears this story will probably never look at their own grannies quite the same again! I love the rhyming melody within Judith’s rhyming and the accompanying drawings are beautiful. This is a fun addition to any child’s bookshelf, and perfect for this weekends National Grandparents Day on October 7th.

This Moose Belongs To Me
Oliver Jeffers is an internationally best-selling and award winning picture book author. His previous work includes “Lost And Found”, “How To Catch A Star” and his recent work, “The Hueys In The New Jumper”. This autumn Oliver returns with “This Moose Belongs To Me” a heart warming and funny book about Wilfred who may or may not own a moose called Marcel. You see Wilfred isn’t entirely sure. Most of the time Marcel follows the rules of being a pet very well, but then sometimes things don’t quite go to plan. And one day Wilfred meets someone else who thinks they own Marcel. This story is all about friendship and learning about what owning something is all about. It is a classic Oliver Jeffers and one that I look forward to reading at bedtime soon.

These titles are available from all good bookstores.

Book Review: New Titles From Harper Collins

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Book Review, Information | Posted on 04-05-2012

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“Secret Agent Splat” by Rob Scooton
Bestselling author Rob Scooton returns with a new adventure for Splat The Cat. A mystery unfolds when Splats fathers toy duck start to go missing and then are inexplicably returned minus their beaks! Splat sets off on an investigation to discover who is responsible for the duck-napping, and what they really want with all the beaks!

“Lulu and the Best Cake Ever!” by Emma Chichester Clark
Award winning author and creator of the hugely popular Blue Kangaroo series Emma Chichester Clark has created a brand new world – Wagtail Town. In this new title you’ll meet all her new doggy characters and learn about Lulu as she enters the school cake competition. Helped by her best friend Alfie she learns that there is more than one way to be a winner when her baking doesn’t entirely go according to plan!



“Marshall Armstrong Is New To Our School” by David Mackintosh
When Marshall Armstrong starts his new school he causes a bit of a stir. He looks different to the other boys with his straight laces, his fancy glasses and his very unusual silver wrapped lunch. But after his classmates visit his house for a party they soon learn that what may be different can also be excellent fun. A great book for children about to head off to school for the first time!

“The Somethingosaur” by Tony Mitton, illustrated by Russell Ayto
Set in the time of dinosaurs this beautifully illustrated book begins with a purple egg that hatches. The creature inside is lost and sets off to find its Mummy, and also to find out just what he is. Meeting many dinosaurs along the way the little creature struggles to find anyone that looks like him, until he finally stumbles upon his Mummy and discovers that he’s something even more exciting than a dinosaur after all!

“Love Monster” by Rachel Bright
Whilst the world is quick to love things which are cute and fluffy – like kittens and puppies – nobody could possibly love a “slightly hairy, I-suppose-a-bit-googly-eyed monster…” could they? Join a slightly funny looking monster on his quest to find somebody to love him, and learn that sometimes love finds you when you least expect it. A valuable life lesson for us all!