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Great Looking Skin On Little Sleep

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Guest Post | Posted on 16-01-2015

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The constant struggle for someone who is busy and on-the-go is how to keep your skin looking flawless even when you aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep. These tips will help your skin stay perfect even when you’re yawning all day.

1. Moisturize

Dry, flaky skin is never the way to go, and boosting your skin’s moisture content will help you look awake and perky too. Use a moisturizing cream that will let you achieve a delicate and clear skin. You can also use effective skin products that prevent break-outs. If you have particularly dry spots on your face, try using oil in that area.

2. Eat well

The only thing worse than not sleeping enough, is not eating well. Focus on nutrition and healthy fats to keep your skin looking great. Leafy greens like spinach and kale, berries, and fiber-rich foods are great nutrition that will make your skin look firm and clear. Healthy fats like avocado and nuts will brighten up your complexion. Eating healthy is important especially if you aren’t getting enough hours of sleep.

3. Use the right products

Treat your skin kindly and it will look great. In addition to moisturizing, make sure you use a gentle cleanser to get the day’s grit and grime off your face. Ensure that you take off all makeup before heading to sleep with a liquid cleanser or a makeup removing wipe. When blemishes arise, swiftly treat them with a product to reduce redness and swelling. Additionally, try a night cream to maximize your moisturizing during the overnight hours.

4. Morning improvements

If you wake up after a few hours of sleep looking a bit haggard, perk up with a product that has tea ingredients or peppermint oil. Keep a spoon in the freezer and press it to your under eye area when you wake up in the morning to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Keep these tips in mind during those busy, sleepless times and you’ll keep your skin looking fresh and bright, even when you haven’t gotten the amount of sleep you really need.

Review: Shnuggle Moses Basket

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Pregnancy, Preparing For Baby, Product Reviews | Posted on 04-08-2014

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A good bedtime routine is, for me, one of the most important things for a baby. I think that if you start with a routine as early in life as you can, you’ll be getting a good nights sleep much sooner than those who don’t. Little Man began with a bedtime routine after a few months and it has served us well. Naps and bedtime have always been relatively easy to maintain – of course there’s been the odd incident – and even now at almost 4 he lives by his routine. As well as a good routine having a safe place to sleep is just as important, if not more so. As parents – and as part of this great blogging community – we are all far too aware of the horrors of SIDS and cot death. Making sure we put our babies, toddlers and children somewhere as safe as we can make it to sleep is vital.

It is recommended that baby sleeps in your bedroom from day one up until they are six months old. With Little Man we had the family moses basket – a large wicker item that had been used for numerous babies over the years, yours truly included. When we fell pregnant with Little Dude we decided we wouldn’t be using it again – its not the smallest of contraptions, and being wicker its not the quietest either. We heard every movement he made during the night, and the basket used to creak with the slightest twitch. So much so that Little Man actually went into his own bedroom at four months so that we could all get some sleep!

So we set off on our quest to find the perfect sleeping environment for Little Dude. We wanted something long – Little Man had been a very tall baby, and part of our reason for moving him into his own room was the simple fact that he outgrew his basket. We wanted something that was going to hopefully last us the full six months, giving us the option to keep him in with us for as long as possible. We wanted him to have his own space – co-sleeping has never appealed to us, so we didn’t want anything that allowed Little Dude to wriggle his way over and into our bed. We wanted something washable – would we have a dribbly baby? Would we have a sickly baby? Would nappies be leaking nightly? We needed something where we could clean the structure and not just the bedding. We wanted something affordable. Every moses basket we looked at just wasn’t right, and mostly because of the length. If we had another long baby he’d have grown out of it far too soon and we’d need to buy something else. Something we were keen to avoid. In the end we ended up buying a crib for at home – a simple wooden crib which fits neatly at the side of our bed but also is suitably longer than the average moses basket. Fingers crossed we get plenty more months use from it yet.

Soon after we’d bought the crib I was contacted by the team at Shnuggle. They were looking for pregnant bloggers to review a choice of items – either their new bath or their existing moses basket. Baths I had plenty of – Little Dude already has two so a third seemed excessive. Their moses basket wasn’t one that we’d found in our endless searching and comparing so we took a look at the website and checked out the all important size. “10% larger than other moses baskets” was something we were pleased to read. Comparing dimensions to the baskets we’d already looked out we found this was the case – it was just that extra bit longer, and whilst it was a few centimetres shorter than the crib we’d purchased we thought it would make an excellent spare moses basket to keep at Nana and Pops’ house for day time naps and overnight visits. We were also excited by the claim that it was “almost silent” when baby was inside – something our previous moses basket certainly couldn’t offer. Soon after we received the rather gorgeous Sky Blue Shnuggle basket and folding stand to test out with our new arrival.

It was a few weeks after Little Dude’s arrival until we finally got the chance to test it properly. When he was six weeks old he and I relocated to Nana and Pops’ house for a week whilst some building work was done on our new playroom. Lots of builders, lots of mess and potentially lots of noise are not the best things when you have a newborn, so for five nights Little Dude got to sleep in his new Shnuggle basket. I can confirm that this basket IS “almost silent” and you don’t get the creaking typical with other moses baskets. The moulded and well ventilated “basket” itself IS easy to clean and any extraneous fluids can be wiped up simply and quickly. However it would seem that we had yet another giant baby. Even at just six weeks old Little Dude was beginning to look a bit too tall for this basket, and now at eleven weeks he’s almost filled it. Now this is by no means a criticism of the Shnuggle basket – this would have happened with any other moses basket and more than likely far sooner. Truth be told he’s looking a little to cosy in his crib as well. Sadly I can’t see him lasting the full six months in our bedroom, and we may find him departing sooner than his older brother if he keeps growing at this rate.

Moses baskets and cribs are, on the whole, one of those necessary but short lived baby items. Unless you have space in your bedroom for a full sized cot or cot bed you have to buy one, and for us, the Shnuggle basket is probably the best you’re going to get. It ticked an awful lot of our boxes, and width wise its great – there’s still plenty room in that respect. But unfortunately whilst I continue to grow giant babies the moses basket or crib is just something that will be used for a ridiculously short period of time.

Review: Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Pregnancy, Product Reviews | Posted on 15-04-2014

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Discussions about pregnancy always seem to talk about how amazing it is, and how its a gift, and how lucky we are, and how wonderful it is. Yes, being pregnant is an amazing gift and a privilege that not all women get to experience. And I am lucky to have gotten pregnant twice in my life and I am SO looking forward to Little Dude making his big entrance in the next few weeks. I’m 35 weeks pregnant this week and whilst its hardly been plain sailing – borderline cholestasis, actual anemia, two infections, potentially breech baby, two trips to labour ward so far… – I appreciate how lucky I am. What people rarely talk about however is how uncomfortable pregnancy is!

Feeling those first flutterings is amazing, and as the pregnancy continues they turn into definite movements, and towards the end they turn into fairly brutal jabs where it feels like baby is trying to make and early exit by any means possible. Sitting down is fairly comfy as long as baby is asleep and not beating you up. Lying down is just insane however. You’re encouraged to sleep on your left when pregnant which is fine. If I lie on my back I get cramp in my legs and end up in a beached whale scenario, much to my husbands amusement. However whichever side I lie on makes baby drift that way too, and just this morning I woke up with what I believe was a foot making a beeline for my hip. And then there’s my legs. Whatever I seem to do with them I end up with one dead leg. So all in all not much sleep is happening, and hasn’t been for a while. Whilst I appreciate the comments “Well its all good training for when baby arrives and you won’t get any sleep then…” its not wholly helpful when I have a three year old to look after and I can’t spend the day in bed.

I’ve tried a multitude of pillows in bed to make my life a bit easier and sleep a bit more likely. Wedges, more normal pillows, full length body pillows, you name it, I’ve tried it. I even evicted Daddy from the bed – mainly because there was no room with all the excess pillows… – but sleep was still evading me. I turned to the internet for help, as I often do, and found the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow. The pillow is designed to encourage sleeping on your left, and to prevent you rolling onto your back. It has long pillow at the front as you lie on it that supports your bump and curves between your legs to ensure your hips are comfortable and to reduce the likelihood of waking with a dead leg. There’s a section of fabric that you lie on, and then a smaller pillow which rest in the small of your back. This provides support and effectively holds you in place so you are less likely to roll over. If you do want to roll onto your right hand side however you can, and you simply use the small pillow as a bump support and the curved larger pillow will still sit comfortably between your legs.

DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow SussexMummy

The team at Dreamgenii were kind enough to send me one of the pillows to review. It was more compact than I was expecting which was great as it meant Daddy didn’t have to sleep on the air bed down the hall, and it didn’t feel like I was being swamped with pillows and supports. The best way I can describe the feeling of sleeping with the pillow is like being hugged. I was comfortably held by the pillow, my legs were supported but relaxed, my lower back was held, and my bump was in a position that meant I wasn’t capsizing. The first night of using it was one of the best nights sleep I’d had all pregnancy. I used it every night for a few days, and then spent a few nights not using it just to compare. Since then I’ve used it most nights. During particularly warm nights it can be a bit overwhelming using the pillow too as I find myself getting even warmer than usual. Pregnant women tend to run somewhat warmer than everyone else, and if I’m too hot I do sometimes remove the pillow altogether, or I just use the longer part between my legs and keep the rest out the way. Its really versatile that way, and one of the many reasons I love it and wouldn’t be without it.

What I didn’t realise until the pillow arrived was that you can use it after baby arrives too, as a feeding support pillow. The longer pillow sits round your back supporting you, and the fabric that connects the two pillows is there to hold baby. Whether you are breast or bottle feeding baby will be in the optimum position, and held there and supported by you and the smaller pillow. Now obviously I haven’t had chance to test this out just yet, but I love the idea of being able to use the pillow after pregnancy as well as during.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillows retail at £45.99 with spare covers available too starting from £9.99. You can also purchase a Dreamgenii Lite Travel Pillow which is just two small pillows and the connecting fabric for £19.50.

Review: The Anti Snoring Ring

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 22-11-2013

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My Dad has always snored. Not particularly delicate snores either – sorry Dad – more of the walls shaking type. I grew used to the noise even down the hall when I lived at home, though I often wondered how my Mum got any sleep. Now when we visit and my Dad goes to bed early because he has to be up usually at 3am to go to work you can hear him snoring through the ceiling. I’m not sure he’s ever tried anything to stop it, and my Mum has clearly managed to tune it out in the 44 years they’ve been married as I’m assuming she has had any sleep in that time. When I was contacted by Good Night Snoring and asked if I was interested in trying out one of their Anti Snoring Rings I could think of no better guinea pig than my Dad. The ring works on the basis of acupressure and is worn on the little finger of the snorer.
There are two lumps on the inside of the ring itself which, when worn in the correct position, apply gentle pressure to the finger and stop the wearer from snoring. Now we did try this out on my Husband for a while but he didn’t get on with the ring and kept complaining that his finger was getting pins and needles. We handed it over to my Dad and awaited his feedback. Its suggested that you wear the ring every night for up to a week before you may notice any difference.
On his first night of wearing it my Mum actually went to check on him as she was concerned that he’d died. He was SILENT. For the first time in 44 years my Dad did not snore AT ALL. And ever since – when he remembers to wear it – he doesn’t snore. I was sceptical myself but having stayed over a few nights myself, and gone on holiday with them for a week I can confirm that I didn’t hear a sound. Well I did. I heard my Mum snoring, which apparently is generally drowned out by my Dad… Not very popular when I pointed THAT out.
The Anti Snore Ring is available online or from Boots and retails at £30. Its not the cheapest snoring remedy on the market, but it does come with a FULL money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you. I am thoroughly impressed with this – as I’m sure my Mum is – and I know its worked really well for a lot of people. I also know of a few who it didn’t work for – my husband included – but with the money back guarantee offer its well worth testing one out.

HABA 75th Anniversary Review: The Little Fall Asleep Moon

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Product Reviews | Posted on 27-03-2013

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This is the final of the three HABA reviews this week as part of their 75th Anniversary activity.
Our last review is our favourite of the products we were sent. Books are a big part of Little Man’s life – he loves at least three books before bed time and usually one at nap time too. Whilst he has his clear favourites this little book is a lovely addition to his bookshelf. First and foremost this is a story that is perfect for bedtime. A lovely tale about the end of the day, with a few simple observation games included on each page. The final page is a match the pairs memory game with easy to remove pieces and familiar characters from the earlier story. Also included is a small wooden moon of your own which glows gently in the dark, ideal for any little ones who might be scared of the being on their own in the dark.

This is a great wind down book for bedtime with some nice calming activities. Its a great interaction book for small children which I’m sure will become a firm favourite in our house. I also love the size of the book and the included wooden moon – perfect for small hands to hold and cherish.

Did I #SleepWellAtIbis ?

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Blogger Event, Product Reviews | Posted on 30-10-2012

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Last Monday I joined a small group of bloggers at an event to learn more about sleep. We were based at the brand new Ibis hotel in Shepherds Bush which had opened just a week earlier. We were joined for the day by Sleep Expert Sammy Margo who gave us all indispensable tips and advice for getting good quality sleep, and I must admit that I’m sleeping better since the event – I put it down to bed socks and a glass of milk before bed!

The reason for basing the event at the new Ibis hotel was to give us all the opportunity to test out the brand new ‘Sweet Bed by Ibis’. I’m sure you’ve all seem the advert on the TV at the moment where there’s a man sleeping in a bed when a team of people tiptoe in, lift him up and swap his bed. The new ‘Sweet Bed by Ibis’ has begun rolling out across the chain already and by the end of October 66,000 beds will have been replaced worldwide. The entire network will have been completed by the end of 2013.

When it came to changing the beds the research and design team focused on the three key components of the bed – the frame, the mattress, and the topper. The new frames feature hygienic multi-slat technology which can sustain 500kg of weight without becoming deformed. The new mattress is made from recycled mattress foam so its a very sustainable product, but also provides support without sagging. The topper is 7cm deep which is very generous, and is present across the whole Ibis chain, not just the high-end upscale hotels.

Here’s the bed in the room I was given for the night, where you can clearly see the three defined layers:

Honestly? Most comfortable bed I have EVER slept in. As soon as you sat on the bed you felt instantly comfortable as the topper makes you relax. Its so cosy and comfy and believe me, getting out the next morning was something of a challenge! I think all the bloggers wanted to take their bed home with them the next day.

I’d never stayed in an Ibis before, it was not a hotel I’d ever really considered, but after this stay I will be looking at them more closely in future when I’m hotel hunting. The rest of the room was great too. There was a large flat screen TV on the wall at the foot of the bed, generous hanging space and shelves to unpack into, tea and coffee making facilities, and a good sized bathroom with a nice large shower. The room also had facilities for you to control the temperature. I particularly liked the system for opening the room door – by tapping your key card on a sensor, in the same way you use an Oyster card. I always seem to battle with the usual scanning machines! Another feature of the rooms I liked was the Free Wifi. A lot of hotels claim to provide Free Wifi, but its often just in reception or the bar. This is throughout the hotel so if you need to work – or Tweet – there is free accessible Wifi in the comfort of your own room.

So the next time you’re looking for a hotel do take a look at the Ibis. This branch only has Double or Twin rooms – they can put cots in some of the bedrooms for small children and have rooms with adjoining doors for larger families – but there are a lot of other branches within London and the surrounding area, as well as throughout the country and across the globe. To find out more about the Ibis chain and to book your next break visit their website now.

And if you or your children are having trouble sleeping I suggest you check out Sammy Margo’s books: “The Good Sleep Guide” and “The Good Sleep Guide For Kids“.

Moving To A “Big Boy Bed”

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 12-10-2012

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If you follow me on Twitter (@SussexMummy) you’ll know that last Friday we took the sides of Little Man’s cot bed. We were a little nervous about doing this in case he woke up at 2am and came running down the hall to play with Daddy, or got out of bed at 6am and sobbed as he watched Daddy go to work. There was also the chance that he’d spend the entire night dropping out of bed and nobody would get any sleep.

Little Man went down at 7.30pm as usual, but spent the first 30 minutes sobbing. The world must look a lot different now he’s closer to the ground and there are no side panels on his cot. We don’t think there was anything more wrong with him than a bit of nervousness at his new outlook. There was also the addition of a Gro Clock to his bedroom which was illuminated and he wanted to cuddle it, and didn’t understand that it wasn’t a toy. By 8pm all was silent and he’d finally gone to sleep.

At 9pm we heard an almighty “THUD” followed by a bit of a whimper so I went upstairs to find him curled up on the floor sleeping. He’d obviously rolled too far and dropped off the side of the bed. We had a Lindam Bed Rail to fit to the side of the bed but unfortunately we hadn’t read the instructions before getting it or we would have found it was too big for out cot – the mattress needed to be 76cm or more wide and ours is only 70cm! This therefore wasn’t fitted so dropping out was inevitable. Unfortunately Little Man landed head first on his music box which used to hang from the sides of the cot and was now led on the floor beside him, but he didn’t seem all that bothered and was back asleep.  I lifted him back onto his bed and he stirred briefly but mostly to check the whereabouts of his beloved Teddy.

Remarkably that was it for the entire night. No more thuds, no wandering around, no wanting to play at 3am. In fact not only did he sleep through he also slept longer. Little Man usually gets up at 7am, give or take 15 minutes. On Saturday he got up at 7.45am.

Nap time on Saturday went just as well – he was down for his usual 2 hours without falling out.

Every bed time since has been amazing. He’s gone down at 7.30pm with no sobbing or whimpering, and not been up before 8am since. He hasn’t fallen out again, and every day time nap has been just as easy. I’m sure this remarkableness won’t last, but I’m enjoying it for now.

Before taking the sides off his cot we arranged for 3 products to arrive which we felt would help this transition.

Firstly the Gro Clock. This is a genius piece of equipment. You set what time you want your child to get up at and when you put them to bed you change the face of the clock from a sun to a star. When the time reaches what you class as a good wake up time – not 5.30am then! – the star changes back to a sun. This tells children that they are allowed to get up. If the star is still visible they have to stay in bed. Whilst we haven’t explained this to Little Man because he’s always been great at getting up at a reasonable hour, he does love the clock. We go through the motions of saying “Night Night” to the sun when he goes to bed and “Hello” to the star. He gives it a little wave before settling down to sleep. We set the wake up time for 7am but as yet he’s sleeping well past that. Should his wake up get too early at any point we have the clock as a great back up to explain that its not time to get up yet, and there is also an accompanying book you can read to your child each night if they are reluctant to go to bed.

Secondly we got a Lindam Bed Rail. As I said before we didn’t read the instructions and sizing correctly so this hasn’t fitted on the bed, but the concept is great, and I am hoping to pass it on to a friend for her to test out for me, so there will be more on this soon I hope. I love how it works and easy fold down mechanism, its just a shame that on this occasion my reading of important details went a little amiss. If my friend can’t use it we may well keep it to use when we go on holiday or to visit relations – it will fit a single bed perfectly.

Finally we got a Night Light from Brother Max. We got one of these to plug in on the landing upstairs so that if Little Man did get out of bed during the night and go wandering he’d be able to see. We have a gate across the top of the stairs so he’s safe, and we close the bathroom and office doors so he’d only be able to go into our bedroom – lucky us! – but there are a few things he could walk into in the dark so this night light was a great help. The Night Light plugs straight into a power socket but the light only glows when its dark. There is a sensor on the bottom which detects light, and as soon as you put the landing light on or open the doors and let the daylight through, it turns off. My favourite feature of this night light is that its dual purpose. When you plug it in to an available socket you don’t lose the use of that socket as the night light comes with one. It also has a socket cover so its safe from prodding fingers. It also has a low power consumption so you won’t see your bills rocket, and the light part stays cool to the touch in case little hands make a grab for it.

One week on and we are still enjoying Little Man sleeping till at least 8am and not getting out of bed and wandering about. I’m confident this won’t last – I’m not going to be THAT lucky am I? – but we will enjoy it whilst it does. We are also happy in the knowledge that we have the tools available to get back to this stage should things go awry.

Gro Clocks are available direct from Gro on their website.
More information about the Bed Rails from Lindam can be found here.
Dual Purpose Night Lights from Brother Max can be bought from these stockists.


More Alternative Easter Gifts For Under 5’s…

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Twinkle Tog
Sleeping bags are brilliant for babies, especially those that wriggle around in their sleep – bags mean that you’re not up half a dozen times a night because your little one has kicked their covers off. When your little one becomes a toddler though and they are more mobile, a sleeping bag can be restrictive. When I go in to his room in the morning my Little Man tends to stand up and give me a wave as I come through the door. In a traditional sleeping bag this is usual followed by him falling over. With a Twinkle Tog the problem could be solved.
The Twinkle Tog is a duvet body suit, with defined legs which mean your little one can wander around in it if needed. It keeps them nice and warm throughout the night, and can even be used easily in a car seat if you’re travelling at bed time. I think this cute sheep design makes a great Easter gift too! Twinkle Tog’s are available from all good retailers, including Amazon and Mothercare.

Bath time is  always popular in our house and we like to make sure we have a good supply of toys in there to keep Little Man entertained. Munchkin do some of the best bath toys we’ve found, and we particularly enjoyed playing with this – the Dolphin Divers.
Water is scooped up using the whale and then poured through, making the dolphins spin around. Lots of splashing fun! Plus the whale sits neatly on the top when not being used. The unit fixes securely to the wall using suckers too! You can see the full Munchkin bath toy range online.

Another item now ideal for babies first Easter – an Oral Care Rabbit.

Babies oral hygiene is important from day one – not just when teeth start to appear. This cute rabbit is designed to keep tiny mouths clean and free from bacteria, as well as provided relief from the itchy gums caused by teething. It can also be used to clean those tiny first teeth. Your newborn is bound to enjoy chewing and sucking on it, and whilst you’re keeping their mouths clean they’re getting used to the idea of  brushing teeth. I think this is very cute, and a great Easter gift. Mam Oral Care Rabbits are available from baby sections of most high street stores and online. You can learn more at the Mam website.

Clintons Cards
Whilst you’re buying your Easter cards from Clintons this year – for me you can never go wrong with a Boofle card – why not take a look around on the shelves for your gifts too? As well as a lovely set of Lindt Bunnies – technically not eggs – they also have some craft activities to keep your children quiet during the holidays.
This set makes 3 foam chicks, using push out pieces in a variety of shapes. A great craft activity, and the three finished chicks can be used to decorate Easter cards, the dinner table, or just around the room for Easter weekend. These are designed for children aged 3 plus, so would be a good introduction to the world of craft. Cards, gift wrap, Lindt bunnies and Easter Craft Sets are available now at your local Clintons Cards.

If you want to get your children interested in gardening you might not automatically think of going to Galt first, but they have a great product which would be a cool Easter gift to teach them about how things grow –  Grow-A-Head Bugs!
Available in four styles – Ladybird, Bee, Butterfly, or Grasshopper – the grass grows after just a few days. Once its long enough you can start trimming or styling to your hearts content.  The Grow-A-Head is a simple yet effective first step towards gardening, allowing children to grow their own unique wild-haired creature. Grow-A-Head’s are available now from the Galt website.

Just Jaks
Baking with children is a fun, and messy, activity. The team at Just Jaks have found a way to hopefully reduce the mess and make delicious fruit flapjacks at the same time.

In your postbox sized parcel you’ll receive a bag of flapjack mix and a bag of mixed fruit, depending on which flavour you go for. To that all you will need to add is about a glass full of apple juice, and in the case of one mix a grated apple. After a good stir you pop it into the oven and 20 minutes later you have a delicious flapjack all ready. Whilst you don’t get the chewy consistency you get from sugar and syrup based flapjacks, you do get a yummy fruity flapjack which is altogether healthier – I know which I’d rather give to my Little Man!! Head over to the Just Jaks website now to check out their range.

Product Review: BedStar Memory Foam Pillows

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I love sleep. I never really realised how important sleep was to me until I had my son, and those first few weeks passed in a sleep deprived fog whilst you got used to the idea that you were never going to sleep properly again. At least until you convince your children to move out anyway! Due to my love of sleep, and my intense need for it, I demand comfort when I’m in bed. From a comfy mattress to good pillows and perfect duvet. You can imagine my enthusiasm therefore when BedStar offered my two memory foam pillows to test out for them.

BedStar is an online store selling all manner of beds, mattresses, pillows and bedroom furniture. I was sent a pair of their memory foam pillows which are currently on offer at just £49 with free delivery.

I’ve tried a memory foam pillow before but found it far too solid. To this day in fact it is still brick like and has never dipped even slightly. Unfortunately the BedStar ones were the complete opposite. I used it every night for a week, and for the first two or three nights it was brilliant. It supported my head well, I was comfortable and I genuinely think I slept better than usual. Sadly this didn’t last. By night four the pillow was almost pancake flat and has only puffed back up a bit by me not using it, which somewhat defeats the purpose. To use occasionally this pillow is fine, so would make a good guest bed pillow, but it didn’t work for me as a regular pillow.

You can see the complete BedStar range on their website.

Disclaimer: I received these pillows as a review product, but all opinions are my own.

Product Review: Lights Out Blinds

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As many of you know I  moved house at the end of October last year. Relocating from a small two bedroom second floor flat to a three bedroom semi was brilliant and it means a lot more room for our growing Little Man. When you move house you get a list of which fixtures and fittings are being taken by the previous owner and what they’re leaving behind. We fully expected curtains to be taken – we were taking ours from the flat – but we were a little surprised that they were taking the curtain rails! Now on moving day I didn’t have time to measure windows, go and buy rails and curtains, and get them fitted. This wasn’t a problem in the main bedroom as the blinds in there were being left behind, but in Little Man’s room curtains and rails were going – how many 1 year olds do you know that can sleep in daylight? Not many! I need a solution, and I needed one fast.

Lights Out Blinds to the rescue!!

Blackout blinds come in a variety of styles and I’ve looked at several of them since the arrival of Little Man in October 2010. Some stick to a window and need peeling off between uses, others have complicated fixings, some are just baffling. Lights Out Blinds are genius.

Coming in a pack of two the blinds arrive folded up for easy storage and transportation, making them perfect for holidays or stays at grandparents. Once unfolded they fix to your windows simply and quickly. A sucker attached to a length of cord sticks to your window – no spit required you’ll be pleased to hear – and then the blind is secured into place using a simple fastener. It takes mere moments to put up and is totally secure afterwards. You get two in a pack to allow for different sized windows – we use both on Little Man’s window as you can see here:

The room is pitch black when the blinds are in place which is ideal. I leave the blinds up all the time now – I still haven’t got a curtain rail! – and when its nap time we go into his darkened room and he knows its time to go to sleep. He goes – more often than not – straight into his cot without complaint and sleeps soundly, even during the daytime when its bright outside.

Lights Out Blinds are fantastic – we certainly wouldn’t have survived the move, or nowadays, without ours.

Lights Out Blinds can be bought direct from their website and you can also find them on Twitter @LightsOutBlinds