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National Eczema Week September 15-23rd

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 19-09-2012

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Eczema affects one in five children in the UK, with the majority of cases occurring before the age of 5. I had eczema as a child, and now at 30 it is still a condition that I suffer with, on a much smaller scale. With both my mother and her mother suffering too within their lives I am always on the lookout for any trace on Little Man. Rashes are common on children, especially at his age, but as parents we need to know what they are, whether they be chicken pox, the ever popular “its a virus”, or if its eczema.

Managing eczema is tricky. Flare ups recur time and time again, particularly if you are unsure as to what is the specific cause. Its important to get good support and help from your GP, but sadly almost half of parents of child suffers want better help from their doctor. As part of National Eczema Week the National Eczema Society (NES) has teamed up with skincare brand E45 to launch a new 3-step action plan and online resource to help parents and provide much needed advice easily.

The new guidelines, which were developed in association with NICE, begin with this 3-step action plan:

1. Apply emollient creams and ointments all over your child’s body 2 or 3 times a day – not just to the visibly affected areas.
2. When applying emollients use gentle strokes in the direction of hair growth to avoid irritating skin.
3. Use soap substitutes and an emollient bath oil to cleanse your child’s skin.

There is also a free online support programme – www.eczemaadvice.co.uk. This online resource gives parents advice on the use of emollients and how to apply them effectively, as well as providing tools to help parents monitor their child’s eczema. Online leaflets, videos and testimonials are also provided along with direct access to the NES Facebook page where parents can get advice, support and help from other parents in the same position.

Whilst the NES doesn’t endorse or promote any specific brands, E45 has long been a trusted brand for treating skin conditions. I remember my Gran using it and I’m pretty sure my Mum has a tub in her bathroom too. As well as offering products for adults the E45 Junior range is great for use with children. We have both the Foaming Bath Milk and the Moisturising Lotion. Little Man currently doesn’t suffer from eczema, but we use these products when he has particularly sensitive skin, such as nappy rash or one of those vague “its a virus” moments. Should he develop eczema we will certainly use them all the time, and I think the Eczema Advice website will be a fantastic and invaluable resource.

The E45 skincare range is available from most high street chemists and supermarkets.

Product Review: Alpaca Travel Shawl from Samantha Holmes

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Fashion, Product Reviews | Posted on 23-07-2012

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Hurrah!! Summer has FINALLY put in an appearance, and fingers crossed its going to stick around for a while yet. If you’re planning on relaxing in the garden or on the beach, or if you’re having evening barbecues or garden parties, or you might be boarding a long haul flight to somewhere where you can guarantee the good weather, an Alpaca Travel Shawl might well become your new best friend.

A silky soft mix of Alpaca and Bamboo makes this shawl super light and hypo-allergenic. It is perfect for wrapping around your shoulders as the evening gets cooler, or to use as a blanket whilst on board a flight. The shawl comes in a gorgeous matching cover which turns it into a cute bolster cushion, which is great for resting your head on in the garden or on the beach when you’re sunbathing, or as a small pillow if you’re travelling.

The shawl is a great size at 90x190cm and for me its ideal as it makes the shawl very versatile. I love that its made from Alpaca which is great against sensitive or delicate skin, meaning you could even use it as a blanket to lie your little one’s on, or to cover them if they are asleep in the car. Being Alpaca also makes it incredibly strong and long lasting, so you’ll be investing in a piece that will last you for years to come. The shawl comes in eight colours so you’re bound to find one to suit, whether it be for day to day use or for a special occasion like a wedding or christening.

Alpaca Travel Shawls are available now direct from the Samantha Holmes website where you’ll also find a range of beautifully made fashion and home accessories.

Sun Awareness Week – 30th April to May 6th

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 30-04-2012

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I know, its a little ironic what with the deluge of rain that’s fallen in recent weeks, but this week is in fact Sun Awareness Week. Staying safe in the sun is important for everyone, but for young children with delicate skin its essential. Taking good precautions from an early age is vital in ensuring a lifetime of healthy skin. Young children are amazing at picking up phrases or mimicking actions, so why not take the time to ensure they learn the importance of protecting themselves from the sun this Sun Awareness Week… or next time its stops raining!

A recent survey by Cuddledry highlighted major concerns about parents awareness of the danger of the sun, and what counts as appropriate protection. 85% of respondents believed that just keeping your child covered up in clothing provided BETTER protection than an SPF 30 sun cream. In reality most children’s clothing provided a meagre SPF 15 protection, meaning your child’s skin can still get damaged through what they are wearing.

For safety in the sun SPF 30 should be worn along with sun protection clothing, so the team at Cuddledry have designed a new Sun Protection Poncho Towel which is perfect for use by the pool, on the beach and during the holidays. The fabric uses a patented Rayosan(TM) technology that coats the towel and acts like a mirror, reflecting the harmful rays away from your child and provides a protection factor of up to 50+. They also incorporate the familiar Cuddledry signature cotton and bamboo fibre, which means its super absorbent and soft next to your child’s skin. The ponchos also have poppers under the arms so you can make it have sleeves so its more likely to stay on, making it a great outfit to throw on throughout the holiday season.

The SPF 50+ Ponchos are available now direct from the Cuddledry website in a choice of two colours – Lilac & Cherry or Aqua & Turquoise.

Guest Post: “Sensitive Skin” from Baby Loves Organic

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Guest Post | Posted on 30-09-2011

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The skin is the largest organ of the body and naturally what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. A baby’s new skin is much more sensitive and thinner than adults and their developing bodies are more susceptible to chemicals in non-organic products and residues of chemicals used to grow and process textiles.


This makes them making them more likely to develop allergic reactions to ingredients such as fragrances and residues of chemicals in clothing can be absorbed through the skin and may cause allergies, skin rashes or respiratory problems.


My little boy was born 6 weeks premature and spent the first few weeks of his life in intensive care – he nearly never made it due to an infection. When we could finally hold him, we realised his skin was soooooo thin, so sensitive and of course, he was so special to us.


Almost 25% of all the world’s insecticides and 10% of pesticides are sprayed on cotton. As cotton is not primarily a food product, some of the most toxic and aggressive pesticides are used – and it’s these that are responsible for poisoning wildlife and rivers.


Pests build up resistance to chemicals, farmer borrows money to buy more chemicals than before, farmer gets less profit from crop, repeat until farmer is destitute. Many chemicals used in cotton farming are acutely toxic and at least three of them are in the “dirty dozen” – so dangerous that 120 countries agreed at a UNEP conference in 2001 to ban them and so far this hasn’t happened. The World Trade Organisation estimates 20,000 deaths and three million chronic health problems each year are the result of the use of agricultural pesticides in developing countries.


I decided it was time to create a store online for all the things that we used whilst out son was little – some where hard to find, some not so but now they are all the same place. We’ve created a range of organic baby gifts too suitable for newborn babies. We thought it would be nice to give presents which we’re gentle on the new little one!


Using organic baby products isn’t about being an ecowarrior (although it does help the environment!), it’s about looking after your clan as best you can (ooo, that rhymes!).


If you want to give some of our products a go, use BABYLOVESYOU on the checkout of our site – you’ll get 10% off AND free delivery. We want you to try some of our things and hopefully this voucher code helps!


Come visit us – www.babylovesorganic.co.uk