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Christmas Gift Guide: Innovative Products… and a competition!

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Christmas Gift Guide, Information, Product Reviews | Posted on 07-12-2011

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I love finding new products for my Little Man, or for me. Its great to discover products that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” and wonder how you ever coped before. Here is a selection of my recent finds, all of which deserve a place under your Christmas tree this year.

Bundle Bean
I’ve never been particularly impressed with cosy toes. The idea is great but they become a bit of a faff to put on to your buggy, and I find if I just leave them on all the time you can’t fold your pram properly. Suddenly the day warms up and your little one is left sweltering in a fleece-lined pocket and it all gets a bit much. Bring in the Bundle Bean!! Dubbed the “5-in-1 waterproof fleece blanket” I know for a fact that the genius designer of this product thinks this is closer to 105-in-1. There is so much you can do with this clever, yet fairly simple, item.

A short zip along either side at the bottom cause the blanket to gather up meaning it fits snuggly to the base of your pram, and then the top corners are secured using two elasticated straps and velcro. I like to secure mine fairly high up on my pushchair so my Little Man is all cosy and warm. It takes seconds to fit, and should the weather suddenly become hot (fat chance!) or you go inside a warm shop (more likely) you can whip it off again without any effort. Just today my Little Man dozed off under his cosy blanket as we went Christmas shopping – and who can blame him?

As well as fitting pushchairs, the Bundle Bean also fits (using the same zip method) to children’s seats on adult bikes, car seats, forward facing carriers (note the pockets on the front for your hands!) and can be used as a picnic blanket when fully unzipped. We’ve also tested it out on our framed back carrier and it fit that too – I’ll try and remember to take a photo of it next time we use it (oops!)

Bundle Beans are available direct from their website and comes in three colours – blue, black and pink. Look out for new colours being added to the range next year.


Buggy Guard Pram Lock
Do you ever go out with your little one in their buggy and decide to go into a cafe for lunch, only to discover the cafe isn’t big enough for your buggy aswell? How about when you go on the school run, or take your little one to nursery? What about when you’re at a theme park and you want to go on a ride, but you can’t take your buggy on? Or at the zoo? Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave your buggy unattended for half an hour or so and know for a fact that it will still be there when you get back? The Buggy Guard Pram Lock gives you security and peace of mind, and it looks rather cute too!

Yes this cute little chap – also available in other great animal designs – will stand guard and protect your buggy from would-be thieves. No really! The buggy guard comes with a four feet long cable that you can loop around your buggy and then to a railing, a row of other buggies, or any stationary object. To unlock your buggy guard just use the number code which you can set very easily yourself. You can even write your little ones name on the bow tie of the animal so they know which one is there’s.

We used the buggy guard recently at Drusillas Park. There is a buggy park for when you go and ride on the Thomas The Tank Engine Steam Train, but its not very secure. We attached our buggy to the railings using our buggy guard and it meant that we could all ride the train, instead of one parent being left behind.

Details of where to buy Buggy Guards are available on their website.


Sleep Tight Genius Soother Holder
Now I must admit when I first saw this I was a little sceptical but I am thrilled to have been proved wrong. This soother holder fits through a hole in the specially designed cot sheet and is secured there with a short strap, fixed to a longer strap which loops around the mattress. You attach your little ones dummy to the holder and they can always find it, and there won’t be a permanent pile of dummies underneath the cot or randomly around the floor! My Little Man was dreadful for throwing his dummy around at night. We moved his cot out of his room once and found six beneath it – I didn’t even realise we owned that many dummies! The soother holder doesn’t come with a dummy meaning that parents can use whichever brand baby is familiar with.

We’ve been using the Sleep Tight Genius Soother Holder now for a couple of months. To start with it was just used to keep the dummy securely in the cot, but now when you put Little Man to bed he wriggles up the cot, pops his dummy in himself, settles down and goes to sleep. Every night. Now I wish I could provide you with a video of him doing this as its so cute, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate that distracting him when he’s going to be isn’t something I’m keen to do. I am going to try and get a photo of the holder in action during one of his daytime naps but again there’s the distraction factor. If you go to the website – linked below – you can see adorable YouTube footage of the soother holder in action. I highly recommend you take a look.

The Sleep Tight Genius Soother Holder is one of my favourite finds. Dummies are only used in our house at nap and bed time but Hubby and I grew weary of constantly scrabbling around on the floor trying to find them all and often having none clean to use. The holder has ensured that this doesn’t happen any more, but has also give Little Man a bit of independence at bed time. It is funny when we check on him before we go to bed and find him in a selection of bizarre sleep positions, but with his dummy firmly in his mouth. I’m not sure if its helping him sleep – he’s pretty much always been a good sleeper – but it certainly makes all our lives a little bit easier, and that’s all we can really ask for!

Sleep TIght Genius Soother Holder’s are available direct from their website in a range of colours and sizes to fit all cots.

You can WIN your very own Sleep Tight Genius Soother Holder by entering my competition – click HERE for more!





Product Review: Minene Innovative Cot Bumper

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 13-08-2011

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This will be the first of two reviews I do from the company ‘Minene’.

“Who?” I hear you all cry. Three young mothers established ‘Minene’ in 2005 and like all mothers they wanted practical and innovative products for themselves and their children, but they also wanted them to be stylish. Unable to find what they were looking for in their native Israel they set out and designed their own. Now launching in the UK their range is “their baby” and contains products that will make your life so much easier – and to be honest, that’s what all mothers are looking for!

The “Innovative Cot Bumper” is a genius product in my opinion. A set consists of 5 individual cotton bumpers that wrap around each bar of your cot. Instead of having a long material bumper tied with strings that baby often pulls down of uses to climb up, each bumper is secured with Velcro. Much safer than traditional bumpers for young babies they allow the air to circulate around the cot and you can also see through to your child from a distance. They are super soft to touch and nicely padded to ensure no more bumped heads when your little one starts rolling around. The bumpers can be quickly and easily removed and transferred to future cots or taken on holiday or visits to grandparents and used on cots there.

My Little Man is often found rolling and rampaging around his cot so bumpers are essential. If he rolls when he’s asleep and bangs his head of these bumpers he no longer wakes up and we don’t find him with a bumper on his head in the morning because he can’t get these off the bars. A truly innovative product that I recommend highly to all mothers, and fathers too!

Innovative Cot Bumpers are available direct from Minene at their website. They are available in three colour choices – blue, pink and white.


Product Review: Snoozeshade Plus

Posted by SussexMummy | Posted in Information | Posted on 14-07-2011

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I remain eternally optimistic that summer isn’t over and we’ll grab a few more sunny days before the weather turns autumnal. Going out and about on a sunny day with a baby or toddler however is never easy. You need to worry about them overheating, get them covered in sun cream, make them keep their sunglasses and hats on, and keep them in shade as much as possible. None of these are ever simple, and achieving all of them is like a military operation. Until now that is. My first ever product review was for the Snooze Shade – an essential piece of kit for any parent. Following feedback from customers the amazing Cara – creator of the Snooze Shade – has brought out the Snooze Shade Plus, and after a rather cheeky request from me has allowed me to review it for her.

Whilst maintaining all the sun safety credentials of its original the Plus is not only bigger but its without doubt better. The Snooze Shade Plus is larger than its predecessor so doesn’t fit tightly over my pushchair – I have a Hauck Malibu Travel System and we are using it now as a pushchair. The tension of the shade will no doubt vary from pushchair to pushchair but I think the increased size does make it a little easier to fit, though I do end up with a large amount of excess at the bottom.


The sneak-a-peek zip feature, which I continue to love, remains but this time runs horizontally across the shade above the new black-out panel. When the panel is closed the Snooze Shade Plus provides a safe and protected environment for baby to sleep in. When the duel-layer panel is opened your baby is still protected from the full force of the sun – though obviously at a lesser extent – but can also see out and won’t be sat in darkness. The key question remains. Does it actually work? Well here’s what my little man thinks:

Speaks for itself doesn’t it?

The Snooze Shade Plus is available from the official website and is priced at £29.99. The Snooze Shade is also available for infant car seats at £19.99.

Website: http://www.snoozeshade.com
Twitter: @SnoozeShade
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SnoozeShade