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Play Patrol: Green Toys Rocket

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Bigjigs Play Patrol, Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 09-09-2013

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My love of BigJigs toys is pretty clear, so when we became Play Patrol Agents I was really hopeful that we’d get to review products from my favourite brand. I ADORE Green Toys. Not only are they eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic, but they are hard wearing, long lasting and most randomly, dishwasher safe! Luckily for us the lovely George at BigJigs sent us this Rocket from Green Toys to review as our most recent mission.

Brightly coloured toys are what I’ve come to expect from BigJigs and this one is no different. Bright red and bright blue colouring makes this rocket stand out a mile. The rocket itself is made up of four component parts – the main rocket, a detachable top capsule, and two intrepid astronauts. The door on the main rocket and a second door on the top capsule both open allowing access for the astronauts – the capsule doorway is a bit of a tight squeeze! Within the capsule you’ll find extra detailing with buttons and computers on the door, whilst the main rocket has steps on the inside of the door to allow astronaut access.

Little Man is a bit of a typical boy, and loves spaceships and rockets. He adores Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story, so this rocket from Green Toys was the ideal choice for him. He runs around the garden with it making whooshing sounds, and sits getting the astronauts in and out of each section. He takes off the capsule and launches that about and takes his astronauts on missions to all kinds of places. For him, this product is firm favourite.

For me, its another brilliant quality product from Green Toys. Yes, the astronauts are a bit plain and simple in their design and they don’t “do” anything, but with a child’s imagination they are off on their adventures. The method of separating the capsule from the rocket is simple – Little Man can do it more often than not – and the bright colours make it easy to spot. I love that if Little Man gets it messy I can pop it into the dishwasher making it super easy to clean, and I love how toddler friendly it is, both in design and size.

Part of our challenge for this review was to take a video of Little Man using the rocket. Below are FOUR videos of Little Man playing with the rockets under the silent – mostly – instruction of Daddy. That thing he is looking at most of the time behind the camera? Daddy waving his arms around and “directing” him. I love the final video where Daddy is showing another fun use for the rocket. We hope you enjoy them.

A firm two thumbs up from Play Patrol Agent Little Man for this one, and from his Mummy too!


Product Review: Magnetic Rocket by Janod from Born Gifted

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 28-09-2012

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Born Gifted is one of the market leaders in online sales of toys and gifts for children, and their website is one of the easiest to navigate I have come across, and believe me, I’ve been on more than a few! Searching for that perfect gift is easy. You can either dive straight in and just look at everything, or you can search by the occasion you are buying for, a certain brand, or just take a look at their new additions. There is also a handy Gift Selector on the home page which suggests items based on who its for and what your budget is.

I was contacted by the lovely Jim at Born Gifted who offered me the chance to review something from their site. Little Man’s second birthday is fast approaching so it seemed the ideal opportunity to add to his already alarmingly large pile of presents, though in the end he got it pretty soon after in arrived! I was immediately drawn to the “Second Birthday Gifts” department – where better to look for something special for him – and this is what I picked out:

This bright rocket is from Janod, who I’ve featured on here before when I reviewed their toolbox. I am a big fan of Janod products as they are all beautifully made and so long lasting. What might look like an ordinary rocket to you is so much more exciting. This rocket separates into chunky pieces which are held together with magnets – these magnets are fitted deep into the wood so there is no danger of them falling out – meaning this is also a jigsaw. The propeller spins around with a gentle tap as well.

When I put this down in front of Little Man his eyes immediately lit up. He thought it was a great rocket and was picking it up and waving it around, spinning to propeller and trying to prod the astronaut inside. When I took it apart for him and showed him it was several separate pieces he seemed even more thrilled. He loves putting it back together and taking it apart, and seems genuinely pleased with himself when the pieces snap back into place.

The Magnetic Rocket By Janod is ideal for little boys and is suitable for children from 18 months plus. On the Born Gifted website you’ll find other magnetic toys by Janod as well as endless gift ideas for newborns and slightly older children. With Christmas fast approaching, Born Gifted would be a great place to start your shopping!