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Guest Post: Keep Your Family Home Safe

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Guest Post | Posted on 03-06-2013

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Everyone wants to make sure they feel safe and secure within their own homes. So to help you with doing so, we’ve come up with five simple ways you can improve the safety of your home, your belongings and your family all at the same time:

Fire Escape Plan

If a fire was to start in your home, what would you do? Stay calm and evacuate? Or panic? Every home should have a plan of action in case of such an emergency, to make sure that they are prepared and ready. Below are the different stages that need to be considered and steps that need to be taken to prepare:

  1. Drawing a floor plan so that everyone knows where the exits are, and the best escape routes,
  2. Choosing a meeting place outside of the home away from the fire,
  3. Identifying if anyone will need help or assistance out of an emergency, i.e. a small child,
  4. Calling the fire department- always wait until outside of the fire to call,
  5. And lastly practice! Hold a fire drill once or twice a year so that everyone knows what to do.

Locking & Securing Doors and Windows

It may sound like such a simple thing, but for many people it is something they simply forget! For example by locking doors and windows to keep your family in, and anyone else out. It is important however that keys are used for widows, as children may be able to open widows with no locks or with turning latches. If you are to keep windows open, try to discourage your children from playing near windows and patio doors as they could fall through.

Child Proofing your Garden

People always talk about child proofing your home, for example kitchens, hallways, stairs, etc. but don’t usually talk about proofing your garden – which is especially important as the warmer summer time approaches. Simple things can be done to make your home a safer place to be, for example: By clearing away gardening tools and game equipment after they have been used, keeping sidewalks in good condition, turning off outdoor electrical items such as lawn mowers, ensuring clotheslines are above head level, and ensuring that the garden has a high-level fence, with a self-closing self-latching gate.


In order to keep yourself and your family safe, burglar & fire alarms should be fitted. Burglar alarms will alert you and your family of any break-ins or possible thieves in your home – this is a must for families as without it, you are putting yourself at risk. Fire alarms are also important and should be in all homes. It is also advised that they are fitted on each floor in the home, and sometimes in specific rooms, i.e. the kitchen where the risk of fire is increased. Many alarms will also notify emergency services of the incident automatically, so ensure yours does do!

Install A Safe

We all have those valuable and sentimental items that we want to keep safe from the risk of getting damaged or from prying eyes should an unwanted guest enter your home. And one of the best ways to do this is to install a safe within your home. As well as giving you peace of mind knowing that your valuable are safe, home safes may also help to show your insurer that you are doing the upmost to protect your home – which in turn, could reduce your home insurance premiums!

Kathryn Thompson, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Kathryn specialises in providing useful advice on how families can protect their homes with safety products such as those available from www.totalsafes.co.uk.

Safe Outdoor Play

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 10-10-2012

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